Contest 407
Picture by E-Man

Fried the hen: Wendy: I'm telling King Dad and Cassie on you.
Fried the hen: The easiest way to lure a princess.

WendyRulez: Mario: If you don't stay away from my girl, I will end your game! You hear me?!**GOOD PRIZE**
WendyRulez: Goomba: Time to drop the load! On Wendy's head!

Darkblade Koopa: Roy: Come on, grab the Fire Flower so your hair will burn off!
Darkblade Koopa: Mario: Mamamia! I can't believe Peach keeps looking at Roy! I mean it's been THREE HOURS ALREADY!

Badyoyo: Wendy: And here I thought throwing a birthday cake on Peach was the simplest way to kidnap her.

H4MM3R BR0: Roy Koopa: Princess Peach, here is your prize for winning Plit's Next Top Model: one Fire Flower! No wonder you won,
H4MM3R BR0: considering the competition.
H4MM3R BR0: What Mario doesn't know is that Roy is actually giving Peach her artificial arm.

E-Man: And this is why Koopas never give powerups to Princess Peach when Mario is around.

Iggy26: Peach: Um, ohhhhh-kayyyyy, I'm walking over here now.

Quirky Quipster: Wendy: Yeah, Roy didn't even bother to mention he plucked that flower out of HER garden!
Quirky Quipster: Roy: (What she doesn't realize is that I'm actually planning on BURNING her with this Fire Flower! What can I say, I'm just a
Quirky Quipster: hunk, a hunk of burning love!)
Quirky Quipster: Princess Peach: I pledge allegiance to the Fire Flower of the United Regions of the Mushroom Kingdom...
Quirky Quipster: Mario isn't angry at ROY, he's mad at the princess for making HIM the next hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Omniscent Guy: Cupid Larry's latest work...

Chatot Koopa: Wendy: I never noticed but... ROY! You have hair!
Chatot Koopa: Wendy: I just realized something else! Peach is missing her right arm! No wait, not that... oh, right! I left the sink running!
Chatot Koopa: Aaahh!

54 king boo: Goomba: Now if I can just get down gently, I can balance this sign on the 3 dots...

flitchard: Roy: My sis's instructions told me to give this flower to the most beautiful person in the land... Here ya go, Mario!

Larry the Tennis Master: Mario: I've saved your life COUNTLESS times, but all he does is give you a Fire Flower and you promise him an
Larry the Tennis Master: ENTIRE SHROOM CAKE?!**GOOD PRIZE**

Dark Goomba: Wendy: Hmm. Roy always did have bad taste in beauty. After all, he hates me!
Dark Goomba: Wendy: (She has nothing on me!)
Dark Goomba: Mario: What? NOOOOO! The author made Peach ugly, Wendy beautiful, AND MY MUSTACHE IS BLACK!!!
Dark Goomba: Peach: Oh, sorry Roy, I can't go out with you; I'm already going out with Lui- ah- I mean no one. I'm going out with a nobody- I
Dark Goomba: mean... err... Toadsworth? <:3?***FIRST PRIZE***

lilboo: Wendy: Now, my pet flees, attack these three fools!
lilboo: Peach: I'm sorry, Roy, but I'm already married to Luigi.
lilboo: Mario: Are you trying to tell me that THIS is the "torture" you go through when you get kidnapped?!

stink: Mario: Roy cut off the bill of my cap!!!
stink: Paragoomba: Why am I holding this sign again?
stink: Roy: Accept this Fire Flower as a token of your assassination!!!


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