Contest 417
Picture by Latisha Banks

Fried the hen:  Koopa: Nice try, Kamek, Bowser doesn't have yellow rings and blue eyes. **GOOD PRIZE**
WendyRulez:  Koopa: Help me! Mario glued my hands behind my back!

Bowser: Now, if only I could find a Starman...

Goomba: You had better not try to tip my garbage can over!

Iggy26: Tanoomba: Ok, didn't need to see that.
Iggy Koopa False Bowser: ... And Boom Boom has secret Bowser costumes and I found him! Ain't it silly?
Pikachu5567 Bowser: HAH! Now we're even, Goomba! I got a raccoon tail too!
Dino6 Koopa: And THAT, my young Goomba, is what Bowser would look like if he ate you.

Koopa: And now another public service announcement about where babies come from...

Koopa: And that's how to grow a tail and ears. We will now pass out puke bags to those who need them. **GOOD PRIZE**

Koopa: Now all you have to do is tame this fire-breathing, Bowser-like wild monster, and you can go home. Easy, right?

Goomba: Good sculpture of me when I look like Bowser, Koopa!

Halloween in the Mushroom Kingdom.



Bowser: Has anyone seen my lost raccoon?

Lady (offscreen): (to Bowser) That's what you get for waking up in Vegas!

Bowser: Do you guys own a raccoon? If so, it looks like I found it...

Koopa: And that's why Bowser hates the magical raccoon wizard who transformed him.

Koopa: Just pet it; it may look scary, but it's a vegetarian! (NOT!)

This would be the awkward result if Bowser's mom was a raccoon.

Bowser: How'dya guys like my new clothes?

Goomba: There's my pet that looks like Bowser!

Goomba: We FINALLY made it to this tiny raccoon Bowser statue after 100,000,000,000 miles of walking! It was worth it!

V Koop:  Koopa: Why does my face not look like I'm left out? I'm left out!
Darkblade Koopa:  Bowser: Finally! Now I can fly and snag those Mario Bros. from the air, they won't see it coming! HA HA HA!
gold guy: Koopa: Is it me or did Nintendo rip off the cartoons with "Raccoon Bowser"?
Shen Valor:  Goomba: Question is, can he turn to stone?
Koopa lover1 Goomba: Aww man. Bowser's showing off his new costume when I should be watching football,

Trooper: Ok, I swear there's no TV in Koopa Castle.

Bowser (raccoon): Shuddup and LOOK AT THE COSTUME!!!

polkamon:  Koopa Troopa: Err... yes, sir. You do look as flattering as this Tanoomba.

Bowser: I figure if this suit lets Mario fly with his weight, it'll be a breeze for me!

Anti-Yoshi:  Koopa: You're laughing now, Tanoomba, but watch when he needs another tail... or Mario comes. ***FIRST PRIZE***

Tanoomba: ... I'm guessing since King Bowser has one, these tails are out of fashion now, huh? 

mixmaster:  Koopa: Lamest fake ever, Bowser.
stink: Troopa: Yeah, don't mention the hours of surgery to replace the horns with ears and the tail with tanooki tails.

Little did Bowser know he would soon have a Tanooki tail tussle with a Tanoomba.

Bowser: I love dressing up for Thanksmas-o-ween!

SupahBloopah: Koopa: Yeah, this is what happened when Bowser became obsessed with that new song I Whip my Tail Back and Forth.

The storyline of SM3DLand is that Bowser gets those Super Leaves and makes everyone turn into weird freaks. How predictable.

Anikiki The Goomba thought it would be cool to get into the furry fandom, but when he saw Bowser that fateful day, he thought maybe he should stick to children's card games.

Koopa Troopa: Okay, Goomba buddy, one of you guys has to get changed for the costume party, and I am NOT going to ask Bowser to do so.

joshuaboo: Tanooki Goomba: Daddy! You've come home!
lilboo Tanoomba: Isn't the point of a "False Bowser" that it's supposed to actually LOOK like Bowser?


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