Contest 418
Picture by Fried the Hen

Wendyrulez:  Suffice to say Wendy threw an enormous tantrum that day, one that drew many Koopas deaf... This included Ludwig but of course he was already tone-deaf.

Susan: I don't recall being in these Caption Contests until recently...

Bandy Andy:  Wendy: Stop sucking up to Mom about the plant, it's kinda ugly, really.
Anti-Yoshi: Wendy: Maybe I should've actually put the rigged Mistletoe above me.

Pom Pom: Ludwig, I just realized! ... Your eyes are red. And heart-shaped. Why?

Roy: *ahem* 'Scuse me, Pom Pom, heheh...

Iggy26 Larry: Hehe. I love making doctored Christmas cards...
H4MM3R BR0 Wendy: To make this even worse, now I have to kiss myself... **GOOD PRIZE**

Roy: Hehe, Ludwig doesn't know that's Susan in a costume...

Pom Pom: Are you okay, Ludwig? You've got hearts in your eyes...

Pom Pom: But, you guys technically aren't standing under the mistletoe...

The weird thing is that Ludwig is actually staring at Roy.

Chatot koopa:  Ludwig: I have always admired you from afar! Will you be mine forever... Roy? (Gah! I can't control what I'm saying with the magical mistletoe above! But why does it only work on us?)

Wendy: Hmmph! Something's up... That snow looks more realistic than the rest of the picture!

Pom Pom: Umm... Ludwig? The wind accidentally blew my Christmas cards onto your eyes. Can I have them back?

Iggy Koopa Pom Pom: Why do I look like a Koopaling?

Wendy: At least I don't look like Susan.

Dino6:  Pom Pom: Uh, I'll just talk to you later. Ok-k-kay?

Pom Pom: Since when were there TWO mistletoes really close to each other?

Wendy: Just wait until I use my love potion... *evil laugh*

Roy: (singing) ~I love you, with all my heeeaaarrrtttt!~

Wendy: Why does Ludwig's face look like the mistletoe except with hearts?


Pom Pom: Just stay still and they won't see you...

Ihavefawful: Pom Pom: I guess I won't be having Morton over anytime soon.

Pom Pom: This happens every year, which is weird because I was born this year! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Pikachu5567:  Boys, they can be so weird.
Omniscient Guy: Boom Boom: With this Roy costume, Pom Pom MUST like me! **GOOD PRIZE**

Wendy: Look at that hair! It has to be Susan in disguise!

Pom Pom: Now THAT's a big tooth...

Flitchard Pom Pom: Err, Ludwig? Boom Boom? Wh-why are you staring at me like I've got the last slice of cake...?
Yoshi10:  Wendy: That's it! I'm suing the mistletoe company for sending me a broken mistletoe!


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