Lemmy’s Bios

The following is a family history of me and my family. It will also include all the characters that appear in any story or mystery. I will update the bios as new characters appear. The important information is about how I live.

Important Information

A Koopa stays a Koopa Kid for a very long period of time. A Koopa Kid differs from an adult Koopa mainly because a Koopa Kid can not survive without his shell. A Koopa Kid will turn into a puddle of brown liquid if he leaves his shell. The Koopa Kid will regain his form upon re-entering his shell. An adult Koopa will remain solid without his shell. A Koopa becomes an adult when he is about 20 years of age. While a Koopa takes a long time to become an adult, they develop very quickly. Most Koopas can speak and walk steadily before they are one.

The Koopas’ shells look just like green turtle shells, except that they have pointy spikes on them. The spikes can be removed and are a sign of power, with more spikes meaning more power. Sometimes a Koopa will change shells and wear a shell with a special design on it.

Most Koopas live extremely long lives. Along the way, Koopas receive extra privileges. For example, at age 1, a Koopa is given partial control over his land, a pony, the choice of a pet, and a later bedtime. At the age of six, a Koopa is given control over most of his land. The Koopas are then expected to take care of all commerce. The Koopa must head meetings and watch over the economy. At this age there is no defined bedtime, because meetings can take place at all times. Also, a Koopa can choose when to go to school, as long as he completes at least 180 school days per year. Each Koopa has a private teacher and is taught math, Koopish, history, physical sciences, economics, and ruling.

When a Koopa is bad, he is sent to the dungeons, just like a criminal. The sentence is usually not as harsh or as tough as that of a criminal, however. Whenever a Koopa is good, he is sent to his room. This is a reward because a Koopa has a lot of fun stuff in his room.

The Koopas act like a regular family except that they are very busy. Since they are very powerful and magical, they are admired by the lesser population of the Koopa Clan. The Koopa Clan is made up of smaller turtles, ill mushrooms, man-eating plants, various fish, ghosts, and tough servants called Boom Booms who look like monkeys, among others.

No Koopa owns an entire land because Mario Mario and Luigi Mario have defended the lands for The King and Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. All of the Koopas are carrying on life-long battles against the Marios, using advanced weapons and fighting techniques.

Bowser Koopa

Favorite Food: Spicy and hot food
Favorite Pastime: Beating up Mario
Favorite Sport: Koopa Wrestling (Sledge Brothers wrestle)
Favorite Video Game: Donkey Kong Jr. (Mario was the bad guy)
Favorite School Subject: Gym
Favorite Underling: Chargin Chuck
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: Can’t go to the dungeon!

Bowser Koopa is the ruler of the Koopa Clan and has struggled to take power over the eight sections of the Mushroom Kingdom. These sections are Grass Land, Desert Land, Water Land, Giant Land, Sky Land, Ice Land, Pipe Land, and Dark Land. Bowser already controls Dark Land, and usually has his kids try to conquer the other lands, as well as rule what small pieces of them they have already acquired. Dark Land is a spacious, fertile land that is always dark. Bowser did not have to work hard at taking over Dark Land, because nobody could live there anyway. He has turned Dark Land into a thriving metropolis. A good portion of the development was thanks to the young Ludwig von Koopa, who invented new light sources. Bowser’s birthdate is unknown.

Bowser is the father of the seven Koopa Kids. From oldest to youngest, the Koopa Kids are Ludwig von, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy O., Morton Jr., and Larry. Bowser’s wife is named Clawdia. Together, Bowser and Clawdia have raised most of the Koopa Kids very well, teaching very good manners and how to be smart and physically fit, but also how to behave evilly at the appropriate times.

Bowser is 6’5,’’ and looks like a giant turtle, except for his sharp teeth and claws. He has a tail not unlike a T Rex, and has red hair.

Bowser’s worst enemies are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. The two super heroes have stopped Bowser and the Koopa Kids from taking complete control over the Mushroom Kingdom, and from killing The King and Princess Toadstool. When Bowser attacks, he most often breathes large fireballs.

