Contest 436
Picture by Atticus

fireball koopa: Mario's having that dream again and any minute now he'll fall into that lake that has Atticus in it.
lily koopa: Big Bird: WAIT!!! Why is there a snowman in Desert Land?!
Weegee Malleo: If you try to steal Mario's cap, you'd better be prepared to fight for it.

At this point, the condor is doomed. Mario does not take kindly to thieves, especially those who steal his signature cap.

I love Mario: A picture of Mario getting carried away by a vulture, while a monkey holds on to Mario with a snowman in its hands.

Mario: Hey! Oh you stupid thing-a-mijingy!

Bird: Hey you pyramid, what are you looking at?

Monkey: Oooooo... Snowman.

Linda Lewis: I'm not monkeying around, gimme that hat back!

Mario: As soon as I get my hat back, the snowman won't have the only face that's melted!

Mario: Hey Bird! Gimme that hat back or I'll turn you into a Thanksgiving dinner!

Mario: Not only is my hat missing, but this view is terrible!***FIRST PRIZE***

Bird: Hey Mario, how's the feather down there?

Mario: Say it ain't so, I will not go, turn the lights off, now give me my hat back nana nana nana nana na na.

WendyRulez: So many people wanted Mario's hat... and yet nobody wanted Luigi's.

Snowman: I'm melting! I'm melting! Oh what a painting world!

Ukiki: Who needs Mario's Hat when I can have his shoe?

Mario: I can see my house up here... and it's being TPed by Koopa Troopas! Nooo!!! **GOOD PRIZE**

As Mario found out the hard way, water is not a good way to break your fall.

Klepto: Um, listen, I can't exactly carry you all at once... so have fun falling to your doom! Bombs away!

Kooper the Paratroopa: Mario: You stupid bird! Give me the hat... err, give Monkey the hat!

Snowman: How'd I get in the desert...?

Monkey: C'mon Snowman, let's get Mario's hat and run off with it!

Mario: I was just at the beach and now I'm at the desert?!

Palm Tree: LOL You don't see Mario, a bird, a monkey, and a snowman in the desert every day!

And this is a picture for this strategy to beat Super Mario 64: Wait for a bird to pick up Mario's hat. Then it will fly you through all the levels, dropping you at Stars. But since Mario wants his hat, this might take long... **GOOD PRIZE**

acekissy: Mario: No! In order to get a refund, you must give the product back!
KT12345 Koopa Bloopas: Raphael the Raven: What a normal day. Me with a red hat, the name "Atticus" sketched in the sea, and that pyramid.

Mario: Cheat, Glitch, come over here. Get my hat back!

Monkey: Don't fall, Mr Snowy!

Sayaman: Buzzard: This desert heat must be getting to my brain. I could have sworn I just saw a monkey and a freakin' snowman.
Benjamin: Mario is going to a party. Too bad it's a Hat Stealers' club. Strange... Why is Mr. Blizzard not melting in a desert?
Yoshi10: You gimme that hat!
Joel: Bird (what's its name?): Aw nuts! I dropped my ultra-secret knife!
Yellow Yoshi: Snowman: These minigames just keep getting harder.
polkamon: Mario: Great, just great! You steal my hat, the monkey steals my snowman, and my snowman is somehow not melting in this blasted heat!
Chatot koopa: Klepto:Hmm... Am I the only one who finds it odd the Snowman is still here?

Klepto: Sorry Mario. This is my rare edition hat. Sorry! Your hat is in another desert!

Flitchard: Mario: I paid-a you your cap, Klepto! Get-a that giant Mr. Blizzard away from the entrance of the-a pyramid, already!!
DarkYoshi: Snowman: Why do I only have one arm, and shouldn't I be melting?!

Mario: Why do I have pockets?

toastertoasttoast: Mario: Give-a it back, bird!

Ukiki: Ooh ooh aah! (I steal hats, not you!)

Mr. Blizzard: I'm going to melt now!

Klepto: Shall I drop you in the quicksand?


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