Contest 409
Picture by Latisha Banks

Fried the hen: Koopa Troopa: Tanooki Mario! Use your tail whip! **GOOD PRIZE**

H4MM3R BR0: What Mario didn't know is that to make that suit, Nintendo had to kill Goomba's pet raccoon.
H4MM3R BR0: Mario clearly won the costume contest. His competition was Luigi's Koopa costume and Toad's Tanooki Tail Goomba
H4MM3R BR0: costume. Oh, and the costumes reflected the wearers' inner strength.

Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Goomba: Hey, how come I don't get raccoon ears when I use a Super Leaf?! **GOOD PRIZE**

polkamon: Goomba: ... Grandpa?
polkamon: Super Leaf: Hey, Listen! Hey, Listen!

Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Tanoomba: So THAT'S where my spare tail went!
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Koopa: That leaf is staring at me. It must want to make me its master!

IceKoopa: Goomba: Mom?

Quirky Quipster: Goomba (during a time before Super Mario 64 DS): Fine Mario, if you're going to steal MY style, I'll steal YOURS! You'll see,
Quirky Quipster: I'll just put on a Mario hat and call myself the next big thing! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Quirky Quipster: Koopa: If I grab that leaf, could I have Tanooki powers without looking like an idiot?
Quirky Quipster: Goomba: Oh my gosh, that tanuki is wearing a Mario Suit!
Quirky Quipster: Mario: See, Goomba, THIS is how you do the Can-Can while wearing a Tanooki Suit!

Mega Chomp: Goomba: Hey! I started that look! Get your own look!

Brick Block: Koopa: Now I understand why people call Mario's workout program "unique"...

CliveKoopa: Koopa Troopa: And the winner of the annual raccoon race is Mario.

sonich: Koopa: Why don't I get a raccoon tail?

Pengaweeno: Goomba: Copycat!
Pengaweeno: Tanooki Suit: Mario! When was the last time you took a shower?
Pengaweeno: Mario is singing the Super Mario 3D Land theme.
Pengaweeno: Mario: I really don't know what happened!
Pengaweeno: Mario: Huh?! One game I could fly, next I couldn't!

roy321: The Koopa is excited, because after seeing Mario open that ? Block for the Tanooki Suit, he could open the one he was standing roy321: on.

Gedonko-Hime: Koopa: Ewww, raccoon tails are SO out of season!

WccPro94: Mario: Why is everyone looking at me? *falls off edge of map*

Antiriku930: Goomba: Why is everything 3D except Koopa and I?

flitchard: Mario: Badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM! Uh, I mean, GOOMBA! GOOMBA!

Doom: Tanoomba-ish Thing: Hey, that Mario guy stole my looks!
Doom: Koopa Troopa: I wonder what I'd look look like with one o' them suits...

joshuaboo: Koopa Troopa: We have weird wildlife these days... Gotta wonder if that factory isn't spewin' out some strange chemicals!


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