"I will defeat the Marios if it is the last thing I do! The Koopas will reign over the Mushroom Kingdom, with me as their faithful leader." --King Bowser Koopa

Clawdia Koopa

Favorite Food: anything simple, in particular, Koopa Crisp Cereal
Favorite Pastime: relaxing at the side of the pool
Favorite Sport: does not like sports, but if forced to choose, baseball
Favorite Video Game: stinks at all games anyway, but likes Mario RPG
Favorite School Subject: reading
Favorite Underling: Goomba, nice and simple
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: doesn’t have to cook

Few people believe that Clawdia exists, but the laws of biology say she has to. She mothered the seven Koopa Kids. Not much is known about the Koopa Queen, who married into royalty. She and Bowser married sometime in 1989, and had their first child a year later. She has made a good mother. Like her husband, her enemies are the Marios, but she has not been in many battles with them.

Clawdia looks just like Bowser, except that Bowser always wears a crown. Clawdia has never been very sure of herself, possibly because she married into the Koopa Royal Family and has no real power, while her husband is almost all powerful.

"A smart castle is a happy castle, right dear?" --Clawdia Koopa

Ludwig von Koopa

Favorite Food: Lox (fish is brain food), also chocolate (needs energy to invent)
Favorite Pastime: Inventing
Favorite Sport: Jeopardy, also Sumo Wrestling (would win every time in both)
Favorite Video Game: Mario is Missing (gets to show off his knowledge)
Favorite School Subject: Science and Math, uses them for inventing
Favorite Underling: Rocky Wrench
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: has the entire day to think up ideas for inventions

Ludwig von Koopa was born in 1990 (when allowance is made for time differences between the Mushroom Kingdom and Earth dimensions), and is the oldest Koopa Kid. His I.Q. is higher than anybody else in the Koopa family, and he is a genius. He is also very innovative, and thinks up all kinds of maniacal inventions.

Ludwig is 4’9’’, and has wild blue hair which he thinks very highly of. He is the biggest and the smartest Koopa, and is therefore the best at fighting Mario even though he is not very strong. He is known for being boastful.

Most of Ludwig’s inventions were intended to destroy Mario and Luigi. Of course that is impossible, and they've never worked. The inventions often hurt him and the Koopa Kids. This is why he is sometimes said to be trying to hurt his siblings. He doesn’t really, although that often ends up being the result. He doesn’t, however, know when he is not wanted. Ludwig feels that all his siblings ought to appreciate him, even though most of his inventions backfire and they have not yet forgiven him for his history of mistreating them,

Ludwig was given Pipe Land in 1991, but was too busy inventing to do much with it. All of the empty pipes became infested with Piranha Plants, which delighted Ludwig because they gave Mario problems.

Ludwig loves lox because fish is known to help the brain. He also eats a lot of chocolate because the energy in the chocolate lets him invent untiringly. Ludwig is fat because he never exercises, since he spends all his time inventing.

Although not as much as inventing, Ludwig likes to compose music. He is almost deaf, however, and so his music is, well, pretty bad. Ludwig doesn’t care, however, because he can use his music to torture Mario and Luigi… or his siblings.

"I am the mighty Ludwig von Koopa! You can’t hurt me. Oh, I didn’t know it was you, King Dad. Would you like to see my latest invention?"

Lemmy Koopa

Favorite Food: anything cold, especially yogurt or frozen food that's still frozen
Favorite Pastime: riding his ball
Favorite Sport: Hockey (loves ice)
Favorite Video Game: Yoshi’s Island, but can never remember who the final boss is
Favorite School Subject: Science, especially Physics (ice)
Favorite Underling: Shy Guys, also his clones
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: rarely goes to dungeon, but likes riding on his ball all day

I was born in 1991. I was extremely tiny, causing my parents to worry. A healthy Koopa, I used my intellect to create fun but dangerous ways to defeat Mario and Luigi. At the age of 2 I began training myself to ride on a ball. This was done extremely successfully, and I can now do many tricks on my ball. Learning to ride was one of my few mistakes because I never perfected my walking techniques, which I still lack. I am known as the fun-loving Koopa. I love to be funny, although I don’t like to harm others.

