Contest 430
Picture by Soft Spiny

WendyRulez: Luigi: *yawn* When is it going to be my turn?

Koopa: Trust me, I am not going to shave your head bald.

Toad: I don't think that barber has a license...

Luigi: It says in the newspaper that Mario just saved Peach from Bowser... How come it doesn't say anything about me?! **GOOD PRIZE**

Barber: It's-a me, Koopeo!

Barber: Now lower your head so I can shave your scalp... I mean sideburns!

Luigi: I don't see why you need a haircut, Mario. Your hairstyle has remained the same for 20 years!

Mario FINALLY decides to shave his mustache.

Toad: OMG! It's Justin Bieber!

polkamon: Mario: You know, I had this mustache style back when I was younger, when I was on Yoshi's Island...
Chatot koopa: Paragoomba: Thanks ever so much for donating your mustache to the less fortunate!

Mario: Okay! I gave you my mustache, now give back the princess! Wait, why are you laughing?!***FIRST PRIZE***

Peach: Happy Late April Fools!

DarkGoomba36: Mario: I said a "little" off the top!
Benjamin: A Paragoomba is making Mario wear a giant, dirty napkin against his will, ripping his mustache off, and giving it to the Koopa Troopa, thinking everyone will think the Koopa's Mario.
Fi the sword: Toad: ... Mario lost his mustache... OH MY TOAD THE WORLD MUST BE ENDING.
3DMarioluigi:  And that's why Mario hates Toad!!!
victor: This is why Mario always keeps that cap on.
flitchard: Mario: You mean to tell me, for all those decades, I had a glob of PUDDING under my nose?! **GOOD PRIZE**


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