Contest 437
Picture by Soft Spiny

Pyro Guy: Wendy: Ludwig! When I get my hands on you! You and your shrink ray!
Benjamin: Lemmy: Wendy, Mechakoopa Reject Number Million Billion, if you're gonna see Raphael the Raven, he's not on the moon anymore! He's in Jade Jungle!
Juanentio: Lemmy has been arguing with the Mechakoopa, not noticing his sister did not fall off the Clown Copter when Roy tripped her with a candy ring...
WendyRulez: Wendy: I'm going to kill you both, and then I'm going to eat you alive!!!

Cloud: Hey buddy! There's a thunderstorm approaching! Have fun dieing!

Roy: I can't hit a girl, Lemmy, so you're on your own.

Lemmy: No Wendy, I am not changing the name of my website to Wendy's Land! And that's final!

acekissy: Lemmy: Sorry Wendy, but your makeup bag is in another doomship!
Koopatroopatheloner: Sorry Sis but this is a party for boys!
Fi the Sword: Wendy: ROY!!! HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY PUPILS?!
Chatot koopa: Lemmy: Yeah, that's right. I replaced the moon with a baseball. Got a problem with dat?! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Lemmy: You heard me. Roy stole your conditioner! ... Why do you have conditioner, again?

Roy: Wendy, when I told you to go jump in a lake, I didn't mean while riding a flying Clown Copter 40 feet above ground!

Joel: This is why Roy Koopa didn't become the ruler of Sky Land after Super Mario Bros. 3.
KoopaTroopa12345: Lemmy: Why use these things if you can roll on a ball?
Lexi: Wendy: Grrrr!

Roy: Mommy!

Lemmy: Zzzzz...

Mechakoopa: Lalalalala

Shinymmk: This picture shows what happened after Luigi blew up the moon in Luigi's Mansion. Lemmy is staring at it, the Mechakoopa is losing all its data for no reason, and Wendy is yelling at Roy for almost knocking her off the Clown Copter while Roy is screaming like a girl.
Shadow Yoshi: Roy: That little flap of hair the NSMBWii developers put on him is REALLY starting to drive me up a wall, I think I'll just slowly pull it off while he's arguing with Wendy over what type of fabric the moon is made of...
Uncredited: Wendy: AARGH! First, I can't reach this Mechakoopa that I was going to quiet Morton with, and second, Lemmy doesn't care that I'm going to fall off the Clown Copter soon! YAAAAAH!

Lemmy: I did not make the moon fabric! It was Roy!

Morton: That cloud looks like a Flurry, and that one ISN'T an Atticus signature, it's a Spiny!

polkamon: Lemmy: Sorry, Wendy, but there's just no room for you, me, Roy, AND the Mechakoopa in here.**GOOD PRIZE**
SuperMario9864: Lemmy: Roy, it's MY turn to steer. YOU get to throw the Mechakoopas, and Wendy... I'll think of something later. **GOOD PRIZE**
WendyRulez: Wendy: My precious! My precious!
Joel: Roy isn't quite yet used to seeing smiling clouds.


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