Contest 410
Picture by Fried the Hen

flitchard: Roy: (What he doesn't know is, those are the same explosives Mario used to blow up my castle!)

CliveKoopa: King Boo: Hee hee, soon the transformation process will be over and our prisoner will become a Boo just like us. **GOOD CliveKoopa: PRIZE**

E-Man: King Boo: Sorry about this, my dear Koopa, but your castle is standing on the future site for my next mansion.
E-Man: When Roy asked King Boo what it would be like to be a ghost, this isn't what he had in mind.

H4MM3R BR0: You know what's funny? The fact that the dynamite isn't attached to anything.
H4MM3R BR0: Bow: NO! You're gonna blow up the whole building! Which means I won't be able to show off my beauty!

Flemmy Koopa: King Boo: Open wide... Oh yeah. I forgot. You're in detention!

WccPro94: Hey, you wanna see something you can't unsee? That's not a bandana, that's a rabbit behind Roy and Roy is actually smiling
WccPro94: really big.
WccPro94: King Boo: CAN'T UNSEE! Better blow him up then.

Stink: King Boo: This is why you never take my burrito!!!

Dark Goomba: This is why you should never wear sunglasses around Boos. They do not have to hide because you cannot see them!
Dark Goomba: **GOOD PRIZE**
Dark Goomba: That TNT wire goes into King Boo's castle; not to Roy. If that gets detonated... well, King Boo would like to speak to the artist
Dark Goomba: for a moment, please.
Dark Goomba: Roy: Go on. Your stupid explosion can't hurt ME! I have sunglasses to block the light!
Dark Goomba: There are so many levels of wrong in this. The TNT leads into the castle, the button cannot be pushed because the TNT is
Dark Goomba: floating, and apart from all the daylight, the light from the explosion would certainly destroy those Boos. Just saying...

Brick Block: King Boo: Now this will teach you to never sing the Ghostbusters' theme when I'm around!
Brick Block: King Boo: Sorry Roy, but I can't let you live now that you know that I'm actually a big fan of Justin Bieber... Did I say that out
Brick Block: loud? ***FIRST PRIZE***

Gedonko-Hime: King Boo: Ha ha ha! I stole your dynamite-plunger bouncy ride!
Gedonko-Hime: Bow: Your Majesty, don't! You'll blow up the castle and kill us all, which would lead to Nintendo cancelling Luigi's Mansion 2!

polkamon: King Boo: See, if you want to join our group, you can't be alive. You can thank us for accepting you later.

Darkblade Koopa: Roy: Man, I knew I shouldn't have told King Boo that joke about why the chicken crossed the road!

PikaCHUUUUUU: Bow: Noooooooo! Not the Koopaling who PWNS Dad in his Sports Hall! (That's why we're dead.)

Chatot koopa: King Boo: See, kiddies? This is what will happen to you when you steal the last of my booberry tarts!
Chatot koopa: Lady Bow: Hon, you don't think you're being a little tough on him?
Chatot koopa: Roy: Mmmph! MMMPH! (That Boo is going to lick you!)

Omniscent Guy: Bow: Oh my God someone put a purple blob in the corner!

iggyandludwig: Roy: (Hmm. Reminds me of Luigi's Mansion.)

Mega Chomp: King Boo: Roy, you will forever regret the day you stole my crown.


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