Contest 415
Picture by E-Man

Badyoyo Koopa: Well let's see. If no one in your castle is hurt, I can't dispatch medical attention. And since the unknown force in your houselooks like Princess Peach, I can't dispatch the Mario Bros... So I'll have to set your castle on fire. Goodbye. ***FIRST PRIZE***
princesspeach:) Toad: I told Kamek not to give that cockroach potion to Toadette!
E-Man: Toad: Never mind Peach getting kidnapped! It's the trollface I'm worried about!

Toad: Help! There's a disease in this castle that's changing everyone into insects! The princess is a swarm of ants, Toadette is turning into a cockroach, and my eyes are starting to bug out! **GOOD PRIZE**

Koopa Lady: Ummm... Sir, this is the umpteenth time your princess has been kidnapped, so stop acting like it's that much of a surprise.


flitchard Koopa Troopa: So, you say someone vandalized the castle, turned Peach invisible, and caused Toadette to undergo a metamorphosis? Sorry, it's time for my lunch break. Call back later.
WendyRulez:  Toad: Help! We're under attack by a cloud with a HIDEOUS face!

Koopa: I thought people only bled through their noses whenever they witnessed something potentially scarring...

Toadette: Hooray! It's raining blood! I'm a complete psychopath!

Mario *besides the receptionist*: It's a-me, Mario! What appears to be the emergency?

polkamon:  911 Hotline: You have called the 911 Hotline. I am afraid no one is available to take your call. Don't even bother trying again, because if you do, we'll send fire, Megavitamins, and the Mario Bros. after you.


H4MM3R BR0 Toad: HELP! My pupils are gone!

Toad: That trollface cloud turned Peach into a silhouette and made Toadette an insect!

KoopaKing14:  911 gets calls everyday about troll face because someone's on Toadyube. **GOOD PRIZE**

Toad: 911! There's a blah blah blah...

Dino6:  Koopa: So there's a Bug-Toad on the loose?

Koopa: So you lost your eyes... What's new?

*blaZe* Little Toadette: Yayyyyyy! We're going to see the firetruck!

Toad: PEACH IS DISAPEARRING!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

Koopa: Yeah, I don't work here, I just picked up the phone. (Hey Lord Bowser, they have no clue.)


911 Koopette: Hellooooo? ... Dispatch the firemen to rescue the princess? ... The medics to put out a fire? ... The Marios to save Toadette from being eaten by a costume?

joshuaboo:  The Toads regret having a fancy dress party during an invasion by Princess Shroob... OMG THAT CLOUD HAS A TROLLFACE EPIC WIN!!!111!!
Anti-Yoshi:  Koopa Girl: I'm sorry, we don't cover famous Internet memes...
Princess Peach Toad: I told Toadette not to take Kamek's magic potion!


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