Contest 425
Picture by Fried the Hen

Sepron: A day only the people of Lemmy's Land can dream of.
polkamon: Lemmy: Where's the steering wheel on this rubber ducky?
joshuaboo: What Wendy doesn't know is that the cloud isn't in Mario Kart 7.
flitchard: Lemmy: This is NOT what I meant by a port-a-potty!
Chatot koopa: Lemmy: Oh no! Morton's gonna hit me with his fire! I only got one shot. DUCK POWERS GOOOO!
Flifit22: Iggy is now experiencing the "Winner's Humiliation Conga". He is blinded and will run into the bananas, which will make him slip right off the track, forcing him to give up coins to Lakitu. ***FIRST PRIZE***
Dino6:  Lemmy: Duh, dis ducky's fun.
Goomba: Roy: Ha! Even in Koopa Kart, I can get the beatings on Iggy! He should lose his lead from a blue nuclear explosion in about 5 seconds. That seems like an appropriate thing to have in a tame competition, right? **GOOD PRIZE**

Iggy: Oh, there goes my lead.

Larry: Hey, Ludwig, how come you can fly, but I can't? I have a raccoon tail!

Brick Block: Lemmy: Why couldn't King Dad have built a race track that doesn't cause me so many seizures? **GOOD PRIZE**
Pikachu5567: Iggy: Dang it! I just bought those glasses a day ago, and now they are all ruined! Thanks a lot, Morton!
Omniscient Guy: Don't get fooled! Everyone is actually targeting Iggy. Ludwig is about to crash on him. Larry is about to hit him with his Tanooki Tail. Wendy is about to pass the lightning cloud to him. Bowser Jr. is about to throw a bomb at him. Lemmy just shot a Blooper at him. Morton is about to hit him with a fireball. And Roy is about to hit him with the flying messenger of Doom, the Blue Shell!
Lemmy Koopa: And they're off!


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