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Millenium Star

Season Nine, Round One, Battle 6
The Red Corner

Millenium Star
Games: Mario Party 3
Sports Hall: 3-0, Current Two-Week Champion, Unranked
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The Green Corner



The Yellow Corner



The Blue Corner

Games: SMB3, SMW, M&LSS, NSMBW, etc.
Sports Hall: 2-4, Rank 126
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Waluigi: Waluigi welcomes everyone t- Wait, why is no one here?

Roy: Remember when I put Larry out as a sign board?

Waluigi: Yes! Waluigi drew a funny mustache on him and laughed. Waluigi was all "take this Mr. snout-nose ugly face!", and it was great!

Roy: Well, let me put it this way. We ended up advertising one of, like, four people I would hate to hear announce more than you.

Waluigi: Waluigi is-a the best of the worst! This is why Waluigi is the winner and everyone else is a loser!

Roy: Right... So anyway, we'll just throw some of those Koopa Kids or whatever that no one likes up there in the stands. There's, like, a thousand of them or something locked in the dungeon.

Waluigi: Waluigi agrees with our slave labor program!

Roy: So, uh... those arrows are supposed to wear off after Bowyer kicks the bucket, right? So...

Larry: ...

Waluigi: Eh, it's okay. Nerd loser can just continue being a loser. Waluigi brought backup.

Roy: I'm not sure whether to be thankful or appalled.

Waluigi: Anyway, in the stupid Red Corner is going to be the LOSER, because he would stop Waluigi from announcing and Waluigi is the winner. So say hi, loser.

Millennium Star: Still up to such mischief? Oh ho ho... Upon my victory here, you will receive a charming basket of coins as a gift.

Waluigi: Waluigi suddenly does not care who wins this fight anymore. Waluigi is generous and unbiased!

Roy: Sure, sure...

Waluigi: In the Blue Corner is some fat guy with a stupid head. Waluigi thinks his head looks like an Easter egg painted really stupidly. Say hi, stupid egg thing.

Morton: There is not a moment when I, Morton Koopa, would dare cease oblige to such a request! For the request is not requesting, it is merely an insult, nay, a taunt, and through that taunt I would appear to be the weaker man, only I am not a man, for I am a Koopa! However, with these plans that I have been planning, I have seen through your clever tricks, and with my own tricks that will be different from your tricks, I will be victorious! Ahahaha!

Waluigi: Your head is still stupid.

Morton: And insults that are insulting, such as the one you just spoke to me, SHALL NOT STAND!

Waluigi: Anyway, Waluigi brought a friend to do the predicting. Except Waluigi is the only friend Waluigi ever needs, so Waluigi will predict! Waluigi says that stupid star will win because egg-head is dumb.

Roy: I... Actually there's absolutely nothing in that statement I disagree with. Uh... keep goin'.

Waluigi: That was it. Waluigi's opinion will become truth because Waluigi said so!

Roy: ... This somehow is less annoying than Larry, yet it makes me even more angry.

Waluigi: WAH! Cactus, Waluigi still thinks you cool! Want to go to Club 64 after fight? Waluigi has discounts!

Pokey: No.

Waluigi: Waaahhhhh... Fine. Start the stupid match that Waluigi will hate.

Pokey: Fight.


Morton: Seismic Fist!

BAM! Rumble Rumble Rumble...

Millennium Star: Is this going anywhere, young one?

Morton: ... Looking back at my plans, that was a foolish move, a terrible mistake on my part, complete miscalculation.

Waluigi: Wahhahah! Stupid-head made the ground shake, but because the shiny star is floating, it did nothing! Stupid!

Millennium Star: If all my foes are this simple-minded, I will sure-


Morton: Ha! The gambit that was actually a bluff that I had been planning has worked! I am successful with the plan that I had been planning!

Millennium Star: How amusingly crafty. Hah... argh.

Waluigi: Huh? Oh, uh, that's a spotlight. Yeah, the shaking that the stupid guy made happen caused it ti hit the shiny mustache star on the head.

Morton: And now I will follow up with the next attack of my plan, which is a better plan than your plan! Aaaand... THROW!


Millennium Star: Ho ho ho! It appears you have mistimed.

