Lemmy's Madlibs
Thanks Missy!If you don't know what these hilarious things are, I don't know how I can even stand talking to you. Madlibs are stories with many blanks where words are missing. You will be prompted for words, such as nouns or past tense verbs (yes, you must know your parts of speech), and you will have to fill in the blanks without seeing the context of the story. The result is a dialogue that makes no sense but is very funny.

If you would like to write your own Madlib, you are free to do that as well. You will need to Email me a story with blanks in it, and a separate list of what kind of words are needed to fill those blanks. If I post your Madlib I will give you a Koopaling vote.

Credit for this section goes to the craziness that is Dave Phaneuf.

Madlib 1
By Lemmy Koopa
Madlib 2
By Dave Phaneuf
Madlib 3
By Wendy
Madlib 4
By Wendy
Madlib 5
By Wendy
Madlib 6
By mathgrant
Madlib 7
By mathgrant
Madlib 8
By Dave Phaneuf
Madlib 9
By Dave Phaneuf
Madlib 10
By Lil Cheep Cheep
Madlib 11
By Toddy Koopa
Madlib 12
By Toddy Koopa
Madlib 13
By Bowser 52589
Madlib 14
By LizardKing
Madlib 15
By Mark P.
Madlib 16
By mathgrant
Madlib 17
By Miles "Thumbs" Power
Madlib 18
By Blue Boo
Madlib 19
By Purple Koopa
Madlib 20
By Wendy
Madlib 21
By mathgrant
Madlib 22
By El Chico Koopa
Madlib 23
By Antwan
Madlib 24
By mathgrant
Madlib 25
By Mudkip
Madlib 26
By Wendy
Madlib 27
By Gabbie
Madlib 28
By Gabbie
Madlib 29
Madlib 30
By Toadette Fan 64
Madlib 31
By Gabbie
Madlib 32
By iDOWNYoshi Fan 64
Madlib 33
By Kit Sovereign
Madlib 34
By Vyucs
Madlib 35
By Vyucs
Madlib 36
By Vyucs
Madlib 37
By Tail Koopa
Madlib 38
By Tail Koopa
Madlib 39
By Bear
Madlib 40
By P.T. Piranha
Madlib 41
By Blue Kirby
Madlib 42
By Koopaling Josh
Madlib 43
By Jukilum
Madlib 44
By Jukilum
Madlib 45
By Jukilum
Madlib 46
By Jukilum
Madlib 47
By Jukilum
Madlib 48
By Nintenbro0
Madlib 49
By Jukilum
Madlib 50
By Jukilum
Madlib 51
By Jukilum
Madlib 52
By Super Goomba
Madlib 53
By Kody
Madlib 54
By Iggy Koopa

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