Contest 435
Picture by Fried the Hen

Kooky Kon Koopa: I will EAT your tiny little heads off! Ha!
Red K. Koopa: I will eat your head off!!! Now find Mario!
H4MM3R BR0: Toad: Noooooo! This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me... I left the faucet on!

Bowsercopter: This is my greatest plan ever! Once I eat this giant Mushroom, I'll become so huge that I can steal all of the candy at the local supermarket! Bwahahaha!

Benjamin: The Toads weren't afraid of the Bowsercopter, they were scared of the fact it's not March. It's May. Look at the bottom right. **GOOD PRIZE**
stink: It's Bowser's Island!
Ludwig X: Mario: Hey! I just invented the Bowser Copter! 
Weegee Malleo Afterwards, the Mushroom Kingdom decided to ban all helicopter bubbles from the kingdom.
WendyRulez: Toad: Get to the choppa! Just not that one! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Toadette: I hope Mario still has that Sky Pop...

Toad: Looks like the next Mario spinoff is going to be Star Toad...

Now Mario can feel the action!

Bowser: Only I have the brains to rule the Mushroom Kingdom!

Toad: I'm going to need a new diaper.

Chatot koopa: Toad: WHOA! Oh, wait. Nothing to worry about, Toadette. It's just Bowser's new Clown Copter.

Apparently, things went very wrong when Bowser ate a Propeller Shroom.

54 king boo: Bowser's latest invention after watching a clip from WW2.

Toadette: You just HAD to jinx it.

The Mario universe on MW3.

Shinymmk: Toad: AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Big Bowser... helicopter thingy...

Toadette: Toad, save me! Oh, and if I die note that I love yuu! AHHHHHHHHH!!!


polkamon: Bowser: Yes! Finally, I can take back all the underwear the Toads have stolen from me!
Kooper: Toad: Toadette, get in the house! There is a shadow!

Bowser: Oh, hi Toad and Toadette. I hope you don't mind if I get this super-sized Mushrrom, and don't make the excuse that it's your house!

Toad: NO MR. PLANE!!! I TOLD YOU TO STOP AT THE AIRPORT, NOT AT OUR HOUSE!!! Oh, it's the wrong plane... it's Bowser. **GOOD PRIZE**

Yoshi's Clone: Bowser Copter: YUM! Tasty huge Mushroom!


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