I am 3’5," and have tall rainbow-colored hair. I am almost always seen on my ball, which is green and has a large yellow star on it, and gives me another foot and a half in height.

I was given control of Ice Land when I was 1. Ice Land is a barren, frozen world, and is larger than any of the other Mushroom Lands. I used my geographical reasoning, and assembled a team that made Ice Land rich by striking oil. Using the oil profits, I funded the development of new crops that could withstand the cold climate. My ingenious and kindhearted work made Ice Land the most thriving land in the kingdom.

I was two when my brother Iggy was born. I had a rather unusual relationship with him. Iggy was extremely large for his age, and looked just like me. When Iggy was just a few months old, we began acting like twins. We also began sharing sentences. One of us would start a sentence, and the other would finish the sentence correctly. One strange week, Iggy was sent to the dungeon for a misdeed. I continued to share his sentences with Iggy, except that nobody else knew what Iggy’s line was, so I went around saying unfinished sentences for the duration of the week. This relationship between us lasted until I was 5.

I continued to build my land and my powers. By age 7, I was already in seventh grade at Koopa school. I became the most trusted of all of the Koopas. I created my greatest weapon when I was 6. The device was a Freeze Gun which froze whatever it shot. I used it to freeze the Marios and take over the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately, the crazy Ludwig saved the Marios, and I was defeated. The Freeze Gun was never as effective again.

"I am but a mere Koopaling. I do what I can to help my fellow Koopas." --Lemmy Koopa

Roy Koopa

Favorite Food: Mystery Cereal (any grain of cereal just might be a hot one)
Favorite Pastime: mixed between nature hikes (Good Roy) and beating up his siblings (Bad Roy)
Favorite Sport: mixed between baseball (Good Roy) and wrestling (Bad Roy)
Favorite Video Game: mixed between Tetris (Good Roy) and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Bad Roy)
Favorite School Subject: mixed between Koopish (Good Roy) and lunch (Bad Roy)
Favorite Underling: Boom Boom
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: mixed between getting a chance to get better (Good Roy) and getting a chance to think of more pranks to pull (Bad Roy)

Roy Koopa was born in 1992. He received a lot of attention from his older brother Ludwig. Ludwig was trying to teach Roy to be an inventor like him, but the plan backfired.

Roy is a short and stout Koopa with a pink face. He is 4’8" and has no hair. As a misbehaving Koopa, he always wore a pair of dark sunglasses, which he stopped wearing when he became obedient and now wears again.

Roy was never able to catch onto inventing. He did, however, see how crazy Ludwig was, and he saw Ludwig’s inventions backfire and hurt the Koopas. Unfortunately, Roy thought that was supposed to happen. He became a bully. Bowser was pleased when Roy was strong and merciless to Mario and Luigi, but not when he was that way to his siblings.

Roy was given Sky Land when he was 2. Sky Land is a huge cloud that has a country on top of it. While it had good potential for a good economy, Roy was too lazy to do anything with it.

In 1995, Bowser found out that Roy thought he was doing the right thing by mistreating his siblings. With the aid of his siblings and special therapy, Roy gradually became good again. He began to do well in school, and soon graduated into the fourth grade. He began to eat properly and to lose a lot of his extra fat. Finally, he was good enough to be called Good Roy (his bad self is known as Bad Roy).

Bad Roy often attacked the Marios, but never with a really good plan because he was too lazy to create one. Good Roy never had time to attack the Marios. Roy spent most of his obedient life improving Sky Land, and then became a bully again.

"Let me carry that for you. I mean, give me all of your chocolate! I mean... Oh, I don’t know what I mean!" --Roy Koopa (early 1996)

Iggy Koopa

Favorite Food: string beans, protein supplements
Favorite Pastime: working out in the gym (but is a weakling)
Favorite Sport: football
Favorite Video Game: Mario and Wario, a puzzle game
Favorite School Subject: Self Defense
Favorite Underling: Giant Goomba
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: trying to bend the bars

Iggy Koopa was born in 1993. A very large baby, he created a record of being a super everything- good and bad. Iggy looks just like me, except that he does not ride on a ball.

