Contest 413
Picture by Atticus

WendyRulez: After Mario ate Larry's pasta, he decided to declare war against the Mushroom Kingdom.

Fried the hen: Rocky Wrench: Hurry up, we only got a few minutes 'til the site updates.

V Koop: Rocky Wrench holding wrench: C'mon Larry, are we gonna destroy Mario or not? I'm sure Roy wouldn't mind getting destroyed,
V Koop: either.
V Koop: Larry: If I got a dollar for all these Atticus' I've got to wipe up, I could make the Mario Bros. drown in money! Maybe I could get a full
V Koop: time job cleaning them!

MarxChaosmaster: Rocky Wrench: Hurry it up, this wooden tank that could easily be blown up and is held together by staples and glue and
MarxChaosmaster: just looks fancy won't clean itself!
MarxChaosmaster: Larry: Wait, why am I doing THIS? I'm the prince!
MarxChaosmaster: Other Rocky Wrench: I CANNOT believe that this tank is a cardboard cutout... Luckily Larry doesn't know that. Heh heh.

maxman980: C'mon! We just need a little more shine and we'll get Mario out'a your blue hair!

E-Man: Poor Larry never would have thought that owning a car would be this much work.
E-Man: Rocky Wrench: Wuzzat? You takin' a break already? Get back on yer bike and scrub my wrench next!

Darkblade Koopa: Larry: Man, scrubbing one part of the tank is hard enough, but I've got to scrub the whole tank?! OH DAADD!
Darkblade Koopa: Rocky Wrench: Come on, Larry, I need to work "in" the tank so we can get moving!
Darkblade Koopa: Helmet Guy: Sir, we're about to hit a wall! Oh wait, we're not moving yet. **GOOD PRIZE**

KP Chains: Rocky Wrench: Uhh... Larry, World 8 wont't fix itself.
KP Chains: Larry: (I'd rather BUILD the tank than clean it...)

Kemmy Loopa: Rocky Wrench: Sorry Larry, I know we spent 7 months building airships, castles, and tanks for Super Mario 3D Land, but the
Kemmy Loopa: Koopalings got replaced by Bowser Jr. again. Look on the bright side- at least we could always use them to get rid of him
Kemmy Loopa: instead... **GOOD PRIZE**

Chatot Koopa: Wrench Monty: C'mon Larry. Dis toothpaste ain't scrapin' itself off!
Chatot Koopa: Larry: Ugh. This is the last time I use Ludwig's Toothpaste Cannon Mark IV.
Chatot Koopa: Helmet Monty: Yo Boss, the cannon is ready for fire. But remind me again, how are we breaking into Koopa's pantry with
Chatot Koopa: sticks again?

flitchard: Rocky Wrench: C'mon! If we're gonna get into Mario 3D Land, this thing needs to SHINE!

P.T. Piranha: Monty: Hey Larry, you don't mind if we tell the boss that WE did the hard part, right, thanks you're a pal, bye! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Stink: Standing Rocky Wrench: All you did was that one spot, why are you tired?

Anti-Yoshi: Larry: Ugh, I'm here instead of with that band in the last caption... I hate being the youngest!

Nate: Larry: Can you guys get robots to do this junk?

Voidberry: Larry: Why are you so proud? All you did was throw a wrench at it.

gold guy: What they DON'T know is that the tank is unnecessary. What they're trying to hit is made of cheese.

WendyRulez: The tank of doom was finally finished... after Larry collapsed from exhaustion.

Kkadwell: Sign on door: Do Not Block.

Boo123: A Mario a day keeps the brats away!


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