Contest 403
Picture by E-Man

polkamon: Roy: Ugh! How does Peach DO this every day?
polkamon: Roy: Man, that Piranha Plant sure grew a big carrot!

Nate: Piranha Plant: (Haha. Stupid kids don't know that's a Bob-omb.)

Fried the hen: Larry: Why am I worried about Roy getting blown up? He deserves it.

Shell Mario: Hill: Really? Nintendo pays me three coins an hour to watch this!
Shell Mario: Roy: Ok Larry, since you love plants soo much I'll pull out this fresh vegetable for you.
Shell Mario: Pirahna Plant: Gahh! Fat plumbers always get stuck in my teeth!
Shell Mario: Tired of pesky weeds in your garden? Annoying neighbors in your yard? Well now there's a solution! The Bob-omb Plunger,
Shell Mario: plunge your yard 10 times and it will explode! THIS HAS BEEN A MARIO BROS. PRODUCT.

banjonator1: Hill: Put some pants on, why don't ya?
banjonator1: Larry: Oh my gosh! I think the Piranha Plant farted!

Flifit22: Roy: What's this plant made of, steel?!

MammaMia64: Roy: Crud! I knew I should have gotten the Goron Bracelet first!

Pit: second thought, eat the plant... Mwa ha ha ha.

E-Man: Larry: Hurry up, Roy! The Sun will crash into Grass Land in about three days!
E-Man: Roy: I know yer down there, Iggy, so get up from there before I pound ya!
E-Man: Larry: I really hope you don't shock me again after this...
E-Man: Piranha Plant: Heh! Even that hill over there thinks Roy is a moron!

Badyoyo: Piranha Plant: Heh heh. Little do they all know that Roy's not pulling out a Bob-omb. He's pulling a Penguin that happens to be a
Badyoyo: fan of Iggy Koopa.

Quirky Quipster: Larry: Oh my gosh, I have the strangest feeling everything is watching me!
Quirky Quipster: Angry Sun: (to hill) What'chu lookin' at, punk?!
Quirky Quipster: Larry: Oh no, Roy's really going through with his plan to blow up the Sun!
Quirky Quipster: Bob-omb: I decided to grow hair and now EVERYONE'S treating me like a plant! This makes me so mad, I could-
Quirky Quipster: Larry: I can't believe it, I can't believe that's what the root of a Piranha Plant looks like! I've been wrong all these years!!!

Weegee Malleo: Larry: Roy! I understand you're hungry, but THAT'S NOT A PLANT!

flitchard: Hill: I swear, if they launch that Bob-omb at me... I only just removed the bandages from that whole "castle 4" incident...

Brick Block: Larry: I can't believe it! Roy is actually growing some hair on his head!
Brick Block: Hill: I can't believe Larry took this long just to realize the horrifying implications of everything in the world being alive, but at
Brick Block: least he's going insane faster than Roy.***FIRST PRIZE***

ServantOfNobility: It was at that point that Larry realized that Mushrooms don't work the same way for everybody.

Chilly Koopa: Larry: No! Not the Bob-omb plant, that was my favorite!
Chilly Koopa: Roy: Woah, this sure is heavy!
Chilly Koopa: Bush: What in the world am I looking at? Some black carrot being pulled by a pinky?
Chilly Koopa: Piranha Plant: LOL
Chilly Koopa: Angry Sun: I hate these Koopas, making a mess of my work.

The KING Dedede: Larry: Roy! How could you turn Iggy into a Bob-omb?
The KING Dedede: Roy: ...And that's how SMB2 works.
The KING Dedede: Larry: Oh my god! Morton's giving out one of his speeches!
The KING Dedede: Bob-omb: I'm never disguising myself as a plant again.

Dark Goomba: Larry: The hiiiillls are aliiiiiiiiiive, with the sound of muuuuuu - HEY! Is that hill alive? AH!
Dark Goomba: Larry takes a moment to reflect on his life.

joshuaboo: Unfortunately, Roy doesn't know as much as Larry about plants. Here we see him pulling up a Bobombus Oopsus. I wonder why
joshuaboo: it's called that?

Primal Draco: Larry: Roy! What in the world are you doing?!

WendyRulez: Apparently growing explosives is not such a good idea.
WendyRulez: Angry Sun: How dare you insult my mother, Piranha Plant!**GOOD PRIZE**


Bandy: Roy in detention.

Screamy: Larry: THE HILLS... HAVE... EYES!

lilboo: Hill: Don't you dare throw that bomb over here. I just recovered from having a fortress hit me in the head.
lilboo: Iggy: Okay, so maybe painting my head to look like a Bob-omb wasn't my best idea, but it sounded good at the time.
lilboo: Larry: Roy, the hill is getting angry! We must please it with a sacrifice!

Green Shy Guy: Larry: Roy, no! It's a bomb!
Green Shy Guy: Roy: What?! I can't hear you over all of this hard work!

Anamatronic Koopa: Roy:Yeah, right! I know this is your plant, and I'm wrecking it!

Doom: While Larry is screaming like a little girl (sorta like Iggy on his daily beatings), Roy is attempting to destroy the world by tossing the
Doom: super-rare Atom Bob-omb at the Angry Sun for calling him fat.

Stink: Super Maio Bros.23, the best crossover ever!
Stink: Larry: Mario 3D Land is like SMB3, not SMB2!!!**GOOD PRIZE**

ninjinin: And this is why Roy looks so stupid and braindead in New Super Mario Bros Wii...


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