Contest 408
Picture by Atticus

Darkblade Koopa: Mario: Oh that's just great! Leave Mario to do all the work!
Darkblade Koopa: Luigi: I swore I had a map with me.
Darkblade Koopa: Yoshi: Ohh! I never seen Birds before! I wonder how they taste.
Darkblade Koopa: Giant Goomba: I should've gotten the Super Mushroom out of the pipe before I ate it! **GOOD PRIZE**

flitchard: Grand Goomba: Are you SURE this is the way into a Kuribo's Shoe?! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Yoshi: That's odd. According to this nature guide, Goombas aren't supposed to have blue stripes.
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Luigi: OH MY GOSH! Peach and Daisy have been turned into butterflies!
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Mario: I still can't believe I agreed to help a creature whose entire species is out to get me.

Juanentio: Private Goomp: Umm... Mario, I was, um, wondering why you're holding that hammer in a striking position...
Juanentio: Mario: Now, why is that Goomba in pajamas worried?
Juanentio: Luigi: Birdwatching- the perfect sport to do while Mario's not here. If he was, though, he would hammer a giant Goomba into the
Juanentio: other side of the pipe I'm sitting on so I would get shot out. Of course, Mario isn't here.
Juanentio: Yoshi: Luigi, I can't read. can you remind me if this is Arabic or English?

E-Man: Goombas: No! What are you doing to our papa?!
E-Man: Mario: The things I do-a to keep-a my job as a plumber...
E-Man: Little did Luigi know that the treasure map he spent all morning searching for was in his back pocket the whole time.

roy321: This is an image in a storybook, called 'How Luigi got to the Moon'. **GOOD PRIZE**

Dark Goomba: Goombas: DADDY!!!
Dark Goomba: Mario gets given fifty hours of community service work for flushing Goombas down the toilet.
Dark Goomba: Yoshi: Mmm, birds... Yoshi like birdwatching! Birds look so tasty...
Dark Goomba: Mario: Don't-a worry! I'm-a sure that-a the pipe will get un-a-clogged if I jam-a the Goomba in further!

Pengaweeno: Goomba Wearing Prison Clothes: Are you sure it won't hurt him?
Pengaweeno: Goomba Wearing Prison Clothes: I hope I'm not blamed and taken back to 'Goomba Prison' for this!
Pengaweeno: Mario: Thank you for hiring Mario's "Fat Goomba Named Ted is stuck up a green pipe with a guy sitting on top" Rescue
Pengaweeno: Service.
Pengaweeno: Mario: I love my job!
Pengaweeno: Goomba on Pipe: Ted, what have you been eating?
Pengaweeno: Yoshi: That bird must be undiscovered! It's not in my book!
Pengaweeno: Who wonders what that scroll in Luigi's pocket is?
Pengaweeno: Goomba on Pipe: *HUGE SCREAM* Why is there a signature on the grass?
Pengaweeno: Luigi: Ahhhh!
Pengaweeno: Luigi is actually using the toilet! Poor Ted the Goomba!

DarkDimentioDude: Luigi: I can't wait to find the great Map of Lost Treasure!
DarkDimentioDude: Yoshi: How interesting! This book's pages are all orange without writing!
DarkDimentioDude: Mario: Dang it! I HATE WORLD 1-2!!!

Anikiki: Yellow Goomba: I can tell you all something is wrong with this picture! Yoshi is reading a book on birds, despite watching butterflies
Anikiki: with Luigi!
Anikiki: Mario: While my friends are distracted with their leisure activities, I'll take care of these Goombas before rescuing the Goomba King.
Anikiki: I'll be a hero to all!

polkamon: Mario: Man, Luigi, you should really lay off the Mega Shrooms.
polkamon: Luigi: Okay, Bowser's coming, so when he asks what you're doing with us, tell him we're playing a nice friendly game of hide and
polkamon: seek. He'll never suspect we got his Princess Peach doll stuck in there...

Weegee Malleo: Mario didn't know what the thing in the pipe actually was, nor did he wish to. All he knew was that Luigi had to die.

Fried the hen: Luigi: The hurricane is coming!
Fried the hen: Mario's new favorite game, whack-a-giant-Goomba-butt.
Fried the hen: Butterfly: I didn't know Yoshi liked reading Twilight.

Iggy26: And Yoshi turned around and his life took a turn for the worse.

Acekissy: What happens when Luigi takes the last slize of pizza....
Acekissy: Yoshi: Man, this book sure makes me wish I could read...

H4MM3R BR0: Right Goomba: NO! Don't kill Jimmy! He owes me ten bucks!
H4MM3R BR0: Yoshi (reading a bird book): I'll eat that one, and that one, and that one...

WccPro94: Only in the Mushroom Kingdom will you see Yoshi reading Twitterbook and Goombas reacting to Twitter and Facebook
WccPro94: combining to make such a thing.


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