Finished by Denny W. Koopa, originally by Lemmy Koopa

October 8, 2005

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Leg 2

Lemmy: On our last episode, a bunch of bubbles ruined Team Mean’s chance at 1 million dollars. The remaining eleven teams stayed at Monday’s Child. Here, they ate what they normally eat on Monday, talk about things that happened on the first leg of race, and sleep like they would do on Monday. After 12 hours of their stay, each team will leave the pitstop in the order from when they arrived there.

>>Team Mario<<

Luigi: Okay Mario, we should be at least an hour ahead of third place. Don’t do anything moronic!

Mario: Is nose picking moronic?

Luigi: Um, duh!

Mario: DARN!

Luigi: Okay, so let’s go to the-

Mario: Zzz...

Luigi: Route marker…

>>Team Scheme<<

Ludwig: Rise and shine, Larry!

Larry: Please don’t say that! Okay, now how can we catch up to the Marios? They should have at least an hour lead over third!

Ludwig: No, just barely though… But fear not, Larry!

Larry: Why?

Ludwig: Luigi and Mario are right over there!

>>Team Mario<<

Luigi: Mario! Wake up! You don’t know what- Oh-a no! Look what you did! Team Scheme just passed us!

Mario: I see teacups in the sky!

>>Team Steam<<

Roy: CHARGE!!!

Iggy: *pant pant*

Luigi: Oh no you-a don’t!

Roy charges ahead of Team Mario, but Luigi burns him with fireballs.

>>Team Scheme-1st at Route Marker<<

Larry: Hi, I am Lemmy, yes; we know that, you now have to go to the Fun Fiction, Survivor 3. To get there you must use a bus to bring you onto the bridge, or you could walk.

Ludwig: Okay! Let’s get going!

Lemmy: For this part of the race-

Cameraman: Um, Lemmy, Larry already said what they are doing, and we added an explanation picture.

Lemmy: Let me see!

Lemmy sees a Teletubby show clip.

Lemmy: Perfect! Now more kids will watch the show!

>>Team Cream<<

Peach: Mush! Mush!

Toad: Do I really look that much like a husky?

>> Team Mario-2nd at Route Marker<<

Luigi: To the bus station!

Mario: Zzz- wa- AHHH! A Leprechaun!

>>Team Talk<<

Susan: If you barely talk this leg of the race, I'll give you anything you want!

Morton: Anything I want? Maybe a big audience for listening to my speeches, no, wedding cake. Nah, I need a new pyramid, well, actually, come to think of it, probably-

Susan: *wink wink nudge nudge*

Morton: Oh yeah!

>>Team Cream- 3rd at Route Marker<<

Peach: Now turn into a car!

Toad: *sigh*

>>Iggy-4th at Route Marker<<

Iggy: The bus station! I know how to get there! Hurry up, Roy!

>>Team Talk and Roy<<

Morton: Hey! Look! Roy!

Susan: We're catching up!

Roy: OWW! Need Koopa Insurance!

>>Team Queen<<

Wendy: Look! There's the mini-mall!

Clawdia: NO! We're not going to lose from shopping!

Wendy: WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *sob*

>>Team Talk- 5th at Route Marker<<

Morton: To the bus station!

>>Team Scheme<<

Larry: What?! None of the assigned busses come here for three hours!

>>Team Cheat and Wendy<<

Wario: WAHAHA! We passed Wendy! But where's Claw-

Waluigi: I'm afraid of Wendy!

Wario: Well, good! We're passing her!

Waluigi: NO! We can't pass her! Now Mr. Squid will steal all our gloves!

Wario: You and your ways...

>>Team Cute<<

Yoshi: Let's get on way!

Birdo: Aww, you sound so cute!

>>Team Queen<<

Wendy: Mom? Where'd you go?

Clawdia: I'm here! Now I bought you this dress, let's go!

Wendy: Did anyone pass us?

Clawdia: Yes, I think the Warios did, and the Dinos passed us a minute ago!

Wendy: Well, let's go!

