Contest 431
Picture by Fried the Hen

Fried the hen: Wendy: Hey Princess, can you show me how to do that hairstyle?

Lemmy: Look at me I'm Peter Pan!

Chatot Koopa: Morton: Just a few more bits and I'll beat the world record for "Biggest Star Bit Ball!"

Larry: Haha! Turning Iggy into a hill and stepping all over his head was a great idea!

Pyro Guy: Bowser Jr: Now, care to explain what happened to Iggy? He isn't in the next game, is he?
WendyRulez: Rosalina: *sigh* I knew this was a bad idea.

Lemmy: Where is my brother Iggy? I don't seem to see him anywhere...

Wendy: As we can see, Rosalina, we're creating a new Lemmy's Land!

Morton: I'm starting to see why you love Star Bits so much...

Black Luma: Please don't hurt him! He'll explode into a supernova! **GOOD PRIZE**

Rosalina: May I ask you why the one with the wig is levitating high into the air?

Bowser Jr: Yay! Graffiting is fun!

As we can see, the Koopalings really want to be in Super Mario Galaxy 3.

DarkYoshi: That day Rosalina regretted ever marrying Bowser.

Roy was very busy that night, he had one more Luma to fit into the library.

Ludwig and Lemmy had swallowed Lumas that day.

badyoyo: Wendy: Yeah, Morton's annoying. But you have to admit, he's really good at collecting chewed bubblegum. **GOOD PRIZE**
DarkYoshi Wowzers! It's Wendy's ever-changing necklace! In caption 428 it's red, but now the necklace has decided it likes pink better!
Rosellanna: Larry: Hahahahaha!!! I will grow an Iggy!!!

Ludwig and Lemmy: I'M FLYING!!!

Roy (to himself): Hahahaha! Morton doesn't realize that what he is eating is actually painted drops of glue! Hahahahaha, what a moron!!!

polkamon: Larry: Hey Rosalina, do you like plants? And Koopalings? Well I planted an Iggy here for you if you do!***FIRST PRIZE***
Stink: Super Mario Galaxy 3: Attack of the Brats, I mean Koopalings!!!
Iggy Koopa: This is why Super Koopa Galaxy was declined.

Iggy: Yes! I look like a plant! Now Larry will agree to get me all the Power Stars!

Wendy: Mrs. Rosalina? Where did you get that dress? Mushroom Mall?

woodette: Rosalina: Oh no! The Koopalings are invading the starship!
Mr. Tanooki Suit:  Wendy: Usually Iggy is blowing stuff up, but you get what I have to put up with.
joshuaboo: Roy: Hey! Who wants to play Luma Basketball?

Wendy: Wow, Peach! New dress?

Rosalina: Help! Ludwig's scratching his back on my wall!


Benjamin: Rosalina: Bowser Jr, quit spraying my new Comet Observatory museum to have the Koopalings!
Weegee Malleo: Kamek would not realize until much later that he had thrown the wrong people into space at the beginning of Super Mario Galaxy.


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