Contest 406
Picture by Fried the Hen

Screamy: Lemmy: We haven't moved from this spot for over 2 weeks... I wonder what's for dinner?
Screamy: Bowser Jr: Lemmy, gimme my ponytail back or else I'll make you eat my cooking again!
Screamy: And now, for our final event of the Koopa Games, Bowser Jr. will swan-dive over Lemmy into a pillar of fire! I can see why all the
Screamy: Koopalings are watching.
Screamy: Roy: That's the last time I'm putting jalapenos in Dad's ice cream! Well, not really.

Fried the hen: Lemmy: (At least I didn't have to kiss him to bring him back to life.)
Fried the hen: Bowser Jr. and Lemmy: Boingy boingy boingy!
Fried the hen: The cheapest way of having a BBQ: using your own father.
Fried the hen: Larry: Did King Dad eat Wendy?
Fried the hen: The Koopalings finally realize not to mess with Bowser while he naps.
Fried the hen: Larry: You know, you shouldn't do CPR unless they're actually dead.
Fried the hen: Lemmy: I call this the Lemmy Maneuver.
Fried the hen: Lemmy's punishment, having to deal with fire as opposed to his favor for ice.

Juanentio: Lemmy: We need to take Yoob out of Bowser before he starts to think we are all ham!
Juanentio: Jr: Come on, King Dad! We will never beat the highest blow of fire with THOSE sissy flames!

Chatot koopa: Lemmy: C'mon Jr! Just a few more jumps and we can break out the marshmallows! **GOOD PRIZE**
Chatot koopa: Bowser: *wheeze* Stop jumping! *wheeze* You could've just *wheeze* asked for me to breathe *wheeze* fire!

E-Man: It's Hop on Pop taken to a whole new level.
E-Man: Only Bowser has the tendency to choke on his own flames.

WendyRulez: As we can see, the Koopalings are not very good at giving Bowser the Heimlich manuever.
WendyRulez: Bowser: I'm firing my laser! BLARRG!!!

Iggy26: Larry: I've seen things here today that will change the rest of my natural life.

polkamon: Bowser Jr: Come ON! You'd think pulling a weakling like Iggy out of King Dad's stomach was easy, especially after all that polkamon: chewing him and making him even weaker...
polkamon: Bowser: Boys, I'm still recovering from my fire-breathing malfunction and my swollen legs, so be careful...

WccPro94: The popular belief is that the cause of Bowser's fiery actions is the Koopalings' harsh horse-play. But no, it's actually a purple
WccPro94: spur sticking on Bowser's rear.

Darkblade Koopa: Lemmy: Dad! I told you not to eat all 81 flaming hot cheetos at the same time!

Voidberry: Jr: How'd Iggy get stuck in Bowser again?

Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Bowser Junior: Lemmy, stop! I'M named after him, not you! If anyone's jumping on him, it's me!
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Lemmy: I know I'm the lightest but I've gotta beat Morton's record of the highest flame!
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Bowser: (Heh. What those two don't know is that I just took a laxative.)
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Two little Koopas jumping on King Dad. One fell off and bumped his head. Queen Mom called the doctor and the
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: doctor said, "No more Koopas jumping on King Dad!"

Quirky Quipster: When a flood of gray water fills the castle, the Koopa Kids use their father as a boat. **GOOD PRIZE**
Quirky Quipster: You think this looks weird, just wait until you realize the gray in this picture is actually a WALL of Bowser's castle!
Quirky Quipster: Lemmy: That's it, Dad, no more ChipotleXXX hot sauce for you!

Larry the Tennis Master: Lemmy: Dad, you REALLY have to stop trying to eat your hair.
Larry the Tennis Master: Red Hot Chili Peppers! Now playing in Bowser's mouth! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Larry the Tennis Master: Morton: You know, the last time I ate Larry's cooking, I did the same thing.

Zuper: Koopalings: What's wrong, Bowser?

Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Bowser: STOP! You must not hop on Pop!

Nicktendo 64: TROGDOR!!!

stink: Bowser Jr: Is this a growth in your shell, Dad, or is it just Iggy's hair?
stink: Lemmy: Die, Dad, die!!!
stink: Lemmy: Now I will eat this fire and breathe fire!!!

Doom: Larry: (Man, I never thought King Dad would be so upset that he'd actually resort to EATING his children! I hope Junior's efforts are
Doom: successful, cuz Iggy owes me $20!)

Brick Block: Larry: Are you guys sure this is the right way to cure a cold?


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