Contest 421
Picture by Fried the Hen

WendyRulez: Daisy: Hey Luigi, since you and Rosalina love each other so much, why don't I have a party in your honor? You know, with a fireworks display and all that? Oh, and bring some rope for er... holding up the decorations! See you there! **GOOD PRIZE**

Daisy: That's it, I'm getting my gun.

Rosalina: Sorry, but this Luma over here is already my boyfriend.

Bandy: Teenage rage engulfed Daisy as she watched Luigi give the dishrag to Rosalina.
Fried the hen: Luigi: Mario found the Power Stars, so I'll find the Power Hearts.

Luma: *to Luigi* Papa?

H4MM3R BR0: Daisy: First you rip my heart out, THEN YOU GIVE IT TO ROSALINA?!

Luma: Daisy, if you get any closer to my mama, I'll have to hit you with this blue hook thingy.

Luigi: *in raspy voice* LUMA, I AM YOUR FATHER.

AJ Koopa: Luma: Yes, my plan is working. The marriage of these two will summon the Chaos Heart, which I will then use to... Oh, wrong game.


Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Rosalina: Even though I never knew you were Mario's brother, I'd love to go out with you! But what's your name?

Daisy: Oh sure! Save a girl once and make your move! Save me 50 times and all I get is friendship! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Pikachu5567:  Daisy: Luigi! Why in in the name of DAD are you giving your chocolates to Rosalina?!

Luigi: You know, she's more calm than you. From my every day life, it seems that you are always pushy for no reason.

Chatot koopa: Luigi literally stole Daisy's heart and is selling it to Rosalina for a Luma. That's why Daisy has no heart for Luigi now... **GOOD PRIZE**
ihavefawful:  Rosalina: Um, thank you, Luigi, but is this wise with Princess Daisy right there?

And I thought MARIO was the ladies man... Touche, Luigi.

54 king boo: Luigi: Here, ta- Wait.. YOU'RE MARRIED TO THE LUNA?!

Luigi: Don't worry Rosalina, that's just a cardbord cutout of Daisy.


Luigi: Ok Rosalina, it's your turn to play "Pin the Heart on Daisy"!

Rosalina: I love you... heart.

5 minutes later, due to anger, Daisy exploded.


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