Little Lemmy's Land

Graphic by Latisha Banks

Welcome to Little Lemmy's Land! This section is for- you know what, let me cut out the little text so you can actually read it. Just remember that it's supposed to be small, k?

All right, now this is readable! My site has gotten so large that it is difficult, and possibly intimidating, for newcomers to my Land to look through everything. I'm also aware that I may lose tourists if the first thing they chance to look at doesn't strike their fancy. So, while new tourists are perfectly welcome to check out my whole site, I thought I'd make the moving in process a little easier. Just because you're trapped here doesn't mean you can't have a good time!

At the same time, I decided that this new section would be a great way to determine which submisisons are the most popular. So, here's how this section works: the most popular ten percent of items in eligible sections will be displayed, so that new tourists can look through the best and not be overwhelmed. How will the most popular parts be determined? You will vote! That's right, Little Lemmy's Land will be made up of those things that earned the most votes, with ties going to the submissions that got their votes first. Hey, even veteran tourists may want to check out this section to see what made it in.

Your votes matter! Not only do your Little Lemmy's Land votes determine which submissions get into this exclusive section, they also play a role in determining what submissions I will accept in the future. That's right, if a certain submission gets lots of votes, I will make sure to accept more stuff like it, while other submissions may be phased out. Votes also look good on your application when you're looking to become a Super Koopa. To cast your votes, fill out the Feedback Form found at the bottom of each eligible submission, and answer Yes (or some other definitely affirmative answer) for the Little Lemmy's Land question.

Wow, for such a small section it sure has a long introduction. Get on over to the tourist attractions and check out the best of the best.

Lemmy's Tourist Attractions
Lemmy's Fun Fiction: Lots of fun stories about me and my siblings./Lemmy's Drawing Board: Come share and read ideas for the next Mario game!/Lemmy's Funnies: Come laugh at the home-made Mario cartoons!
Lemmy's Interviews: Go read interviews of various characters by various characters. Depending on who's involved, it could be downright funny!/Lemmy's Scribbles: Not enough to be Fun Fictions, but enough to be...interesting./Lemmy's Art Museum: Come in and see the masters' and mistresses' masterpieces. Add yours too!
Lemmy's CDs: Go listen to cool Mario music. You can dance or ride a ball to it and you don't need to download./Lemmy's Mysteries: Solve the Mysteries and see who’s in trouble./Roy's Sports Hall: Batter up! This is for all you sports fans. Make your team and see if it can win the Roy Cup at the end of the season!
Larry's Tourist Bios: Go post your own bios and read the interpretations of other tourists.

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