Contest 424
Picture by Atticus


Tutankoopa: What do you mean you won't let me win my next battle in RSH?!

Lemmy: You're telling me that you hated your battle... because you won?

AwesomeMario88: Kamek: Give me the bag back NOW!!

Lemmy: I hate myself.

Mr. Tanooki Suit: Tutankoopa: Hello, tech support? My computer is glowing again! **GOOD PRIZE**


Tutankoopa: Why isn't it working?! It's only five-thousand years old!!!

Lemmy: Not THIS guy again!!!

WccPro94: Tutankoopa: WHAT?! He stopped giving me Koopaling votes? I only did 4,567 quizzes!

Lemmy: Oh geez...

Chatot koopa: Tutankoopa: WHAT?! You dare reject my request to become the new Captions artist?!

Chomp: That picture you drew did look like a preschooler made it.

Lemmy: Ugh. That's the 67th Email he wrote! And that's just today.

acekissy:  Lemmy: I knew I never should have gotten Skype...
Soopa Mecha-Koopa: Many Koopas were having trouble with the HTML guide, which he explaned to everyone about 55 times and Emailed 48 times.
Dino6: Evil magic needles began sticking into people's computers for no apparent reason.

This is an image of Lemmy asleep as the principal of his new school, Egyptian Star Bag Elementary, instructs him on how to use his star bag.

Let's just say that after this experience, Lemmy would never send out love letters with the signature 'L-Man' again.

Jalvo the Slime: Tutankoopa: WHAT?! Lemmy Koopa just added me as a friend on Koopabook!!!
H4MM3R BR0: Lemmy: This scary face prank is sooooo lame, but I bet somewhere, on the other side of the world, Tutankoopa is terrified of it.

Tutankoopa: Are you sure you won't change the name of the site to Tutankoopa's Land?

polkamon: Tutankoopa: Lemmy! I need help! The numbers on my clock changed again!
b: Lemmy: Oh...  Why did I take that bet and press send?

Kamek: I'M A WHAT, I'M A WHAT!!!

ihavefawful: Iggy: For the last time, YES! I'm sure Waldo's in Egypt!!
Spikeman: Tutankoopa: Told Lemmy it was a bad idea to give Tut Op powers, and look where that got him- a TNT'd server with a brick remaining.
Wacky Koopa: Lemmy: I never should have added Tutankoopa as a friend on Facebook...
lilboo: Tutankoopa: Wait, I just realized, I don't even have Internet in these stupid ruins!

Lemmy: Ugh, even after having half of these submissions come through the mail, my inbox is STILL full!

Chomp on Tutankoopa's hat: Listen, I don't think you get how this Skype thing works, you have to have a microphone for the other person to be able to hear your annoying yelling. ***FIRST PRIZE***

Tutankoopa: Uh, yes, is this the Geek Squad? Yeah, it says I have this thing called a "Trojan Chomp", and... aaah! No Chompy, I didn't call you, get away!

stink: Tutankoopa: What is this flashy thingy on my ancient desk of wonders?

Lemmy (to himself): Why did Tutankoopa think he would get any of my 1 million gold coins?

flitchard: Lemmy and Tutankoopa both hacked Nintendo to see who the top secret character in Mario Party 9 was. This is their reaction. **GOOD PRIZE**
E-Man: Lemmy: Gah... For goodness sakes, Chomphater49, you're banned from my website for making hate submissions about Chomps! Get over it already!
Badyoyo: Lemmy: I don't know what's stupider: Tutankoopa accidentally Emailing his Paypal account password to everyone he knows; or the fact that I managed to get to the bank and claim all his cash, before Wario could.
Darkblade Koopa: Egyptian Dude: What?! My priceless diamond had been removed from the sale? Curse you, society!

Lemmy: Ah man! Looks like Iggy banged my laptop with a hammer again!

Iggy26 Lemmy: This is going to take a while...
WendyRulez: Tutankoopa: You mean you've found gaps in my pyramid's defenses? Dozens of them?

Lemmy Koopa: How do you even have an Internet connection in the pyramid?

gold guy: Shortly after that, "Lemmy's at home computer classes" were canceled as desert enemies and bosses were smashing thier computers while screaming "Hold on Lemmy, I'll get you out of there!"


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