>>Teams Scheme, Mario, and Cream<<

Peach: TOAD! Do a little dance!

Luigi: Uh oh, angry princess on-a the loose!


Ludwig: Geez, she's worse than Wendy!

Toad: Tell-


Toad: Tell me about it!

Larry: *groan* Just two more long hours...

>>Team Cheat-6th at Route Marker<<

Wario: We're way ahead of Roy now!

Waluigi: I'm afraid of Roy!

>>Team What<<

Daisy: Okay Dad!

The King: What?

Daisy: Could you not be a moron just this once?

The King: COFFEE!

Daisy: I'll leave you here for now; I know there's a team you can't resist to follow.

>>Roy, Team Cute, Team Queen, and Daisy<<

Yoshi: Hi Roy! Fall in oil?

Roy: Fall in oil, bla bla bla!



Team Cute runs off. Team Queen comes by.

Wendy: HA! Loser! Or shall I say, MEANIEHEAD! HAHAHA!

Clawdia: It's okay Roy. What happened? Why are you all black? Did you fall in oil?

Roy: ARGH!

Team Queen runs off. Daisy jogs next to Roy.

Daisy: What happened?

Roy: Moron Luigi!

Daisy: Yeah, he is a moron, well, if you ask me.

Roy: Want to work with me for now? Because we both are alone. Hey, where is The King?

Daisy: Following Flea Bags.

>>Team Cute and Queen-7th and 8th at Route Markers<<

Wendy: To the bus station!

Yoshi: Hey, want to work together?

Wendy: Yeah, I guess for now!

Birdo: Aww, did you see how romantically he asked?

Wendy: Well, there's one romantic, and you're romantic. When Yoshi talks when he eats, you say it's so romantic.

Birdo: I DO NOT!

Yoshi comes over with a hotdog in his mouth.


Birdo: That's so- *looks at Wendy* lovely! Ha! It wasn't romantic, it was lovely!

Wendy: *sigh*

>>Team Dream and The King<<

Playful: Hurry! We're almost in last!

Bagels: BOWSER!!!

Playful: Forget about it. Hey, what's that shadow?

The King: Kitty? KITTY!

Playful: HYPER MAN! Must get away!

>>Team Loner-9th at Route Marker<<

Daisy: So let's go to the bus station!

Roy: Right behind ya!

>>Team Bean<<

Bowyer: Last we are!

Kolorado: Never give up I say! I found something from the ruins in the desert!

Bowyer: Help Mario did.

Kolorado: I got my treasure from the volcano.

Bowyer: Help Mario did. This time, Mario we not have.

Kolorado: Whatever you said, I'm sure it's true!

Voice in the distance: KITTY!!!

Kolorado: The King! What did I tell you?

>>Iggy and Teams Scheme, Mario, Cream, Talk, Cheat, Cute, and Queen<<

Larry: Ten minutes left! YAY! Ten minutes left! YAY- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Susan: Come on, Larry, it won't hurt!

Larry: Trust me, it will!


Susan: Look! Everyone else wants us to kiss!

Larry: No, everyone likes Toad's and Mario's break dancing!

Susan: You're so smart!

Larry: There's only one person who understands my pain other then me.

Susan is about to kiss Larry when...

Susan: OOF! Hey! Stop throwing chairs- OW- at me!

Waluigi: AHH! A TURTLE!!!

Waluigi throws chairs at Susan.

>>The King and Teams Dream and Bean-10th and 11th at Route Marker<<

Playful: Please tie your leash from my collar to your collar!

Bagels: Okay, done, now let's go!

Playful: To the bus station!

The King stops for a second and stares at them.

Playful: He's not chasing us any more; let's rest for a second.

The King: PUPPY!!!

Playful: Or not!

Kolorado: To the bus station!

Bowyer: The busses not leave yet I hope!

>>All Teams<<

Larry: The first bus!

Iggy, Team Mario, Team Cream, Team Talk, Team Cute, and Team Queen jump on Bus #1.

Larry: Okay, how much?

