Contest 416
Picture by Atticus

Princess Peach Iggy: Wow! Who knew playing get the football through the hula hoop thingies could be so fun! I get to knock Morton off!
H4MM3R BR0 Morton: Why did Nintendo pick US to be in Extreme Koopa Bros?
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Morton: And I thought zip-cording was supposed to be fun!

Iggy: Only 3 more hoops to a touchdown!

Jumping Dolphin: Ooh, a spiked shell! I wonder what would happen if I slammed my nose into it?

V Koop:  Morton wasn't enjoying his ride because of the dolphins.
roy321:  We find out that Morton has dolphinphobia.

Morton: Are you crazy?! No, wait, you're Iggy.

polkamon:  Morton: OK! OK! I'll give you back your Barbie doll!
Chris "Yaridovich" Bowser has to have SOME way to test the stages from Mario Galaxy.
weegee Morton: OH, NO! I'M ALLERGIC TO DOLPHINS! AND ZIPLINES. And water. And footballs, and Iggy... /._.\
Chatot Koopa: The Koopalings have volunteered to try out new events for the London Olympic 2012 game. This game is called "Ziplining-through-hula-hoops-while-holding-a-football-and- trying-not-to-get-eaten-by-sharks-in-dolphin-costumes" ... Morton named the event. ***FIRST PRIZE***
Iggy Koopa You see, the dolphin claimed that it was Iggy's faithful servant. So Iggy tried copying Phineas and Ferb.
Pikachu:  Iggy: (I told him it was a Super Bowl party... He didn't notice it's July!)
Dino6:  In a world where dolphins could eat pizza, koalas could kill, and the Mario Bros. were mailmen.

A place where Morton was quiet.

Morton: Oh, no! The Atticus word is drowning! And that is bad! So I must save him!

stink:  Morton: Stupid remakes...

Iggy: I wish we were in Super Mario 3D World!!!

Iggy26:  Ludwig's inventions look like big machines, Iggy's look like this. **GOOD PRIZE**
Brick Block: Iggy: Once we complete this seemingly impossible "pass through the rings" training, Superman 64 will be a breeze to play through. **GOOD PRIZE**


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