Iggy Koopa became the ruler of Giant Land at the age of 2. Giant Land is a grassy, fertile area where everything is larger than it should be. Ironically, the land is a relatively small island. Iggy has developed it into a collection of sparse cities, not very unlike the US. Iggy could have done a better job, but he is really only an average Koopa.

Iggy managed to escape being made into a bad Koopa or being pounded by Ludwig and Roy because I became Iggy’s "twin" and protected the younger Koopa. Without my influence, Iggy has become much like a commoner, except that he happens to have powers and magical abilities.

Iggy is too average. He has hardly done anything on his own, making this section shorter than most of the other sections. Iggy has not even battled the Marios very often, except when the Koopas carry on a collective battle. One time he transformed himself into a giant and almost crushed the Marios, but the smart superheroes were too smart for this relatively average act.

Iggy loves animals more than anything else, and has somehow gotten away with having many pets. His Royal Dog Chance had a total of 12 puppies. Iggy also had a cat named Frisky (she’s not a Royal Cat), who also had a bunch of kittens. Iggy has more pets than I know about.

Iggy’s attitude is like mine, in that he is kind and follows all of Bowser's rules. He is beginning to become more unique. It is rumored that he has a special plan against the Marios that he is not quite ready to use.

"The answer is probably 18, but you should ask Lemmy if you really want to know." --Iggy Koopa

Wendy O. Koopa

Favorite Food: sweet foods, also likes bagels
Favorite Pastime: swimming, making herself pretty
Favorite Sport: hates sports, would not choose one even if she had to
Favorite Video Game: Super Mario World, doesn’t care for video games but is in it
Favorite School Subject: history (especially that of women)
Favorite Underling: Giant Fish, also her clones
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: has the whole day to make herself pretty

Wendy O. Koopa, the first and only female Koopa Kid, was born in 1994. She is all brown, 5’1", and wears a white bow with red polka dots on her head. She has no hair.

Since Wendy was the first girl, Bowser and Clawdia began to spend a lot of attention on her. They took too much attention away from Iggy, who was only saved from becoming rotten due to my efforts. It is because of this extra attention that Wendy became the second best Koopa.

Wendy took an instant liking to water. The O. in her name stands for ocean. She had learned to swim very well by the age of 1. At the same time, she was given control of Water Land. Water Land is a large island surrounded by water and filled with many streams and lakes. Wendy developed the fishing industry surprisingly well, and Water Land thrived.

Wendy developed her land’s economy so well that the land became about as good as my Ice Land. She eliminated crime against Koopas, and took a strong hold over the population. Then she launched a surprise attack on the Marios by inventing a time machine. Wendy traveled back to when the Marios were little babies and killed them. Unfortunately, Wendy discovered that if the Marios had not existed then she would not have existed. She traveled back to the past again and undid her murderous act. Afterwards she traveled back to the present and began planning her next attack.

Wendy sometimes acts like a spoiled brat. She used to throw hundreds of loud tantrums everyday, and eventually acquired whatever she wanted. It has been suggested that Wendy’s tantrums were the fault of Ludwig and Roy, but this has never been proved. Now, however, Wendy is much more reasonable, and throws tantrums far less often. She happens to be the first Koopa to get a Royal Cat instead of a Royal Dog.

Wendy’s one weakness is her vanity. She loves looking at herself. One time she froze Water Land’s water and made a second Ice Land, just so she could see herself in the ice’s reflection wherever she looked. Recently, however, Wendy has started getting over this weakness.

"As a Koopa Model, I feel it is my duty to make this land (Water Land) the best land it can possibly be. Now, get back to fishing before I turn you into a frog." --Wendy O. Koopa

Morton Koopa Jr.

Favorite Food: cereal in milk (it snaps, crackles, and pops), wedding cake (it looks like the bride's dress, and... ah, you'll need to ask him)
Favorite Pastime: talking
Favorite Sport: the news, also basketball
Favorite Video Game: Star Fox 64 (had a lot of talking)
Favorite School Subject: Science (gets to ask lots of questions)
Favorite Underling: Big Boo (is dead so doesn’t mind being talked to)
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: no one cares if he talks all day

Morton Koopa Jr. was born in 1995. He is 4’9" and all gray, like his personality. He has three strands of black hair on his head.

