Contest 411
Picture by E-Man

Dark Goomba: Luigi: Mario, no more drugs before you go to bed!
Dark Goomba: This is what the Underwhere looks like.
Dark Goomba: If this is supposed to be a picture of Halloween on Plit then... I'm just not gonna go outside...

Fried the hen: Lakitu-looking thing: You're turning peach, Peach!**GOOD PRIZE**

E-Man: Fishin' Boo: Oh, sure... Nothing says "Halloween" like a woman blowing up into a peach...
E-Man: Admins should be careful about who they give warnings and bans to, or else they'll be the ones who'll be banned from life.
E-Man: Luvbi: Haven't thou learned not to eat the Overthere's enchanted apples?
E-Man: Apparently, pink apples work differently around Halloween.
E-Man: Pink Boo: Hubba, hubba! I'll gladly give up my dead end job as a warning icon to have some of that peach cobbler!

joshuaboo: You should see what happened to Luigi!

Gedonko-Hime: As you can see, the explosion from last contest turned King Boo pink and gave him a violent grudge against signs.

H4MM3R BR0: ... I think I'll just stick to Mario.

polkamon: It's Halloween and Lakitu is a Blue Chu-Chu, Luvbi is a witch, and some random apple decided to be Princess Peach.
polkamon: Dark King Boo: Soon, I'll be able to make that pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Brick Block: And then, Halloween was permanently banned in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mega Chomp: Fishing Boo: This is the last time I go to the Overthere, get an apple, and give it to Peach.

flitchard: Peach: I KNEW I shouldn't have eaten that weird applesauce that Princess Screech gave me! AND GET BACK HERE WITH MY flitchard: BANHAMMER, YOU SPLUNKIN! WAAHHH!

Quirky Quipster: Princess Peach: This Peach costume makes me look fat, doesn't it... DOESN'T IT?!
Quirky Quipster: Princess Peach: Okay, yes, I've been lieing to you all these years, I really AM a peach!
Quirky Quipster: Come on down to Luvbi's farm, where pumpkins pick themselves, ghosts come out at night, and you are what you eat!

Chatot Koopa: Peach: NOOOO! Don't burn my hair! Anything but that!
Chatot Koopa: Witch thing: Looks like I mistook the poison apple for the fattening apple AGAIN.

banjonator1: Pink King Boo: Friday the 12th? Eh, close enough.
banjonator1: Peach: I knew I shouldn't have eaten that Mega Mushroom...

WccPro94: Peach turned into a berry when she got to the berry dessert part while eating the scientifically enhanced apple that was
WccPro94: supposed to taste like a full dinner.

Doom: Fishin' Boo: *sigh* Why does my bait never work?
Doom: After the Pumpkin-Headed Goomba was banned from Lemmy's Land, he decided to wreak havoc while he still could.
Doom: After Peach was killed (she's allergic to peaches), her Booish self decided to haunt the witnesses that never reported the event.

badyoyo: Fishing Boo: I'm sorry, Gourmet Guy, but your Peach costume isn't convincing at all. **GOOD PRIZE**

Antiriku930: And this is why there is no such thing as Lemmy's Battlefield.


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