Contest 420
Picture by Atticus

Bandy: It's unfortunate that as Iggy was playing with his life-size Lemmy robot, Roy sent his doomship after him.
Chatot koopa: Wendy: Iggy, you know that picture of King Dad right there? Yeah. That'a a window with a picture frame.

Iggy: I'm not aiming for Lemmy and his castle. I'm aiming for Roy's Remote Control Airship.

Dino6: Lemmy: (to himself) So then I grab Wendy's pencil, cut the rope, and whack the Bob-omb into the ship model!

You see, people, THIS is what happens when you have at least 3 siblings... EVERY DAY.

Wendy: ... I mean really, dropping the Bob-omb filled with pudding is the dumbest prank I've heard of... I thought people with glasses were supposed to be SMART!!!

flitchard: Wendy: Let's see... Lemmy building an unauthorized model of koopa Kastle; Iggy piloting a model doomship indoors; Bob-omb blowing up an unauthorized model of Koopa Kastle without authorization... After I'm done blackmailing these geeks, I'll be SWIMMING in jewels!
Iggy26: Wendy: How did Iggy's hair get back to normal?
Iggy Koopa: What Iggy doesn't know is that it's really Roy dressed as Lemmy.

Iggy: Hahaha! Now I can blow up all Atlases in the entire captions! WAHAHAHA!

ihavefawful:  When Iggy and Lemmy are both asked to test Ludwig's inventions, a model of a doomship prototype, a Bob-omb prototype, and a defense shield for Kastle Koopa, chaos ensues.

Wendy: Okay, Iggy, bomb Lemmy's model and see if I care. But don't come crying to me once you realize your doomship is tied to that Bob-omb.

Mutiny against your father? A side effect of hunger. Hungry? Grab a Snickers.


Tragically, neither of them knew that Wendy was beta testing Ludwig's optical lightsabre contacts, which telekinetically manipulated lightsabres just by looking!

Somebody's been watching too many Bugs Bunnies...

9/11: Koopa Kaos.

H4MM3R BR0: Iggy: This is my greatest evil plan yet- putting the finishing touch on Lemmy's toy castle before he can! BWAHAHAHA!**GOOD PRIZE**

It was only a matter of time before Lemmy realized what was coming... Or that the model looked nothing like the picture on the box.

Wendy: Good effort, Iggy, but this time, remember to stay OUTSIDE the blast radius.

polkamon:  Iggy: Now, if only I knew how to explode the Bob-omb without destroying my airship with it...
Awesomeness Koopa: Iggy: Just a little closer, and.... O-O

Wendy: Iggy, watcha doin'? I got that from Phineas and Ferb. SO, let's play tag!!!

Lemmy: Ah, the perfect day when Iggy isn't trying to kill me for being the master of an AWESOME website, with an evil grin on his face; while Wendy isn't writing I WILL KILL LEMMY and not staring at Iggy like he's crazy for trying to kill me.

Kkadwell:  Iggy: And now for a lesson on the superiority of airships over fortresses through a historic recreation of the Seige of Little Koopingrad Kastle, circa 1122...

In the past, Bowser kept intruders out of his castle with swinging spiked balls and lava-filled pits; now he relies on recalled toys and abysmal decor. ***FIRST PRIZE***

Iggy: An eye for an eye, a bomb to the face for a split lip... ***FIRST PRIZE***


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