Bus Driver: Sorry, only six teams are assigned on this bus.

Ludwig: Aww!

Wario: Wa? Team Cheat has been cheated!

Team Loner, Team Dream, The King, and Team Bean come.

Daisy: Dad! Roy wants to join our team for a while. What should our name be?

The King: Hmm, OH! Team WEAM!

Daisy and Roy faint. After five minutes they wake up and the bus comes.

Team Scheme, Cheat, Dream, Bean, and Weam? Err, Weam go on Bus #2.

Lemmy: Even though Bus #2 left ten minutes later, it arrives an hour earlier than Bus #1.

>>Bus #1<<

Wendy: I have an idea!

The bus stops at a railroad.


Bus Driver: WHO'S TALKING?!

Mario: ME!

Bus Driver: Besides my good friend Mario!

Luigi: Phew!

Morton: Don't think I talked, because I didn't, why you ask, because Susan said she'd give me anything if I didn't talk, so therefore I didn't talk, so don't think I talked, because I didn't, why you-

Susan and Morton are seen kicked off the bus.

Susan: Wait! How long of a walk is it to Sub-con?

Bus Driver: If you run, an hour and a half!

Lemmy: Bus #2 has just arrived and the teams are walking off.

>>Team Dream-1st at Whomp Stop<<

Lemmy: A Whomp Stop is where one of the team's members must complete a task. The teams are asked to travel ten miles to the Porcupo Fields. There they will have a Whomp Stop. They will choose one member of the team to eat 50 Porcupo quills. When the member is done a tourist will give them their next clue.

Bagels: EAT! EAT!

Playful: We will be done in a snap! Taxi!

An Ostro comes by. They jump on, Playful scratches it, and it speeds off.

>>Team Cheat- 2nd at Whomp Stop<<

Wario: To the Porcupo Fields! Oh, I shouldn't have said that.

Waluigi: I'M SCARED OF-

Wario: Yeah I know, now let's go!

Roy: Ha! I made you take me on the bus! What a joke! Now I'm still in the race!

Daisy: ARGH!!! *rip*

>>Team What-3rd at Whomp Stop<<

Daisy: You will fool us no longer!

Roy: Like The King will help anyway!

Daisy: Oh yeah, well, well, well, you're actually right!

Roy: HA!

Daisy: Hey DAD! Want to go find the cat? He went that way!

The King charges in that direction.

Daisy: See that? Bye, MEANIEHEAD!

Roy: ARGH!!!

>>Team Scheme-4th at Whomp Stop<<

Larry: To the Porcupo Fields! Taxi!

A Clawgrip throws them to the fields.

Ludwig: Vhat luck!

>>Team Bean-5th at Whomp Stop<<

Kolorado: Let's ask the lobster to give us a lift! Hey Lobster! AHHHHHHHHHH!

The Clawgrip throws Team Bean five miles past the Fields.

Larry: Hello?

Denny: Tauro! Tauro!

Ludwig: Vhat are you doing?

Denny: Playing with the giant Porcupo! OW!

Ludwig: May we eat?

Denny: Sure.

Ludwig: I'll go; I eat much more then you!


Roy: Iggy! Come soon! Aww, hey! It's a Shy Guy- Hey, where are you taking me? Ahh!

>>Team Dream and What<<

Playful: Bagels wants to eat.

Denny: Go ahead!

Daisy: Hello, The Kin-

Denny: Hey, what's his name?

Daisy: I don't know...

The King: Arthur.

Denny: King Arthur? My uncle was a roommate with him in college! Go ahead, here's your clue!

Daisy: Wow! Cool!

Lemmy: Now teams must go to Trouter River to get their next clue.

Daisy: Where'd you get Arthur from?

The King: Arthur’s on PBS Kids now! I want to watch it!

Daisy: Well, we're going to see Arthur’s fish!

The King: OOH! GOODIE!

Bus #1 arrives.

>>Iggy-6th at Whomp Stop <<

Iggy: 6th?! I need to do something!

