Contest 405
Picture by Latisha Banks

Stink: Goomba: First Mario 3D Land is like SMB2, now Paper Mario 3DS is like NSMBW!!!
Stink: Lemmy: Stop hogging all the Propeller Mushroom stickers, JT!!!
Stink: Paragoomba: I'm so quitting Bowser's army if I look like SMW again.
Stink: Larry: I'm just glad to be in a game that's not boring!

flitchard: Lemmy: Jr! You've got wings! Let someone ELSE have the Propeller Shroom next time!
flitchard: Larry: Heh! At least Roy's the one in the bubble!

Fried the hen: And this is why Lemmy has to ride on a ball - Larry broke his legs.
Fried the hen: Lemmy: Oops, I thought you were Bowser Jr.

E-Man: Lammy: That twerp stole that Propeller Mushroom that I rightfully stole first! Come on, Larry! Let's get him!
E-Man: Jr. Troopa finally tired of using his bat wings to fly, so he thought he would try something else.

Juanentio: This is what happens when Jr. Troopa gets a Propeller Mushroom and the Koopalings, who never got one, see him.

Darkblade Koopa: Lemmy: Give me back my flying hat, you yellow dimwit!
Darkblade Koopa: Larry: Hey! I can see our castle from here!

Shell Mario: Judge: Ok, now if the Koopalings can successfully stack one more person, it will be a new record. And here comes Bowser
Shell Mario: now...

Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Paragoomba: A blue Koopa holding onto an orange Koopa holding onto a Koopa still in his shell with feet flying with a
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Propeller Cap... NOW I've seen everything.
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Jr. Troopa: Wait... Why do I need a Propeller Cap if I can grow wings?
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Larry: Don't let go, Lemmy! This is fun!
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Paragoomba: What are those three doing on my turf?

Emma Koopa: Larry: I am going to take a ride in the sky! YAY!!!
Emma Koopa: Jr. Troopa: Yay! I can FLY!!!

Screamy: Lemmy: Now Larry, think about this, it wouldn't be very smart to eat my foot, now would it?
Screamy: Lemmy: Give that Toad his helmet back, you psychopath!
Screamy: Paragoomba: Beat it, losers! I've been in every Mario game since 1985, and you guys have been in, like, 4 games?! And what is that
Screamy: thing, a deformed egg? I've seen things in my toilet better-looking than you jerks!
Screamy: Lemmy: I knew I shouldn't have picked Jr. Troopa Airlines...
Screamy: Lemmy: Man, you have got to start shaving your back!
Screamy: Jr. Troopa: My mom said I could never fly! Take tha- Hey, Paragoomba, don't touch m- AHHHH!

sheek: Jr. Troopa: I love green screen!

Raging-Banebou: Paragoomba: ... I gotta lay off the Super Mushrooms...
Raging-Banebou: Jr. Troopa: Check it out, guys! I'm flying AND doing a balancing act! How cool is that!

weegee: Larry: DANG Lemmy! Your foot is TASTY!
weegee: Lemmy: I'll leave whene you promise to NEVER paint on my shell AGAIN!

KGuy1: Woman's Voice: New Record!

Brick Block: Lemmy: It's already the third time this happened JUST. THIS. WEEK. Is it too much effort for King Dad to just put a freaking lock
Brick Block: on his stupid Item Chest?! ***FIRST PRIZE***

lilboo: Lemmy: Troopa, don't you get it? You are supposed to carry us on your head! **GOOD PRIZE**
lilboo: Jr. Troopa: I bet you all wish that you could look this cool with a propeller on your head.
lilboo: Paragoomba: This is almost as weird as the two conjoined clouds over there.

Voidberry: Lemmy: Why do you get the propeller cap? You already have wings!

Iggy26: Lemmy: Get back here with my hat, you... you... Ok, I can't think of a swear now but later I will know what to call...

WendyRulez: The difficulty of preventing a criminal from escaping.

Doom: After Larry gained an addiction to feet (due to an experiment of Ludwig's gone wrong, of course), only the Propeller Suit could save
Doom: the small Troopa's tootsies.

Pit: Lemmy: Larry! Just because you were in the same caption as me a few weeks ago doesn't mean that you have to annoy me in this one
Pit: too!
Pit: This is why Waluigi was replaced by a Blue Toad in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Iggy Koopa: Jr. Troopa: What, it's just my revenge plan! I'm gonna drop them.

Ryguy: Larry: Little do they realize that the Paragoomba is a bomb! MUAHaHaHA!

ninjinin: Lemmy: God your foot fetish is creepy, Larry...

Badyoyo: Right Lump on the Right Cloud: Ok, Left Lump, I bet 20 of my ice particles that there are more than 10 captions about how Jr's
Badyoyo: helmet looks like a giant mouth that's about to chomp down on his head.

Larry the Tennis Master: Lemmy: This is the last time I try eating one of your "fresh" eggs for breakfast, Larry.

Omniscent Guy: Lemmy: Jr. Troopa! Wait up! Help me get away from Larry before he eats my foot.
Omniscent Guy: Introducing.... The LimiPropeller! It allows any bad guy to fly just like with the Propeller Mushroom, but the hat will eat you
Omniscent Guy: after 10 seconds with its grey teeth. BUY NOW!!! **GOOD PRIZE**

BT: Larry: See Lemmy, nothing happened when I ate those bad Shrooms... Hey.... a tasty foot...

Juanentio: Paragoomba: Please don't kick me!
Juanentio: Larry: Lemmy, your foot smells like salad...


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