Contest 432
Picture by Atticus

Iggy Koopa: Larry: That's not exactly what Iggy K was planning for Koopemon 2, I don't think.

Ludwig: Aha! I have the perfect caption for this Caption! It'll be "Ludwig: Aha! I have the perfect caption for this Caption! It'll be "Ludwig: Aha! I have the perfect caption for this Caption!"" Um, maybe this isn't a good idea.

polkamon: All the statues and Larry stare in disbelief at Ludwig's picture of himself with Susan at sunset on the beach.
Rosellanna: Stone faces: Ohhhhh. It's a picture of Lemmy in a ball gown!
Brick Block: Ludwig: Fascinating! So THAT'S what our mother actually looked like! And yes, Larry. The rainbow afro looks weird at first, but when you think about it, everything makes sense. **GOOD PRIZE**
fireball koopa: Ludwig: Finally! I have found a picture of Bowser as a child, with it I will rule the Koopa castle!

Larry: And I thought Wendy looked scary without hair!

Lexi: Larry: Are you sure about this, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Distracted by pretty rectangle thingy!

Lilly koopa:  Larry: Oh my god. So that's really a picture of Roy in a wedding dress?

When Ludwig tried to show Larry a picture of Bowser as a teenager, Larry started to have a heart attack.

Larry: Oh my god, Ludwig, you have a huge zit on your nose!!!

Darkblade Koopa: Ludwig: Hey Larry, look what I found!

Larry: Oh no! It's the picture of the time when Roy shoved a basketball down Morton's throat!

Benjamin: Larry: Ludwig! Read the bottom of the map! These tikis shoot lasers that instantly kill on contact!*
Pyro Guy: Larry: See! I told you the rock faces framed me!
WendyRulez: Larry: That's your baby picture?!**GOOD PRIZE**

Stone Marshmallow: Ooh! Someone drew Atticus on the floor!

Winged Statue: I feel kind of out of place...

Ludwig: As you can see, I have exquisitive tastes in art.

Yoshi's Clone: Larry: Um, Ludwig, I don't think you should look at your photo of Karen here. There are eyes everywhere! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Lexi: Ludwig: Cool mirror! Ohh, so that's what my tongue look like.
Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Ludwig: At last! The picture of Roy wearing makeup! Now I can blackmail him for whatever I wish!

Larry: Let me get this straight. We fought dozens of monsters and were almost killed by tons of different traps just so we could get your BABY PICTURES?!


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