The Good, the Bad, and the Torte 3
The Passion of the Chef

By Chef Torte

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Introduction: The Third and Final Act

Congratulations, reader! You’ve done a marvelous job if you’ve made it all the way here. Are you prepared for the final episode of the GBT Legacy? Let’s hope you leave the series with an even greater enthusiasm than you had at the start. I know it’s been a long and beautiful journey expanding my mind and skills in the way of storytelling, and for that I will always be eternally grateful to my simple fan fiction, those who inspired me, and of course to all those who are reading right now. Thank you so much, but it’s not over yet. I hope you stocked up on Groovy Grape and lots of Wheat Thins, because there’s a good amount of delicious GBT waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Ah, there’s so much excitement in the air, but before we get started, let’s have a brief look back at what has already happened in this fan-created timeline.

The Good, The Bad & The Torte

The first story of the series, GBT, made all the ground rules. It was a story from three different points of view as an impending plot closed in on the related parties. Chef Torte, the hotheaded foreigner who resides in Marrymore, entered a televised cook-off much in the style of “Iron Chef”. His pride was on the line, and he lost to his eternal rival, the warm and nation-loved Tayce T, driving the Koopa cook to the brink of insanity. In his delirium, he transfigured from a disgruntled baker to a maniacal villain. Torte set out for revenge and to cause trouble by ridding the world’s supply of fruit. Together with his loyal and unnamed Apprentice, he organized a rag-tag bunch of misfits known as the Team of Terror.

King Bowser Koopa, arch-nemesis to Mario and uber-villain-supreme, chimed in with his story of a family reunion. Bowser, Kamek, and Kammy arranged for the Koopalings to meet in a new lair, the Ocean Koopa Castle. Six of the lost seven showed up and together with their new brother Bowser Junior, the Koopa family stirred up a relatively clever scheme to take down their enemies and conquer the world once and for all.

Last but not least, our hero Mario found himself on vacation (again) when he received a mysterious letter from a shady individual calling himself “Vuljiin”. This dark character said that if Mario did not find the Crystal Cosmos, a sacred treasure of the planet Plit, he would bring his dark army upon the Mushroom Kingdom and lay waist to it. Mario, along with his brother Luigi and good friend Yoshi, set out to find these ancient powerful items while the princess tried to recover from an illness back home.

These three stories led up to an ultimate climax in which three giant robots destroyed one another amongst the Donut Plains. When Mario returned home with all the Crystal Cosmos, the dark lord Vuljiin appeared to take them. Our mustachioed hero tried his best to stop the villain but unfortunately he was not strong enough. Mario used his last breath to combine himself with the Crystal Star and give birth to a new hero, Stario. Stario’s powerful strength bested Vuljiin and banished him back to the shadows, quite possibly with the two other Crystal Cosmos in his possession. Stario was now the permanent replacement for the fallen plumber; Bowser and his army were defeated; and Chef Torte was humiliated once again.

The Good, The Bad & The Torte 1.5:
~ Aftermath ~

The lost chapter of the GBT Legacy, GBT 1.5 took place in an alternate reality. This prequel to the up-and-coming sequel started off by Chef Torte trying out a second helping of the criminal’s life and kidnapping the Chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, contrary to what you may believe, there are certain rules about villainy, plot, and of course, Super Mario Bros. fan fiction. And Chef Torte broke one of those rules. Kidnapping the Chancellor was a grade A no-no, but his ego pushed away the "petty" regulations of the universe and went ahead with it anyway. Big mistake. This caused the "Powers that Be" to globally punish Chef Torte for his actions, and soon an alien force stronger than any seen before showed up to cause trouble. This deadly foe was an evil cult known as the Evil Plethora Excluding All Null Uber Turtles, or rather, E-PEANUT.

King Koopa had rebuilt his army through the service 1-800-GETABADDY, and given seven elemental wands to his children (the present ones, of course). With this he kidnapped the princess and subdued Stario and Luigi. He then decided to spend more time plotting his world domination. Kamek and his cousin Kammy had their hands full with other things, namely seeking a lost group of elders within the Barrel Volcano.
Amidst the chaos, a fiend calling himself Shimmra appeared to foretell a greater power coming to bring the apocalypse. Along with this character, an impostor Ludwig revealed to be a Magikoopa called Vermik appeared, as well as Clever Guy, a sinister Shy Guy with immensely enhanced intelligence. In the final bloody hour of the fading planet, armies of Mushroomers and Nimbians clashed with the reigning Koopa Empire whilst a galactic space dogfight occurred in the skies above. As everything boiled down to the destruction of Plit, the spirit of the planet itself awakened and summoned Chef Torte once he had met his own demise. He was told he would be given another chance to redeem himself, and that his punishments for breaking the rules would be taken back, as would time itself. The Koopa cook awoke the morning he had planned to kidnap the Chancellor and found he was feeling quite swashbucklesome.