Waluigi: Part of the floor got thrown, but then the stupid thing turned and the floor went "whoosh" past him. Waluigi could've dodged it without doing anything!

Millennium Star: I believe it is time for a change of scenery!

Whoosh! START!

Morton: Ah, I see! For you think I will lose to your mini-games based on Mario Party 3 games, which you are using as attacks! Well I, sir, shall NOT!

Waluigi: What? Why is the ground moving down there? Why are there stupid fireballs happening? Waluigi thinks this attack is stupid! Waluigi never win this game because of losers who make him lose with their loser-ness!

Millennium Star: I believe you're familiar with the rules of Treadmill Grill? You either survive or... well, you do not!

Morton: This is easy! For I will just keep running in this direction and keep running an-



Waluigi: Wahahahahaha! Stupid-head got his tail on fire from a Podoboo that crept up on him! Waluigi likes this!

Millennium Star: Hohoho! Watch out for raining stars as well!


Morton: OW! That is cheating the rules of this mini-game, good sir, for there were definitely no raining stars of any variety in this mini-game in the original form! I accuse you of cheating and therefore not following Mario Party rules!

Millennium Star: Hohoho! Fool, I AM the rules!

Morton: Well then I suppose it would not be against the rules to show an object such as THIS to you!


Millennium Star: What is tha- oh my. That's... yes, yes I agree, mm-hmmm... very lovely indeed. Oooohhhh.

Waluigi: Waluigi can't see! It's just a stupid photograph! What's he staring at! Camera guy, move it so Waluigi can see! Oh... okay. Waluigi doesn't get it. It's just a picture of Daisy, who Waluigi thinks is a LOSER unless she comes to Waluigi birthday party. Waluigi will have CAKE there! With EGGPLANTS. And DANCING. Waluigi birthday party will be the BEST.

Roy: Get. On. With. It.

Waluigi: Oh, uh... stupid star is just kinda staring at the picture. Waluigi thinks if she had a bigger nose, he would stare at it, too.

Morton: And now is the opportunity I have been waiting for!


Millennium Star: Argh!

Fwoom! FINISH!

Millennium Star: Argh once more!

Waluigi: Wahahahah! While the loser was distracted, he got punched in the mustache AND THEN fell in his own fire! Wahahahahah! Oh, Waluigi finds this hilarious. Oh, the stage is back to normal.

Millennium Star: I see... you picked up on my softer side. What a witty, yet dastardly, trick that was...

Morton: It was a trick that was no trick, for it was a strategic maneuver that I had planned for! It is with this and many more that I plan to defeat you for I, Morton Koopa Jr, have a lot of free time on my hands, and that free time gives me time to plan as I deliberate on what I am planning on, and every detail is mine!

Waluigi: Even Waluigi thinks this is pathetic. Waluigi needs to find a new word to say how pathetic it is. Waluigi call it 'Morton'. Stupid egg-head is so Morton that he's Morton.

Roy: Ha! Morton! That's a good one.

Millennium Star: Regardless, oh unfit son of Bowser, let's continue with your challenges!

Mustache Waggle! START!

Waluigi: Waluigi doesn't know this game! Waluigi bets if he did, he would win, though. Waluigi ALWAYS wins.

Millennium Star: Ho ho ho! It is merely Skateboard Scamper! I thought you would be used to such a game, seeing your lonely state! I hear it's quite popular with the crowd that plays Mario Party alone! Ho ho ho!

Morton: You will be quiet! I will show you not only mad skills, but I will demonstrate a-


Millennium Star: If you would care to demonstrate how you would be crushed by a Thwomp again, I will allow you.


Morton: That i-

Millennium Star: I never stated that I would not arm the audience of Koopa Kids with Bullet Bill Blasters, nor is there any rule against it. Most of them have money on me, you know. Ho ho ho!

Thwomp! Crumble!



Waluigi: Why is there lava underneath a skateboard course, and why does it fall to pieces? Waluigi doesn't know. But Waluigi thinks it's funny watching the stupid guy get burned like a Morton! Wahahahahah!

Millennium Star: Have you had quite enough?

Morton: Surrender is not in my vocabulary like so many other words!

Wham! Bam! Crack!


