Contest 402
Picture by Fried the Hen

Flitchard: Mario: I can see you, Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi! Next time, wear the fin on your BACKS, not your BUTTS!

Brick Block: Mario: Man, I really do miss Super Mario 64's physics, where staying with your upper body above the water's surface meant you
Brick Block: would never lose health...
Brick Block: Mario: Sorry guys, but no Fire Flower means no way to kill aquatic bad guys, so good luck. ***FIRST PRIZE***
Brick Block: Mario: Now you see why I never bring Luigi along on our vacations, Princess?
Brick Block: Mario: Told ya surfing on Luigi was much harder than it looked when we did it in the Beanbean Kingdom.

Quirky Quipster: Mario: Uh, hey, you guys know this is the kiddie pool, right?
Quirky Quipster: Ice Land after global warming...
Quirky Quipster: Mario: What can I say, women and children first... to be eaten!
Quirky Quipster: Mario: OH NO, THIS IS HORRIBLE, Toad has my plunger! **GOOD PRIZE**
Quirky Quipster: KOOPA JAWS!!! Coming to a theater near you!
Quirky Quipster: Not only does Mario make a horrible doctor, but a horrible plumber as well!
Quirky Quipster: Mario: I'm sorry, Princess, I just couldn't keep Water Land from leaking!

Shell Mario: Mario: You realize those are just Goombas with hats, right?
Shell Mario: Toad: AHHHH BUOYS! That means we're venturing out INTO SEA!
Shell Mario: Peach: Toad, you know we're standing.
Shell Mario: Gray Spiny: DUNNA DUNNA DUNNA DUNNA Dangit! Why do I always float?!
Shell Mario: Peach: I knew I should've booked my flight online...

Ms Toadstool: Luigi: Toad. UHH, Toad. You're holding on to the sea creature's nose.

Joseph Yoshi: Peach: Toad, stop screaming, I'm trying to win a staring contest here!
Joseph Yoshi: Mario: Ok, I'll be back in an hour, you three have fun~!

Fried the hen: Toad: And this is why water did not belong in Super Mario 2.
Fried the hen: Mario did not realize that everybody would not fit in that boat at once.

Anamatronic Koopa: Mario: NOW do you see-a why we didn't go swimming on isle Delfino?

weegee: Mario: Luigi, can you stop playing with the sharks for a minute so I can borrow your wallet and buy some cheese?

Iggy26: Mario: I pushed everyone in, Bowser, can I have my cheese now?

Turbon: Mario: See, this is what happens when you go Mario Karting on Lakitu's day off.

Screamy: Mario: Need a hand? Okay... SIKE!
Screamy: Luigi: ... Sorry.
Screamy: Mario: I know you took my pasta. Give it back, and I'll let you up here.
Screamy: Peach: Wait, why in the world am I wearing EARRINGS? I was going SWIMMING!

Pit: Mario: I would help you guys, but it seems that every time I save a certain someone, I never get anything in return. I'm outta here.

banjonator1: Mario: Sadly, I have room for only one. Interested, Peach?

lilboo: Roy ("shark" with purple shell): Hey, Iggy, Morton! How come you guys get those full-on shark costumes when mine is just a fin?!
lilboo: Hey... why are you guys looking at me like that? **GOOD PRIZE**

Weegee Malleo: Toad: Guys, before Mario leaves and we all die, I just want to say that Princess, I hate you, and Luigi, your mustache looks
Weegee Malleo: weird.
Weegee Malleo: Mario: Toad, stop being such a baby. They're just man-eating piranhas. What's so scary about that?
Weegee Malleo: It was then that Luigi realized the group had forgotten the harpoons.


Chilly Koopa: The Mario gang decided to go on a leisurely dinghy ride, but didn't know that Bowser Jr, Roy, and Morton were out as well.
Chilly Koopa: Due to all the weight, the dinghy capsized and knocked all but Mario into the Koopa-inhabited water, with Toad holding onto a
Chilly Koopa: giant lollypop for dear life..


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