Contest 427
Picture by Atticus

Pyro Guy: Bowser: Behold the mystical flying carrot! **GOOD PRIZE*

In a desperate attempt to get Bowser to stop singing. the carrot throws himself at Bowser in an attempt to poison him. However, the carrot doesn't realize that vegetables don't work against Bowser like they do against Wart.

Chatot Koopa: Carrot: Hey Bowser. You have dandruff.

Cheep Cheep: The road's dirty! Better clean it.

Old Toad Lady: That kitty's back! Go away! Bad kitty!

Lakitu: Yes! I told my friend I could hold this egg for more than an hour!

joshuaboo: Mushroom: STOP KICKING ME!
Brick Block: Bowser: I just love taking a walk through this town. Everybody here who hates me has terrible aim. ***FIRST PRIZE***
Stink: Hm... This seems like a rebellion, so I guess it's the Hunger Games.
Benjamin:  Cheese disguised as a flying carrot: Nooo! If CHOCOLATE MILK collides with Cheep Cheep saliva and a Spiny Egg, it causes a nuclear explosion!
flitchard: Bowser: Huh! No Urban Champ is gonna make a fool outta me! I'll murderize the bum!
ihavefawful: Atticus: Ok, troop, open fire!
Flifit22: Lakitu: Hey, you! Grandma! Stop littering or I'll hit you with this Spiny Egg!
Mr. Tanooki Suit: Female Toad: Stop being so happy.
Kkadwell: Bowser: Stand aside, everyone! I take large steps!
Stink: The obvious reason Bowser only leaves his castle to kidnap Peach.
koopacrazy: Koopa: Don't worry, Bowser, they're just jealous.
Dino6: Toad: Drink Coke.

People hate the new statue of Bowser he randomly put there.

polkamon: Bowser: Man, I want a carrot. No, wait, I hate carrots... Just water. Well actually... Make that a chocolate milk...
Sara: Bowser: Wow, I just love being in parades... Ow! Who threw that carrot?!


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