Contest 419
Picture by E-Man

Sepron:  What the Plit version of the apocalypse is like.
flitchard: Iggy: Okay now, Lemmy, me, and Doopliss leave, then we take the picture and mail it to Google! Ya with me?!

Count Bleck: Now serving Number Two! ... Says Count Bleck! Now, where's Luigi... mused Count Bleck! **GOOD PRIZE**

Dino6:  That head is plain creepy. And Lemmy's STANDING on it? Not to mention that it's looking at him...

Lemmy: With Larry's fountain hair, my evil ball, a zombie 2, and Doopliss' sword, I will rule the world!

This is Larry's garage sale, but he's really doing it to blow up everyone involved with his plasma and they would turn into plasma monsters and sell them to Ludwig for his experiments.

Unfortunately, this game of "Guess which number is behind the plasma" didn't end pretty...

Bandy:  Has the wild Moonmon Moon been defeated? Will Count Bleck learn to count, like Count von Count? Will Lemmy ever figure out what the capital of Assyria is? Will Iggy be able to erase the smiley face off of his so-called bomb, that we never have, nor ever will have any reason to believe is really so? Will Wendy remember it's no longer Halloween? Will Mario ever stop pretending to be a ghost? Find out these things, and other useless info, on our next episode of 'Mushroomee'!

You know your New Years party has been too rowdy if you start seeing things like this.

Chatot koopa:  Lemmy: Okay. The Moon from Majora's Mask? Check. Nuclear bomb? Check.Doopliss on our side? Check. Count Bleck with... whatever it is he's holding? Check. Finally, Wendy in a #2 suit? Check. Okay! We're ready to go to Susan's house!
Steve Koopa:  Since Count Bleck has been taking to Majora's Mask, he's making Skull Kid put on a Lemmy mask and roll on the moon, and he's giving Doopliss the Kokiri sword, though he still refuses to steal Link's body for fear of Tatl noticing.
Yoda-Yoshi:  Larry: C'mon people! Who'll beat the bet of 2 coins for this plasma?
polkamon: The Legend of Doopliss: Radioactivity's Mask - The moon will crash in 3 days and a mask has taken over the minds of innocent creatures. Count Bleck gives this a 2 out of 10. May or may not be based on another game.
E-Man Count Bleck: This two alone shall end the world, exclaimed Count Bleck!

Lemmy and Iggy are determined to bring Majora's Mask to the 3DS by any means necessary.

Doopliss: Ending the world, eh? Not if my ninja skills have anything to say about it!

By the looks of it, Doopliss is starring in the next Paper Mario game.

Doopliss: Why didn't I use this on Slick years ago?

stink: This symbolizes that 2011 was the LEAST hectic year for the Koopas.
H4MM3R BR0 Lemmy: Wendy, I told you that I was going to put people in rubber suits in the shape of their IQ. Just be lucky you're not Roy. He barely fits in his 0 suit.

Lemmy: Excellent. Our Beatles team is now complete! I'm Moon Lennon, Count Bleck is Gore Harrison, Iggy is Bawl McCartney, and Doopliss is Ringo Spar! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Brick Block: Count Bleck: Bleh heh heh heh heh... My apologies, ladies and gentlemen, but I already happen to have a crazed clown with a secret agenda, a psychopathic shapeshifter, a female second-in-command, and an object that causes mass destruction under my power. "Better luck next time," said Count Bleck! **GOOD PRIZE**
ihavefawful:  Hiring Count Bleck to hold up a '2' sign: 100 coins. Hiring a drill to blast through Yold Ruins and get a Spiky Tromp: 3,000 coins. Buying an atomic bomb: 8,000,900. Hiring Doopliss: 500 coins. Getting to zip up Wendy in a '2' costume: PRICELESS!

Lemmy (to Iggy): Yes! Our plan to humiliate Wendy is working! Now Larry will take a picture of this, and put it on his Facebook! Muhahahaha!

Awesomeness Koopa: Iggy (to self): After I pour this goo that says "Roy's Kill Iggy Potion" the other badguys exept Lemmy will die and I can watch Max And Ruby on Nick Jr!!!
AJ Koopa: Moon: I worked hard destroying nations just to to be in another game, and THIS is what I get?


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