Contest 438
Picture by Fried the Hen


Larry: YES! Now we can blow up my newest invention! And no, it DIDN'T make Cassandra 5-8-12 appear.

WendyRulez: Roy: Let's have some green eggs and ham, shall we?

Roy: Let's hatch this egg so we can steal this kid's lunch money...

What Roy and Larry did not realize was that particular egg belonged to a hungry Tyrannosaurus...

The Koopalings were warned not to mess with a Yoshi and her eggs, but Roy and Larry did not listen. Since then, they have not been seen for more than thirty days, as shown by the date on the picture.

Larry: We shall ransom this egg for all the Yoshi Cookies on Yoshi's Island! Nothing can possibly stop us! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Roy: Who drew Cassandra on Bowser's lawn?! Was it you, Larry? I'm on to you!

your mom: Larry: It's an EGG, Roy. You didn't make it!

Roy: If my shell is purple, and this egg has green dots, and Cassandra is wriiten in chalk on the ground there, then Larry has Lemmy's freeze ray. 

Iggy Koopa: Larry: Time for the best football game ever.

Larry: Great job keeping the egg warm! Ooh, I think it's hatching!

Roy: The Yoshis will be SO mad that we wrote Cassandra on their grass! Too bad we had to move this egg off that spot...

Chatot koopa: Larry: Hehehe... A spoiled egg a day keeps Susan away!

Roy: All right! Now we can rechallenge Mario and Yoshi to a football game now that Luigi is an egg again!

Roy: When it hatches, I'm naming it Wendy. Why? I can already tell it's spoiling... **GOOD PRIZE**

Lemmy's Biggest Fan: Larry: We did it! We finally trapped Karma inside an egg! Now we can bribe Ludwig into doing whatever we want! **GOOD PRIZE**

Roy: This is gonna be delicious! I've always wondered what a scrambled Yoshi would taste like...

Benjamin: Roy: No, we didn't steal these, Yoshi, we, uh, confiscated them.

Roy: Our plan to steal the eggs is complete!

Larry: Since we couldn't find any Yoshis, I thought it would be a good plan to grab a fake egg and paint it like a Yoshi egg.

Lord Iggy Koopa: Egg Luigi: Once again I'm gonna be the football for the Koopalings' ga- Wait, what's with the hungry-looking faces?

Roy: With the last egg we stole from the plumbers, they can now kiss their omelette breakfast goodbye! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Larry: (You know, I never had the chance to try Luigi-flavored Love Pudding before, just maybe...)

Pyro Guy: Larry: Does this mean that we can finally reopen the Sports Hall's ballpark?
Juanentio: Yoshi eggs are better than normal eggs, but since when is Larry a carnivore?

Roy: I can use this egg to make my head, ah, less pink.

Larry: (Hehehehehe! Roy doesn't know that the bomb in the egg will explode and simultaneously throw a ravenous baby Yoshi at me- Wait....)

Kooper: Larry: Good! Now we can hatch Dad a girlfriend!

Roy: Hey Bro! I found a Yoshi egg in the grass and it's my new stuffy toy for sleeping!

Larry: It looks like we found ourselves a dinner!

Roy: Let's clean the spots off this little guy!

Yoshi Egg: Ummm, guys, you're not gonna give me to Bowser, are you?

Shadow Yoshi: Larry: (This egg will sprout the perfect plant! Yeah. And... and the best part is I won't let Susan see it! That'll make her really mad- er, maybe Roy's thinking something different.)
Astro3000: Larry: I told you using a Yoshi egg as a tennis ball was a good idea.
lilboo Roy: So... who wants to play football?

That actually isn't a Yoshi egg. It's actually the egg of a critically-endangered subspecies of Koopa Troopa... But I don't think those two know that... Uh oh.

Larry: Yes, finally! We at last have the third guest for a tea party!

Alibi: Ludwig (offscreen): HEY!!! WHO STOLE MY LAUGHING GAS EGG?!
polkamon: Larry: All right, time to make that omelette.
andrew: Roy: MY PRECIOUS!


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