Contest 433
Picture by Soft Spiny

Benjamin: Kirby: Mario, quit dressing me up like Mallow!

Mario: Mallow, we are supposed to be in the Forest Maze!

Amanita: Why am I here?

Iggy Koopa: Mallow: I don't think this is what people wanted with SMRPG2. Seriously? The Master Sword?
Flifit22: Amanita: And if you look to your right, you'll see a sword sticking out of a stone... No, before you ask, it isn't Excalibur. **GOOD PRIZE**
H4MM3R BR0: Mallow (to the Mushroom): Oh no you didn't!

Mushroom: Sure, you can have my sword. Just hand over the dummy, Mallow.

Mario: You know, of all the weird things I've seen in my life, this could be the weirdest... There's a question mark floating behind my head!

Chatot koopa: Mallow: So if you're going to roleplay as Link, does that mean I have to be that fairy? ***FIRST PRIZE***

Mario: So you're saying if I pull this sword, I can slay monsters even more?! But I'll be locked in the Sacred Realm... Throw in some cheese and you've got a deal!

Pyro Guy: Mario: Look Amanita! I've cameoed in enough Zelda games to know what the Master Letter Opener is. 

Mario: I was-a always in love with Zelda anyways.

joko784: Mallow: Something isn't right here... Is it because everything is colored with crayons?
Soft Spiny: Amanita: ...And if you look to your left, you will see a bush! ... Oh, and that stupid, sparkly sword.
flitchard: Mario: It says-a here... "Press button to become legendary Hero... and to dump anyone in the background down a nice, deep hole..." BEEP! That was-a easy!
Anti-Yoshi: Amanita: Hey! Hey, listen!

Mallow: Mario? Maybe we should ask Grandpa...

Link: What the... Is this a Green Star?

WendyRulez: Mallow: I don't know, Mario, I get the feeling this sword belongs in a different videogame...

Amanita: C'mon, eat me! I dare you! **GOOD PRIZE**

Mallow: You want me to pull the sword from a stone? Can't you just smash it with a hammer?

Mario: Badger badger badger badger I mean Mushroom Mushroom!

Somehow, Mallow managed to pull the sword out of the stone... right before he stabbed Mario in the face.

polkamon: Mallow: So you think "L is real 2401" is important for this game?
KoopaTroopa12345: "Do I know that symbol from somewhere?" [:}]
Fi the sword: Bug: I am Buzz Buzz. I come from- Oh wait. This isn't Earthbound?

Link: Wow! I was psyched about Link hats, but now MARIO COSTUMES in Animal Crossing?! Yes!

Yoshi's Clone: Mushroom: I'm going to beat you all to the sword!


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