Lemmy's Links

By Videogamerpat

I love to visit fun sites all over the web, so here is a list of my favorite sites. Email me your web address, and if itís good enough Iíll put it on the list!

Super Mario 3D Land News: Your one-shop stop for everything you need to know about this landmark Mario title coming out for the 3DS.

Boo Mansion: A site dedicated to the Super Mario Bros. series, featuring resources, wallpapers, screensavers, renders, a forum, and even a trading card game.

Mario Flash Games: I think the title says it all!  Lots of Mario-inspired games in Web flash form, on a site designed by Mario fans.  I'm sure you can waste some time here.

Mario Bros: Dedicated to everything Mario, this site includes reference, media, info, and cartoons.

Koopas On The Web: A blog written by Morton, this is essentially what I had in mind when I started the section Lemmy's Life... if only I hadn't given it up, and if only we had blogs back in my day. I have high hopes for this site.

The Lemmy's Land Site & Forum Page: A blog about this very site, with interviews of tourists, reviews of top-notch submissions, and more. If you're not sick of this place already, check it out!

Koopaprince's Super Mario Bros. Info Station: Quite possibly my favorite active Mario site, this place has something for every Mario fan. Actually, even non-Mario fans should be able to find something to like.

The Koopatorivm: Features tons of info on the Koopa Kids, excellent Mario fan art, original Nintendo comics, and more. Lots of fun!

1 Up Mushrooms: A brand new Super Mario website with an original layout, including info on the Mario characters and cartoons as well as fan fiction, items, music, and  much more.

The Bowser Shrine: All hail King Koopa, and visit this site dedicated to the Koopa King, run by his self-proclaimed biggest fan.

Yoshi Legacy: A huge Yoshi site with plenty of info on Yoshi. It also has info on every Mario Party game and other Mario games. It even has info on other Nintendo games.

Yoshi's Paradise: A place for all Yoshi fans. This site already has a lot about Yoshi, and is sure to have more soon.

Yoshi Theatre:  Themed around the Yoshi Theatre of Superstar Saga, this site has fan art, comics, movies, and more goodies Mario fans will enjoy.

Doopliss Kingdom: Ay, it's Doopliss, everyone loves that freak. Not a bad site, could be good! It's not entirely unlike this one, in fact.

NintendoLand: An excellent source of Mario info, and has some very nice fan sections as well. Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon are also featured. Recommended.

Wowsa, it's Bowsa: A really funny site that has everything you could possibly want to know about the Koopa King. The title hides nothing; it's not going to get any more normal than that. Check it out!

Toad's Castle: Some nice, diverse Mario content can be found here, along with an attractive, practical layout. This could be a great site if it manages to stick around.

Toad Towers: Yes, another. This one seems to have a bunch of webcomics... and some Mushroom-heads.

Yoshi Land: Biographies, jokes, movies, screenshots, pictures, card games, music, stories, and much, much more to come! So the site says, and so it seems to appear.

Yoshifanz: The site for Yoshi fans everywhere. Yoshi fans can have fun playing games and reading Yoshi stories.

Bowser's Fortress: One of the good Bowser sites on the Net. Find game info and guides, mini movies, links to great Mario games, character bios, and much more!

Super Mario Royal Castle: Currently under renovations, this is a pretty solid general Nintendo site. Give it a look, but plan to come back later when the site's really ready.

Bowser Jr.'s Playhouse: Lighthearted site with lots of Mario stuff. It's good if you're up for some gimmicks.

OmegaBoshi's Palace: Mainly a review site, with some other stuff too. It's not much yet but it can get bigger with your help!

Bowser's Temple: This site had a great start; it's too bad the webmaster didn't keep up with it. It still has some decent Mario content of various types, and is worth a look if you're a Bowser fan.

Luigi's Realm: Luigi stars on this brand new site. There's some Gruntilda stuff too. But there will soon be more Luigi stuff, or else you won't find this link here...

Jazzman's Swingin's Den of Fan-fiction: Some stories, some art... A decent site, but hasn't been updated in a long time. Check it out now before I throw out this link.

Lemmy Koopaís Kooperific Homepage: A decent Koopa site that opened around the same time as Lemmy's Land. It's got bios, pics, and a few stories.

The Ultimate Koopaling Lounge: A pretty good overview of the Mario series, but doesn't go much in depth. It's worth a look if you're new to Mario, as an alternative to Morton's Basics.

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