Contest 412
Picture by Atticus

WccPro94: If you're going to play Friday, don't do it in public. **GOOD PRIZE**

banjonator1: Peach: No! The poor vegetables! This is HOMICIDE!
banjonator1: Hey look! It's Lemmy G!

WendyRulez: The King has been accepting bribes from the Koopa Klan... which explains why Peach is constantly being kidnapped. ***FIRST WendyRulez: PRIZE***
WendyRulez: The Koopas wanted their band to be as lousy as possible, so they hired The King to play the piano.

Stink: It was not a good idea to start a band that had all music genres.

Gedonko-Hime: Peach: Oh my! Roy's drumstick is shooting black lines at his head!

roy321: Auditions for "Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent" aren't going well.
roy321: The audience is running out of things to throw, after throwing turnips, tomatoes, soda cans, bottles, and even an Atticus!

V Koop: The King: We're the DK Crew! Wait, that didn't seem right... Oh, right! We're the Kremling Krew! Yah! That didn't come out right
V Koop: either...

Keja: Surprisingly, Peach didn't notice The King randomly plonking away on the piano, nor did she notice Lemmy was standing without his
Keja: ball. No, the thing Peach was staring at was the word "Atticus" in the corner.

Flifit22: The Koopa Krew: A band so good you want to throw tomatoes at them!

Iggy26: Ludwig: Now that I have the Mushroom King under my music spell I SHALL RULE HA HA HA!!! Oh, was that out load?

polkamon: Peach: Darn! I remember back in the good old SMB2 days, when vegetables would kill enemies on contact!

Kkadwell: Few appreciate the horrors presented at a bad stage performance from the perspective of a sentient vegetable.

weegee: Green Beat: NO! BROTHER PEPPER! WHY?! **GOOD PRIZE**

Doom: Due to the Kool Koopas' poor performance, they were scratched off of Super Mario 3D Land at the last minute.
Doom: This is why Lemmy isn't very popular in Lemmy's CD's.
Doom: Ludwig: Y'know, if it weren't for my deafness and my musically-uneducated bandmates, we could've had an actual audience. Instead,
Doom: we have a lone captive, who's here against her will.

Nate: Peach: Wow! That music killed all those vegetables!

Stink: Peach: I've thrown everything possible at them, and they won't stop!!!
Stink: King: This is MY solo!

Brick Block: Ludwig: Yeah! We are the "Koopa Kidz", and we're called that because the name "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was already
Brick Block: taken.

H4MM3R BR0: This band spiraled downhill when everyone realized Ludwig can't play the piano to save his life.

Dark Goomba: Ludwig: (Bahaha, as soon as that idiot hits middle C, the whole piano will blow up in his face! Oh wait!)


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