>>Team Mario-7th at Whomp Stop<<

Luigi: Mario! Let's-a move fast!

Mario: Going fast is for slowpokes!

Luigi: Argh! Taxi!

A real taxi comes.

Mario: Iced Tea!

Driver: Certainly!

>>Team Cheat<<

Wario: YUM! This stuff is good!

>>Team Cute-8th at Whomp Stop<<

Birdo: Come on, tribe!

A Birdo tribe comes and carries Team Cute; they eat melons along the way.

>>Team Queen-9th at Whomp Stop<<


Clawdia: Ooh! An Albatoss!

>>Team Bean<<

Kolorado: Bowyer will be eating for us Mr, um, er, Cat Face.


Larry: I told him not to pull his tail!

>>Team Cream-10th at the Whomp Stop<<

Peach: We're almost done for! Toad! Act as a skateboard and we can get to the Magic Lamp!

Iggy: Ooh!

>>Team What-1st at Route Marker<<

Lemmy: Now teams must jump from Trouter to Trouter to the other side of the river to get their next clue. If you fall or get swallowed, you will get transported to the beginning of the river and you must start over.

Daisy: Look, Dad! Arthur’s fish! They like it when you jump from one to the other!

The King does so.

Daisy: This is easier than I thought!

The King gets swallowed by a Trouter and gets transported to the beginning of the river.

>>Team Mario<<

Luigi: Now Mario, all you have to do is eat.


Luigi: NO! Not Denny! The quills!

>>Team Cute<<

Yoshi: YAY! Yoshi eat!

Birdo: He always volunteers. Aww…

>>Team Talk<<

Susan: Morton! This is your fault!

Morton: Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

Susan: We have to walk one more mile to get to the route marker.

>>Team Cream and Iggy<<

Toad: I think we’re being watched…

Peach: BE QUIET!

Iggy: Heeheehee!


Roy: Let go of me! Hey, why’s there a parking lot next to the jungle? Where are you taking me?!

The Shy Guy throws Roy in the dumpster.

>>Team What-1st at Junction<<

Lemmy: A Junction is where a team must choose between two tasks, each with it’s own pros and cons. In this Junction, teams must choose between Fling and Swing. Fling is where a team jumps on a catapult and tells a Mouser when to fling. It will get them to the route marker faster, but only three teams can choose it. To get there, they must go on the left path. Swing is where Teams must swing from tree to tree. It takes a lot of time, but there’s no choice if three teams already chose fling. To get there, take the right path.

Daisy: Hello, we’d like to go to Fling please!

Mouser: Jump on!

30 seconds later…

Daisy: Now!

Daisy and The King: AHHHHHHHHHH!!! OOF!

>>Teams Dream, Scheme, Mario, Cheat, and Cute<<

Playful: We’re done! Give us the clue!

Denny: What do you say?

Bagels: PLEASE!

Denny: Playful?

Playful: NO!

Ludwig: Please give us the clue!

Denny: Here! Playful?

Playful: Mine!

Luigi: Please may we have the clue?

Denny: Here!

Wario: Please!

Yoshi: Please!

Denny: Yup!

Playful: ARGH!

>>Team Cream and Iggy<<

Toad: I found the warp pipe!

Toad, Peach, and Iggy jump in.

>>Team What-1st at Route Marker<<

Daisy: Go in Mario Madness Stadium, pitstop of this leg!

One minute later…

Daisy: This must be the stadium! Wait! Why is there a parking lot next to the jungle?

>>Team Cream and Iggy<<

Peach: Rub the Magic Lamp, Toad!

Genie: I will take you to the pitstop!

>>Team Whats, Cream, and Iggy<<

Daisy: We’re here!

A TV turns on.

TV: Hi! I’m Arthur! Come and play!

The King: YAY!!!

They walk in and see Lemmy and Mr. Game and Watch.

Lemmy: Team What, you’re team #1 if The King steps on the mat.


Team Cream and Iggy appear.

