Contest 414
Picture by Fried the Hen

Fried the hen: Pom Pom: For the last time, I am not Susan!

flitchard: Kamek: Yeaah, think I'll just use magic to transform into King Bowser, thanks anyway...

Stink: Tanoomba: So this ISN'T the Bowser convention?!
Stink: Boom Boom: I was expecting Mario, not two Bowser ripoffs!
Stink: Pom Pom: Bowser, Bowser, he's our man! Now which one of these is him?

Badyoyo: Boom Boom: Super Mario 3D Land is our first appearance in years! (Or our debutes in Pom Pom's and Tangikoopa's case.) And our
Badyoyo: entire purpose to the game is to fall into lava or get squashed by Mario multiple times?!

Chatot Koopa: Ironically, first place for the Bowser Lookalike Contest was awarded to Mario, who wore a fake mustache and a cardboard box
Chatot Koopa: over his back.

gold guy: Boom Boom: You idiot! The costume party invite said OCTOBER 20th, not November 20th!

Brick Block: Kamek: I wonder who was the genius that gave Bowser the stupid idea of forming his own cheerleading squad... Oh wait, that
Brick Block: was me.

Flifit22: Boom Boom: Hey! I wanted to be a cheerleader this year!

H4MM3R BR0: Bowserish Tail Goomba: I told you not to dare them into a dance-off.
H4MM3R BR0: Bowserish Tail Goomba: (to you) Don't worry, this happens every Tuesday.
H4MM3R BR0: Boom Boom: No, the cake ISN'T a lie!

Shiny Zorua: There's a good reason Magikoopas in training don't use magic without authorization.

Iggy Koopa: Boom Boom: No, no, no! The Bowser candy from Mario Party 8! Not my secret supply of Bowser costumes!***FIRST PRIZE***
Iggy Koopa: Pom Pom: I'm supposed to have a boomerang!
Iggy Koopa: Goombowser: I didn't trick you?

Marco da Roma: Knuckle Sandwiches. Don't know who's gonna get one here.

WendyRulez: Roy: Those are MY glasses! Get your own!**GOOD PRIZE**

Iggy26: Kamek: I hate Halloween.

Yoshi10: Bowser was outraged when Koopas stole his shell to go as him for Halloween.

KoopaKing14: This is why none of Bowser's minions get in Mario games anymore. Also Kojo forgot to make music for them.
KoopaKing14: Goomba: GwarGwarGwar! Look at me! I'm king-
KoopaKing14: Girl: I heard someone called me a Stalfos...

Juanentio: Boom Boom: NO NO NO!!! It's Tanooki suits, not Bowser suits!
Juanentio: Pom Pom: I had NOTHING to do with this.
Juanentio: Tanoomba: Now, young Magikoopa, use the force to get that power-up strength in action against these... uh... moving rag dolls.

Sepron: Super Mario 3D land's deleted scenes.

Papon: Pom Pom: (Just act natural...)

joshuaboo: Boom Boom: *to Pom Pom* I TOOOOLLLLD you not to mess with that Koopa-shroom!



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