Roy: Oh, he is SO getting pounded for that.

Waluigi: Waluigi likes this use of punching people after getting burned super badly! Waluigi is in support of it!

Millennium Star: Enough! As you refuse to respect the sanctity of the mini-game, I shall defeat you! From the power of the duel, I summon you, Blowhard!

Mustache Waggle! WHOOSH!

Morton: Aahhhhhhh!

Waluigi: Giant star summoned a giant fan. Waluigi thinks things about this, but Waluigi will not say them because this is a family show.

Roy: Since when?

Waluigi: Since Waluigi said so!

Millennium Star: And now, BLOCK PARTY!

Waluigi: It's raining definitely not Tetris Attack blocks from the sky! Waluigi definitely knows that one mini-game was not a Tetris Attack rip-off!

Morton: ... ha!


Millennium Star: What's this?

Waluigi: Eh? Why is the stupid Koopa stuck to the block?

Roy: STOP STEALING MY MOVES! Stupid... I came up with that "stick to walls" thing first...

Morton: Here's something that I OWE YOU!

Wham! Wham Wham Wham!

Millennium Star: ARGH!

Waluigi: Wlauigi doesn't even know why the star summoned blocks. The stupid thing is just kicking them at him. Waluigi thinks this was a really stupid move.

Roy: Hey, I'd do a move that'd easily backfire on me if it meant I could humiliate the other guy.

Waluigi: Waluigi would, too. It's just that he's a loser.

Roy: Right, right.

Morton: Haha! Yes, with this improvisation I, Morton Koopa Jr, have proven once and for all my superiority an-

Blam! Blam!

Morton: Cease and desist!

Waluigi: Oh, right. Waluigi forgot, the Koopa Kids are still there in the audience. Waluigi thinks this is funny.

Koopa Kid: I'm gunna become a Koopaling once I blow you up!

Waluigi: Is that how it works? Waluigi wants to be a Koopaling! Waluigi should go there and punch out the stupid egg head!

Roy: I'm laughing on the inside. Seriously.

Millennium Star: Ha! This is my opportunity!


Waluigi: The fan went away!

Morton: ... Gravity is a cruel mistress.


Morton: U-ugghhh...

Millennium Star: This was a fun bout. Goodbye, son of Bowser.

Waluigi: Waluigi see a shadow over egg head.

Morton: ... Oh you have got to be kiddi-


Pokey: Stop. Morton, out. Millennium Star, winner.

Millennium Star: And that brings it to win number three. Ho ho ho! A successful season, if I do say so myself!

Waluigi: ... Wait, this means Waluigi can't announce anymore! Now Waluigi is sad!

Roy: Well that's the consequence o-


Roy: Well, uh...


Roy: ... You did WHAT?!

Waluigi: What? Don't you like seeing Nerd Larry get beat up?

Roy: The only one who beats him is ME! COME HERE YOUUU!!!


Roy: End transmission.

The Winner

The Loser

Voting Results (highlight to see):
1. Millenium Star: 51%
2. Morton: 49%
Nominee Results (highlight to see):
1. Angry Sun: 41%
2. Bowser Jr: 37%
3. Culex: 15%
4. Mimi: 7%
Failed Nominations: These eligible fighters were nominated, but not often enough to make the ballot.
- Barfatronic Lavachomper, Bogmire, Bonechill, Borp, Bowser, Buzzar, Electrokoopa, Exor, Goomba, Grate Guy, Heave-ho, Junker. L33T HAMM3R BROZ. Lethal Bob-omb, Muddy Buddy, Peewee Piranha, Rip Cheato, Spy Guy
Disallowed Nominations: You're not allowed to nominate these now - so don't waste your vote!
- Tanoomba, Macho Grubba (no vote cast with this nomination)
- Shy Guy Statue from Mario Party 4
- Lemmy, Ludwig (already fought this season)
- Kool-aid Man
- Mr. L (retired season champion)
- Teela (unofficial character)
- Brobot L-Type, Magnus von Grapple 2.0 (has no will of its own outside of Mr. L, a retired season champion)
- Underhand vs. Shadow Queen (only one selection may be made at a time)
- Star Spirits (not enemies)

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