Even though Morton was born two years after his sister Wendy, Wendy continued to zap most of Bowser and Clawdias’ attention. Morton was saved from Ludwig and Roy by me and Iggy. Even our efforts couldn’t stop all of the effects of the lack of attention.

The remaining factor of the lack of attention was a need to talk. Morton talks so much that it is said that if you listen to him enough, you will hear something about everything. More annoying than the senseless talking is his usage of many unnecessary adjectives. All of the other Koopas have always regretted the lack of attention given to Morton.

Morton liked heat and showed an interest in solar energy, and was given Desert Land when he was 2. Desert Land is a large, dry desert that is always hot and sandy. Like Iggy, Morton is only average, and has not done too much with his land.

Morton is not a very good Koopa, at least not compared to Wendy, Iggy, and I. He is better than Ludwig and Roy, however, and has not spent too much time in the dungeon.

Morton only made one real attack against the Marios, in which he got the Koopas to all battle at the same time. The Koopas did not fight in the same place, however, and the Marios defeated each Koopa Kid separately, causing the plan to fail. This event is often considered to have never happened since it was such a failure.

Morton would be a better Koopa if he was willing to talk less and listen more.

"I am the great, marvelous, superb, magnificent, Kooptacular Morton Koopa Jr., ruler of the hot, boiling, scorching, sandy, great Desert Land, and Royal Son of the all-powerful omnipotent King Bowser Koopa, ruler of all of the Mushroom Kingdom, including all that I can see and all that you can see and all that we can’t see." --Morton Koopa Jr.

Larry Koopa

Favorite Food: vegetables, especially tomatoes
Favorite Pastime: growing and tending to plants
Favorite Sport: baseball
Favorite Video Game: Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) (has vegetables in it)
Favorite School Subject: Science (includes agriculture)
Favorite Underling: Fink Flower

Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: can grow plants in the dirt

Larry Koopa was born in 1996. He is 5’3", all green, and has pointy blue hair. He is almost always wearing a pleasant smile. Larry is a very pleasant person to be around.

Larry always showed a great interest in plants. He has his own greenhouse in his humongous bedroom. He was given Grass Land at the age of 1. Grass Land is the most fertile land in the Mushroom Kingdom. Larry caused the land to thrive due to his advanced techniques in agriculture.

Larry Koopa is a very quiet Koopa who likes to keep to himself, and therefore has not done as much as he could. He spends most of his time studying and developing plants. Larry launched one major attack against the Marios when he tried to hypnotize them. The plan worked and Larry took over the Mushroom Kingdom- until the effects of the hypnotizion wore off.

While Larry may not be the smartest of Koopas, he is the politest and the most well-behaved. He has served an extremely low number of dungeon sentences. However, this good behavior is only in direct confrontation, as Larry is also an incredible sneak. He spies on everything, and uses his newfound knowledge to his advantage. He'd probably be in the dungeon more often if we could only catch him in the act.

"My life is like an apple tree. It keeps getting bigger and better." --Larry Koopa

Playful Meow

Favorite Food: Whatever the Koopas are eating at the moment, also Tuna
Favorite Pastime: Eating and sleeping (at the same time if possible), also likes to feel powerful
Favorite Sport: other cat fights, also eating contests
Favorite Video Game: doesn’t know how to play, but acts as if he can
Favorite School Subject: doesn’t go to school, but would like lunch
Favorite Koopa Minion: Mr. Kipper, also Wendy for liking fish
Favorite Part of Being in Jail: remembering what he did to get there (it was fun)
Playful Meow is the King Royal Cat, and rules all of the other cats. He is important to the Koopas because he lives with them, and tends to torment their lives.

Playful has a white back and a black belly. He has green eyes, pink paws, and a white face. His tail is long and black, and he has very long, thin whiskers. He is an evil cat who abuses his power. He always tries to use power that he does not have. Playful enjoys making practical jokes, and causes the Koopas a lot of injury. Bowser has talked about dethroning Playful, but Wendy and I have argued that would disrupt the cat way of life. Playful continues to live in the castle.