The Good, The Bad & The Torte 2:
~ The Four Bringers of Fire ~

The second (or third, depending on your perspective) chunk of the tale unfolds on the seven seas of Plit… or was it eight? Anyway, GBT2 specialized in ocean travel, so naturally, Chef Torte turned his gang of misfits from evil henchmen to scurvy pirates bent on terrorizing the sea and finding buried treasure… treasure buried in the snow. This new adventure sent “Cap’n” Torte and his motley crew to the northern polar region known as Proarctica, where a great magical artifact was said to rest.

Ironically, Bowser and his Koopa farm unit found themselves heading for the same destination, only they were in search of the original Reznor, the Four Bringers of Fire. Long ago these dinosaurs plagued the planet with an era of lava and brimstone until they were mysteriously sealed away in the coldest realms of the world.

Yoshi, Prince Mallow, and their new friend Splooshi found a treasure map one day and decided to go find where it led. Along their way they met up with ghostly sea dogs, a giant caterpillar deity, and a young blue-skinned girl named Orchil.

Vuljiin struck back! And with a vengeance, too! The dark lord thought dead pulled a Bowser and kidnapped Princess Peach. Stario and Luigi set out to recover the stolen princess but were followed closely under the eyes of Vuljiin and his servants. During this travel, Stario discovered that the bond between the Crystal Star and Mario seemed to be weakening, and both forces were losing life. This meant that Stario might soon die if he didn't do something about it.

Towards the end of the adventure, it was revealed that two haggard sages, eons of age, were plotting a violent battle of frost and snow. Bowser unlocked the Reznor, allowing the mighty fire dragon the Inferno to surface. Torte and his rogues awakened the winged Anglor, the angels of the ice, which then combined to empower the snow goddess, Tundra. The enormous monsters battled until the Ancient Light, the treasure Yoshi and friends had set out to find, summoned the guardian spirit Mosolunar, who put a stop to the creatures that were being controlled by the enraged sages.

The Ancient Light then warped itself to whose heart desired peace the most. Princess Toadstool, locked in Vuljiin’s tower, found herself empowered by the sacred device and used it to revive Stario in his time of need, after the Crystal Star had been separated from his body by one of Vuljiin’s men. With the dark lord at his maximum strength, Stario fought him with the aid of Luigi, Yoshi, Raphael the Raven, and Gora, the elder dragon of Plit. With one final, devastating blow, Vuljiin’s shadowy form was shattered to oblivion as his minions fled and the Crystal Cosmos scattered themselves across the planet. Peace had finally been achieved.

…But if that’s true…

Then there wouldn’t be a GBT3…

AND NOW… welcome to the beginning of the end… Bon Appetite!

Table of Contents
Prologue: The Beginning of the End
PHASE ONE: Prelude to Darkness ~
Chapter 1: The Team of Terror, Torn Apart
Chapter 2: Enter: The Koopa Troop
Chapter 3: Letter for Luigi
Chapter 4: The Island’s Inhabitants
Chapter 5: The Breaking of Evil
Chapter 6: Memories of a Lost Wish
Chapter 7: Don’t Anger the Natives
Chapter 8: The Birth of Nitro
Chapter 9: Luigi Lands
Chapter 10: Koopa Spells Catastrophe
Chapter 11: Apprentice's Amnesia
Chapter 12: Princess Peach's Plight
Chapter 13: Kamek Captured
Chapter 14: Changling's Predicament
Chapter 15: Registration and Reunion
Chapter 16: Isle Ovaria
Chapter 17: The Plateau
Chapter 18: The Cleansing
Chapter 19: The Newborn Evil
PHASE TWO: An Age without Heroes ~
Chapter 20: Qualifying Rounds Begin
Chapter 21: Mysteries of Ovaria
Chapter 22: Attack of the Clones
Chapter 23: The Awakening
Chapter 24: The Temple Guardian
Chapter 25: The Countess
Chapter 26: The Poltergeist Polka
Chapter 27: The Storm
Chapter 28: Behind the Fog
Chapter 29: Rising Despair
Chapter 30: Alliance?
Chapter 31: Escape Ovaria
Chapter 32: To the Finals!
Chapter 33: The Leader
Chapter 34: Unite the Clans
More to come!

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