Lemmy: Team Cream, you’re Team number 1! As for a reward, you get the experience of a lifetime to pet a Chain Chomp! It could be your last experience too…

Daisy: ARGH!

***Team Cream – First Place – 4:31***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Peach: Yay! TOAD! I want a foot massage!

Toad: Eww!

Iggy: What about Team Steam? I stepped on the mat too!

Lemmy: Silly sibling, Roy also has to step on the mat! Where is he anyways?


Roy: I just saw Team What! Unbelievable! I assume Iggy will eventually get here. I’ll just wait until he does!

>>Team Scheme-2nd at Route Marker<<

Ludwig: Time to hop!

Larry: I’ll just put some slippery soap on this edge of the cliff!

>>Team Cheat-3rd At Route Marker<<

Wario: Watch out for the slippery soap!

Waluigi: I’m afraid of slippery soap! AHHH! Big fish!!!

Wario: Argh!

Five seconds later…

Waluigi: NOO!!!

Waluigi gets thrown to the other side of the cliff and runs into the Swing route. Wario speeds past Team Scheme to get Waluigi.

>>Team Cute-4th at Route Marker<<

Yoshi: Let’s hop- WOAH!

An Albatoss picks Team Cute off the ground.

Yoshi: Yay! Albatoss speed past teams!

Unfortunately, this was a slow Albatoss.

>>Team Mario-5th at Route Marker<<

Luigi: Let’s jump on the- AHHHHHHHH!!!

Mario: Haha! You’re funny Lui- WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Team Mario slips to the head of the pack.

Mario: Who’s Pack?

Never mind.

>>Teams Dream, Bean, and Queen<<


Denny: The magic word?

Wendy: Please?

Denny: Here!

Wendy: Mom, you don’t have to finish now!

Kolorado: Say, old bean, m,ay we please have the clue?

Bowyer: Yes! Clue us need! Hand clue to us please!

Denny: Of course! And I’m hungry! Where are the beans?

Kolorado: Jolly good joke my lad!

Denny: No! Really! I’m hungry!

Bagels: I have an idea!

Bagels starts running around Playful nonstop.

Playful: Would you PLEASE stop that nonsense?

Denny: Here’s your clue!

Playful: Finally!

>>Team Mario-2nd at Junction<<

Luigi: Fling or Swing?

Mario: WALL!

Luigi: Okay, good, Fling.

>>Team Cheat-3rd at Junction<<

Wario: Waluigi went to Swing. Strategy is the key! I know! I’ll throw that moron across!

>>Team Scheme-4th at Junction<<

Ludwig: I think all three teams took Fling.

Larry: Then to Swing!

>>Team Cute-5th at Junction<<

Yoshi: To the vines!

>>Team Talk-Last at Whomp Stop<<

Morton: Someone took the lamp…

Susan: *sigh* Taxi!

An Ostro comes and Team Talk jumps on.

>>Team Queen-6th at Route Marker<<

Clawdia: Watch out for that slippery soap!

Wendy: Oh! I see!

>>Team Bean-7th at Route Marker<<

Kolorado: Team Queen looks slower than us! We can pass them!

Bowyer: Slippery soap watch out for!

>>Team Dream<<

Playful: Hurry! Let’s go! We’re in the back of the pack now!

Bagels: Coming!

>>Team Mario<<

Luigi: AHHH!!! I thought this would be a bit lower!

Mario: You choose the best stuff, Luigi!

>>Teams Cheat, Scheme, and Cute<<

Wario: WOW! These vines are harder than I thought!

Larry: What are you saying? This is easy!

Yoshi: No! Yoshi have trouble too!

Ludwig: Ha! Our team will come in second once again!

>>Team Queen-6th at Junction<<

Clawdia: To the vines! We can’t risk losing by walking to Fling, than coming back to Swing…

Wendy: I agree.

>>Team Bean-7th at Junction<<

Kolorado: After those Koopas!

>>Team Dream-8th at Junction<<

Playful: Swing!

Bagels: Fling!

Playful: Swing!

Bagels: Fling!