"Bowser Koopa? Who is he compared to my magnificent self?" --Playful Meow

Bagels Woof

Favorite Food: whatever Bowser wants to give her
Favorite Pastime: pleasing others, particularly Bowser
Favorite Sport: fetching a toy, also football
Favorite Video Game: Yoshi’s Story (Poochie), also Donkey Kong Jr. (Bowser likes it)
Favorite School Subject: doesn’t go to school, but would like gym (Bowser likes it)
Favorite Koopa Minion: Bowser, also Larry
Favorite Part of Being in Jail: gets a chance to please Bowser by making up for her misdeed

Bagels Woof is the Queen Royal Dog, and rules all other dogs. She also lives with the Koopas, but looks up to Bowser as a role model. She is a white dog with three large black spots and a lot of small brown spots. She has brown ears and black eyes. She has unusual reflective green eyes.

Bagels uses her power very moderately. She usually allows Bowser to make all of her decisions for her. Bagels likes to spend her time following Bowser and pleasing him in any way she can.

"Bowser Koopa is my hero, and if he hates the Marios then I guess I hate the Marios too." --Bagels Woof

Wart Koopa

Favorite Food: flies
Favorite Pastime: swimming
Favorite Sport: fly fishing
Favorite Video Game: Chrono Trigger (a frog has an important role)
Favorite School Subject: Creative Writing
Favorite Underling: Triclyde
Favorite Part of Being in the Dungeon: never has to go

Although Wart looks like a frog, he is actually Bowser's older brother by a few years. As the oldest son, Wart should have been heir to the Koopa throne, but his transformation into a frog-like creature caused his father Morton (the reason for the name Morton Koopa Jr.) to cast him out of the kingdom entirely. It is rumored that Bowser played a role both in causing the transformation and convincing his father to outcast his deformed brother, but this has never been proven.

Since being booted from the Koopa Kingdom, Wart has spent his life trying to find a land of his own, and to earn revenge against his brother. Although Mario and Wart became enemies during Wart's conquest of Sub-con, Wart has no intention of invading the Mushroom Kingdom (other than Dark Land) and would be tolerant of Mario if Mario would only mind his own business.

Wart has a wife, the aptly named Pimple, and two children, Nick and Susan. If Wart ever does manage to defeat Bowser and take over the Koopa Kingdom, you can bet there will be serious changes.

"I am the great Wart! Ha ha- Ooh, a fly!" --Wart

Susan B. Koopa

Favorite Food: Rock Candy, also carrots
Favorite Pastime: examining and collecting jewels
Favorite Sport: mining, also good at punting diamonds
Favorite Video Game: Reader Rabbit 2, because it's her age level and had a mining section
Favorite School Subject: Geology
Favorite Koopa Minion: Monty Mole
Favorite Part of Being in Jail: gets to dig in the dirt for jewels

Susan B. Koopa is a Koopa Cousin, the first and only daughter of Bowser's brother Wart. She does not actually live with the Koopalings, but she often literally pops in for a troublesome visit.

Susan looks something like Wendy, with long golden hair down the back of her shell. She never goes anywhere without lots of jewelry. She is often jealous of Wendy because she cannot find magic gold bracelets (the kind Wendy uses to attack with). Nevertheless, she looks quite stunning with all of her diamonds and rubies (and she often is if you let her get too close). She is slightly younger than Larry, and is similar to him in personality.

Susan bought a very small area of land surrounded by Grass Land called Underground Land from Larry. There she can mine, study, and collect jewels to her heart's content (and she usually does). She has much less power than her Koopa Cousins, but has the advantage of not having to go to important meetings or ruling a land.

Most of the Koopalings despise Susan, but Susan remains oblivious to this. Bowser likes her more than his own kids, for some reason. Recently Morton and Susan have bonded to a certain extent, the result of some adventures putting them both in danger and of Susan's listening to one of his speeches.

"Some day when I grow up, I will marry Larry.. But which of these diamonds go best with my hair?" --Susan B. Koopa

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