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Shell Mario: After months of training Mario finally learned how to sleep with his eyes open.
Shell Mario: Luigi: Mario, you don't have to be lookout anymore. Those flying army Koopas are nowhere in sight...
Shell Mario: Luigi: Come on, Mario! Help us move Daisy so we can steal that brown block!
Shell Mario: Luigi: Mario, let's go! We have 30 minutes to redecorate Daisy's castle before these sleeping pills wear off!
Shell Mario: Toad: We could've called the moving Troopas, but no, Bowser needs his new couch today!

Fried the hen: Daisy: Finally I get more attention than that Princess Peach.
Fried the hen: Daisy: (Nobody knows that I bribed Bowser to kidnap Peach.)
Fried the hen: Toad: This is a useful way to pull a muscle.
Fried the hen: Mario: Luigi? Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Flifit22: Paratroopa 1: I seriously can't believe nobody notices us sneaking into the kingdom.

Joseph Yoshi: Daisy: Work harder, slaves, we need to get back to Sarasaland by noon.
Joseph Yoshi: Block: Dear DAD, kill me now.

E-Man: Luigi: Mario, quit acting like The Thinker and help us move Daisy's stuff in!
E-Man: Toad: How come Daisy doesn't help out in our couch delivery service?

Raging-Banebou: When Princess Daisy said she needed help moving, this wasn't exactly what the Mario Brothers and Toad had in mind.

Bandy Andy: By hole 114, Mario was tired of shooting for a hole-in-one while his caddy was carried by his fans. HIS.

Voidberry: Luigi: Seriously, Super Mario Moving was the WORST game idea you've ever had.

polkamon: Luigi: Mario, I don't think you can beat that blade of grass in a staring contest.
polkamon: When Luigi and Toad were given the choice of carrying Princss Daisy all 300 miles to her castle or finding out what was going on
polkamon: in Mario's head, the choice seemed obvious.

Sonic the Werehog: Luigi: Wow... Never knew Mario could actually think...
Sonic the Werehog: The fabric of the universe gets torn to shreds since Mario knows that 1+1=2.
Sonic the Werehog: Luigi: (Ok, on the count of 3, we throw Her Ugliness into the lake.)

Brick Block: Ever since Mario found out about Daisy's secret third eye in her SSBM trophy, he couldn't look at her the same way again.
Brick Block: Princess Peach (off-screen): Thank you, Mario, for posing for 15 hours straight so I could finish my painting, now I'll just- Oh no!
Brick Block: I've accidentally painted three idiots in the background! Do you mind if I restart my painting from the beginning, Mario?
Brick Block: Luigi: (Should I tell Mario that Bowser doesn't come to the castle to kidnap the princess on Sundays and that he's just wasting
Brick Block: his time waiting for him to show up? ... Nah.)

HotHammer64: Mario should be helping Luigi and Toad carry Daisy to her home but he is wondering whether he should do something
HotHammer64: else.

Quirky Quipster: Toad: Man this is heavy! Daisy must be almost as fat as MARIO!!!
Quirky Quipster: Luigi: I told Mario to think about what he's done and he hasn't moved from that spot in days! He obviously can't think!
Quirky Quipster: The reason the Toads panic when Bowser kidnaps Peach is because when he does, Daisy takes over and makes them her
Quirky Quipster: slaves! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Quirky Quipster: Mario: Man, I must be getting out of shape! I could only carry my BLOCK 112.5 yards, while you can carry your PRINCESS
Quirky Quipster: 114!
Quirky Quipster: Luigi: Don't mind me, Mario, I'm just kidnapping Princess Daisy!

Doom: The newest minigame in Mario Party 9: Manual Labor. A 2-on-2 game. One team carries a heavy couch, while the other tries to hinder
Doom: their progress. So far, Luigi and Toad are winning, as they made a NEW RECORD! **GOOD PRIZE**

antiriku930: Mario: If I sit here looking like the statue "The Thinker" then Luigi and Toad will take me to a museum too.
antiriku930: Toad: Luigi, stop making that face, it's creepy.

Peekachu: Mario: Hey, it's your girlfriend, you carry her!

Primal Draco: Luigi: Man, when is Mario gonna help us? Sure he is a hero, but he needs to help!

Anamatronic Koopa: Luigi: Mario, you're not fooling anyone pretending to be a statue. Now help shift Daisy's stuff already, I think she's put
Anamatronic Koopa: on weight.

Redspeed: Presenting the new, Peach's Castle Olympics! Made just for the Nintendo 3DS. Coming out in the year 2012...34566345.

Darkblade Koopa: Luigi: Mario! Get your lazy butt off that block and help us get this couch in the lake!
Darkblade Koopa: Toad: I can't wait to get this couch in the lake house so I can sleep!

Ace Koopa: Luigi: Mario is so lucky. He gets to sit on a block while all we get is this comfy couch!
Ace Koopa: Mario: WHY does 2+2=4?

MGAW: Toad: Daisy is dead on the couch.

Ludwiggy Koopa: Luigi: Sittin' on a block, eh? Man, you sure are a BLOCKhead sometimes!
Ludwiggy Koopa: Toad: Finally I have captured a girl! Mmmmmmm!
Ludwiggy Koopa: The Three Adventurers: Where in the world are we?
Ludwiggy Koopa: Mario: Think...
Ludwiggy Koopa: Soon after Toad's spine snapped from the weight of the sofa. The key problem here is that Toad is exercising poor lifting
Ludwiggy Koopa: practices, putting all the pressure onto his back. Had he practiced safer measures and kept the couch in the "green
Ludwiggy Koopa: zone", this crisis could have been averted and he would not be a vegetable today.
Ludwiggy Koopa: Luigi: Mario is having a stroke! Ha ha!
Ludwiggy Koopa: Toad: I can't BEAR this load!

lilboo: Daisy: Don't worry, guys. Just three more miles and we're halfway done.
lilboo: This is actually a new event in "Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games", and Mario seems to be worried that Luigi and
lilboo: Toad might beat his record.
lilboo: Everyone is getting ready for the grand opening of the "Mushroom Kingdom Museum", however no one had enough money to get
lilboo: anything to put on display so they they had to improvise. Mario is getting ready for his role as "The Thinker", while Luigi and Toad are
lilboo: getting Daisy ready for her role as the Mona Lisa.
lilboo: Luigi: See Bro, you're lucky that you get a kiss every time you rescue Peach. This is all I get when I rescue Daisy. **GOOD PRIZE**

Screamy: Mario: I think I'm forgetting to do something... THE BATHTUB'S RUNNING!
Screamy: Luigi: Mario, it's great that you've finally started to use your brain, but we could use a little help here!

Iggy26: Tough Love

Stink: Mario: I wonder what those signs are here for...
Stink: Toad: Mario's the one with the fatness, so why can't he do it?


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