Playful: Fine, we’ll do Fling. I have a bad feeling about this!

>>Team Mario-2nd at Route Marker<<

Luigi: Hurry Mario!

Mario: You’re putting stress on me!

Luigi: Oh, sorry!

Mario: By the way, what’s stress?

Luigi: *sigh*

>>Team Talk<<

Morton: I’m done with the quills!

Denny: Here’s your clue. *yawn*

Morton: Hey! We’re in ninth place!

Susan: NO! What about the Magic Lamp?

Morton: Oh yeah, well, we’re in tenth. We could still make it!

Susan: Huh? Let me see! Wow! Cool!

>>Team Dream<<

Bagels: I told you it was a good idea!

Playful: I bet you we’ll still be in the back of the pack!

>>Team Scheme-3rd at Route Marker<<

Ludwig: Third? We were in second!

Larry: I guess the Marios took Fling!

Ludwig: Now let’s get going!

>>Wario and Teams Cute, Bean, and Queen<<

Wario: I hate that Larry!

Yoshi: Put glue on vines!

Birdo: Well, it only takes two more minutes before it expires!

At the other end of the vines…

Wendy: I think I hear someone!

Kolorado: Yes! I hear that old bean Wario! But where’s Waluigi?

>>Roy and Waluigi<<

Waluigi: AHH!!! A DUMPSTER!

Roy jumps out of the dumpster.


Roy: OWW! My ears!

>>Team Dream<<


Bagels: Bowser would’ve loved this!

>>Team Talk-9th at Route Marker<<

Morton: Are you ready to hop?

Susan: Morton! I’m already on the other side of the river!

Morton: Oh.

>>Iggy, and Teams What and Mario<<

Mario and Luigi step on the mat, Luigi with his head twisted with hearts in his eyes.

Lemmy: Team Mario, you're team number two!

***Team Mario-Second Place- 5:45***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Mario starts a chant.

Mario: First is the worst! Second is the best! Third is the one with a hairy chest!

Lemmy: Team Scheme, who currently are in third place, might be mad at that thought!

Luigi: BYE DAISY!!!

Daisy: Eww!

Iggy: Where is he?


Roy: Where’s Iggy? The Marios and Larry already passed us! And the pests are in front of me this second!

>>Team Dream-4th at Route Marker<<

Bagels: HUH? There’s a parking lot next to Sub-con Park? No wonder Survivor 3 didn’t have good ratings! They weren’t even on an island!


>>Wario and Teams Cute, Bean and Queen<<

Wario, Yoshi, and Birdo: We’re finally free!

Wendy: DARN! Right when we were catching up!

Kolorado: We'd better hurry up, buddy! This could be an elimination round!

>>Team Talk-9th at Junction<<

Susan: Might as well Swing, this could be an elimination round!

Morton: And the other teams should have chosen Fling!

Susan: So let’s just go!

>>Iggy, Team What, and Team Scheme<<

The King: NO! Arthur is over!

Daisy: Now come over here and step on the mat.

The King starts to walk over until-

TV: Tellatubbies is next!

The King runs back to the TV and Team Scheme steps on the mat.

Lemmy: Team Scheme, you're Team number 3!

***Team Scheme- 3rd Place- 5:50***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Larry: Well, at least we're in the front of the pack!

Daisy: DAD!

Iggy: ROY!


Roy: IGGY!

>>Team Cheat-5th at Route Marker<<

Wario: I finally found you!


Wario: Fine! I'll leave you alone then!

Waluigi: NO! NOT THAT!

Wario: Knew it would work!

>>Team Cute- 6th at Route Marker<<

Yoshi: To the pitstop!

Birdo: I hope they made a fancy restaurant there since the last time I've been there!

>>Teams Bean, Queen, and Talk<<

Morton: HEY! I hear other teams!

Susan: We must be catching up!

Wendy: NO! I hear Susan! And we kicked them off the bus!

Bowyer: See you later we will!

