Contest 428
Picture by Fried the Hen

Iggy Koopa: Bowser: UGH! This... giant... beach...balls... with... handles... SO HEAVY!

Wendy: I can't believe he actually thinks that that's ALL that I bought!

Princess Ruto: Proving the "don't walk under a ladder" superstition right, after he walked under one, Bowser had to go shopping with Wendy, got run over by a kart, and was forced to listen to her sing Kelly Clarkson in a really bad voice.
Extreme Yoshi: Wendy: Thanks Daddy, you didn't HAVE to come shopping with me, but I know you're more then happy to do so.

Wendy: Let's get moving! Ten floors down, another twenty to go!

After losing his license from crashing into the car of a person that resembled Bill Cosby in the parking lot, Bowser was forced to do his shopping without the use of his kart. **GOOD PRIZE**

Fi the sword: Bowser: Did we have to come to this mall? You know I'm allergic to coconuts!
Brick Block: Bowser: Keep crying all you want, missy. I'm sure not going to stay here and play obstacle for Mario and his stupid racing buddies. This already happens way too often back home.
Shen Valor: Bowser: Can you tell me why I'm carrying 2 heavy bags of cosmetics?
Anti-Yoshi:  Wendy: Of course this is the airport to head to Water Land, King Dad! Just don't look behind you.
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Bowser: Wendy, how many times do I have to tell you not to buy every item in the mall?! That's the third time this week! **GOOD PRIZE**

Wendy: Good news, Dad! The Koopa Kingdom Mega Mall is opening tomorrow! That means you get to carry ten times more bags for me!

DarkLudwigKoopa: Wendy: In your face, Helen!
Sara: This is why Bowser doesn't take Wendy shopping.

Wendy: WAAAAAAAAA!!! I want to go on another shopping spree. WAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Bowser: Wendy, I know you’re happy to be at the mall and all, but don't you think you could help me carry a FEW of these bags?

fireball koopa: Bowser: *sigh* Birthday shopping with Wendy always takes three days, another two to get home, and by then I've already missed my my favorite show, Extreme Makeover: Castle Edition.
WendyRulez: Wendy Koopa- bleeding Bowser's bank account dry since 1988.
Suzanne12: Wendy: Wait, but the sign for the mall is still there! Can I get it? Can I get it?
Pyro Guy: Bowser: What do you mean we have to pay? She OWNS this mall!

Wendy: Why can't I have the other 467 colors of this necklace?

Darkblade Koopa: Bowser: When I get home, I'm locking myself in my throne room so that next time when Wendy wants something, I can tell her no without seeing a tantrum.

Wendy: HaHa! I love shopping at Coconut Mall! It smells like coconuts!

polkamon: I'm telling you, Wendy, we have plenty of shoes at home...
Chatot koopa: Bowser: I feel a sneeze coming up...

Wendy: Thanks for driving 4 hours across the Mushroom Kingdom to carry some clown costumes for me even though I don't even need them and could buy them for a much cheaper price at the mall next to the castle, Daddy!

Benjamin: Wendy lost a staring contest to the written text, which apparently has the wrong date on it. Oh, and Bowser's shopping in Coconut Mall.
gold guy: Bowser: We've been here 12 days, can we PLEASE go home now?!
Spikeman: Wendy: Blackmail is so sweet, isn't it, Daddy?
Soft Spiny: Wendy: I am SO glad I decided to trade my old, worn out daddy for this new model that can carry all my stuff! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Pikachu5567: Wendy: Oops! I forgot to buy that expensive mascara that costs $55.99! Can we go back to the store again?
Juanentio: Wendy: Next, we're going shopping to Toad Town Mall! Yay!

Bowser: Why did I take that bet...?


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