>>Iggy and Teams What and Dream<<

Daisy: This is torture! Iggy is waiting for meaniehead Roy and my dad won't stop watching PBS Kids and Nick Jr!

Bagels: HERE WE ARE!

Playful: WOW! Big stadium! Why is it next to a place as horrible as Sub-con?

Lemmy: I have no clue, but you're team number 4!

***Team Dream- 4th Place- 5:53***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!


Bagels: YAHOO!!!

>>Team Bean-7th at Route Marker<<

Kolorado: Go to-

>>Team Queen- 8th at Route Markers<<

Clawdia: Mario Madness stadium!


Roy: NO! I think I saw just about every team pass me! I'll just wait for him at the stadium! I bet that's the pitstop anyways!

>>Team Talk<<

Susan: Don't worry! We're almost there!

Morton: It sounded a lot easier!

>>Iggy and Teams What, Cheat, and Cute<<

Wario: We're here!

Lemmy: Team Cheat, you're team number 5!

***Team Cheat- 5th Place- 5:55***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Wario: YES!

Waluigi: NO!

Wario: No? We're higher in the standings right now!

Waluigi: I'm scared of heights!

Wario: What a surprise... *sigh*

Yoshi: Did Yoshi and Birdo do well?

Lemmy: Sort of, 6th place!

***Team Cute- 6th Place- 5:56***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Yoshi: YAY!

>>Team Talk-9th at Route Marker<<

Susan: If we hurry, we could make it!

Morton: Well, let’s go!

>>Teams Bean, Queen, Steam, What, and Talk<<

Team Bean comes in first, followed by Team Queen.

Daisy: How could I get Dad to come? OH!

Lemmy: Team Bean, you placed 7th!

***Team Bean-7th Place-5: 57***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Bowyer: Phew! Close call it was!

Daisy: Bagels! Could ya come here for a second?

Bagels: Sure!

Iggy: Where is he?

Lemmy: Team Queen, you’ve made a good 8th place!

***Team Queen-8th Place-5:58***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Wendy: YES! We made it! Let’s sleep up on the balcony tonight!

Roy suddenly comes charging in, putting a smile on Iggy’s face.

Lemmy: Team Steam, you have an option. Since Iggy sneaked behind Team Cream, you never got many of the route markers. Do you want to wait a 45-minute penalty, or would you like to claim the Magic Lamp also?

Iggy and Roy: We’ll claim the Lamp!

***Team Steam-9th Place-5:59***

Mr. Game and Watch: Meaniehead!

Lemmy: Mr. Game and Watch learned his first word!

Daisy: DAD! Look! A puppy!

The King turns away from the TV and races to Bagels and onto the mat.

***Team What-10th Place-6:01***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Team Talk pleasantly jogs into the stadium, thinking they came in tenth.

Lemmy: Team Talk, I’m sorry, wait- I’m not sorry because I hate Susan and Morton is annoying! Well, anyways, you were the last team to get here, and you have been the second team eliminated from my AWESOME race.

***Team Talk-Eliminated***

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP!

Susan: But how? We were in tenth!

Lemmy: Well, Team Steam got away with Team Cream as both teams used the Magic Lamp.

Susan: ARGH!!!

Morton: Don’t worry Susan. It wasn’t your fault.

Susan: Yeah! I know! IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT! If you hadn’t talked on the bus! We’d still be in this!

Lemmy: Now what team are you rooting for?

Susan: Team Scheme of course! For my love is there!

Morton: I’d have to go with Team Scheme too, because I think Ludwig should win!

Lemmy: Well, that was a fantastic leg of the race, and until the next leg, I’m Lemmy Koopa!

Mr. Game and Watch: BEEP my BEEP salary BEEP?

Lemmy: Don’t use those words with me!

11. Team Cream
12. Team Mario
13. Team Scheme
14. Team Dream
15. Team Cheat
16. Team Cute
17. Team Bean
18. Team Queen
19. Team Steam
10. Team What
11. Team Talk
12. Team Mean
First Place - Last PlaceEliminated - Magic Lamp Used

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