Double Trouble
Nintendo Adventure Books 1

By Nintendo

[Written by Clyde Bosco]
[Typed by Lemmy Koopa]
[Pictures scanned by Wooster]

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Storming Fort Koopa

Mario crawls past the guard tower and into an open window. He walks slowly down the hall, peering into room after room, but he finds nothing. Fort Koopa seems deserted.

"I guess no one's home," Mario says to himself as he rounds a corner. Then he freezes in his tracks.

He's in the throne room of King Bowser Koopa. The walls are covered with portraits of the evil turtle king. Mario can tell they're pictures of Bowser, because the real Bowser is there in person, too.

Mario has no time to back out of the room. Two massive green arms stretch out menacingly above his head. Bowser's mouth widens into a snaggle-toothed grin.

"Uh oh," whispers Mario.

What should Mario do next?
It's up to you to make the decisions that will get him through this hair-raising adventure!

Dear Game Player:

You are about to guide me through a great adventure. As you read this book, you will help me decide where to go and what to do. Whether I succeed or fail is up to you.

At the end of every chapter, you will make choices that determine what happens next. Special puzzles will help you decide what I should do-if you can solve them. The chapters in this book are in a special order. Sometimes you must go backward in order to go forward, if you know what I mean.

Along the way, you'll find different items to help me in my quest. When you read that I have found something, such as a magnifying glass, you'll see a box like this one below.

*** Mario collects one coin, and he now has the magnifying glass. ***
Turn to page 36.

Use page 121 to keep track of the things you collect and to keep score.

Good luck!
Driplessly yours,


Chapter 1

Bzzang! Clang! Bee-bee-beep! It's the emergency alarm! Red warning lights begin to flash. One after another, alarm bells ring throughout the Mario Bros.' house.

"Ooooh," groans Mario, opening one eye. The bedroom he shares with his brother Luigi is almost pitcg black, but their plunger-shaped alarm clock glows in the dark. Mario squints at the faint green numbers. "It's three in the morning," he moans. Sitting up, he runs a hand through his thick black hair.

Ahooohhah! Honk! Before Mario has a chance to get out of bed, the alarm goes off a second time. The lights automatically switch on and a pillow on the end of a mechanical arm swings down from the ceiling. It knocks Mario out of the top bunk and onto the floor.

"All right, all right, I'm up," he grumbles, scrambling into his bright red overalls. Grabbing his hat and his waterproof plumber's wristwatch, he charges out of the bedroom and down the hall. He hurries past the supply room, the game room, and the kitchen, and heads into the plumbing workshop to answer the emergency call.

The place is a mess, as usual. A pair of socks hangs among the racks of wrenches and spare copper tubing. On a table, buried under several stale balogna sandwiches, is a broken garbage disposal.

"Definitely have to get this room organized someday," says Mario. "But I'd better answer this call first."

Mario sits down in front of the Mushroom Kingdom Network System, which takes up the eastern wall of the workshop. He shoves a two-day-old plate of ravioli to one side and throws the main power switch.

"Now, let's see what all the fuss is about," he says as he waits for the video screen to come to life.

The Mario Bros.' communication system has come a long way since the day they were first called upon to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Back then, they had to listen for Princess Toadstool's voice ringing through the pipe that leads from her mysterious world to the plumbing shop. Now they rely on an advanced network of computers, radio telescopes, homing pigeons and TV monitors. But, for some reason, today the network doesn't seem to be working.

"Mario... Crackle... quickly!" The voice of Princess Toadstool fades in and out of one speaker. Mario fiddles witg several dials, but the video screen is awash with static. "Bring Luigi and a... Buzz... to the palace... Crackle... please hurry!"

"I'm not going to bother trying to get this equipment working," says Mario, getting up from his chair. "It sounds like the princess needs us there on the double!"

Turn to page 4.

Chapter 2

"Luigi! Wake up!" Mario calls as he runs back into the bedroom.

No one answers.

Mario considers waking his brother with a bucket of cold water. But the last time he did that, Luigi got even by filling Mario's shoes with some of his top secret spaghetti sauce. So Mario leans over the bottom bunk where his brother sleeps and gently pulls back the heavy wool blanket.

The bed is empty!

"That's strange," says Mario, puzzled. "Luigi usually sleeps seventeen hours a day. Why would he be up at this time of night?"

He looks around the bedroom. Everything is in is places-two dressers, a stand-up mirror, their comic book collection-but there's no sign of Luigi.

Mario peers down the hall and notices a faint blue light spilling out of the kitchen doorway. But before he has a chance to investigate, the Mushroom Kingdom alarm begins to ring once more.

Ahoogah! Ahoogah!

"I'm coming, Princess!" shouts Mario. He runs down the hallway and starts to unlock the supply room door. At that moment, the alarm goes off again, louder than ever.

Should Mario look for supplies? Maybe he should find Luigi first. Or maybe he should jyst head to the Mushroom Kingdom immediately. He'd better decide-quickly!

If you think Mario should search for Luigi, turn to page 100.
If you think Mario should get supplies, turn to page 34.
If you think Mario should head straight to the Mushroom Kingdom, turn to page 68.

Chapter 3

"All right," announces Mario, looking at GLOM. "It's time for me to take this thing apart and see what makes it tick."

As he approaches the machine, it wheels backward for a few feet. Then the evil contraption abruptly stops. Several parts around the frame begin to grind and turn. With a pop, GLOM coughs out an exact copy of Mario.

"Out of my way, you phony clone," shouts Mario, charging toward GLOM. The fake Mario stands in his way. The two plumbers collide head-on and fall to the floor. Both rub their foreheads in unison and stand up at the same time.

"I'll take care of you first," says Mario. He punches his double on the jaw. At that exact moment, the double punches him on the jaw.

"Take that!" Mario shouts as he slaps his twin. The fake Mario's hand flicks out in exactly the same way.

The two Marios punch, slap and kick each other until both collapse on the floor from exhaustion and pass out-at exactly the same time.

Iggy Koopa grabs the real Mario by the straps on his red overalls and drags hum back to the maze of mirrors. He leaves the plumbers there, asleep on the floor.

A few hours later, Mario wakes. "My beard stubble is getting out of hand," he comments as ge looks in one of the mirrors. "Well, the sooner I get this adventure over with, the sooner I can shave." Sighing, he heads toward where he thinks the lab is.

Turn to page 118.

Chapter 4

Mario quickly grabs a heavy wooden oar from the deck of the Doom Ship. Just as Roy reaches him, Mario swings the oar.

It hits Roy and snaps like a toothpick.

"Rrrrrooooaaar!" Roy slams into Mario. The plumber is stunned by the blow and before he knows what's happened, Roy is holding him high above his head with both arms.

"About the flowers, and the hospital-I was just kidding, Roy," says Mario meekly.

"Hrrraarrr!" The reptile tosses Mario over the side of the Doom Ship. Mario's flailing hands snatch at a rail that encircles the ship's hull. Saved! He throws one leg over the rail and hauls himself up.

His head is spinning as he tries to stand. Only the narrow metal rail keeps him from falling.

Turn to page 94.

Chapter 5

Mario decides to risk the shortcut and climbs down the ravine.

Zing! Something whizzes over his left shoulder. A blazing chain of fireballs with a small, alligator-like head rockets past him. The air around the plumber instantly gets a few degrees warmer.

"Firesnakes!" Mario shouts. He drops to the ground-just in time to avoid being scorches by a sizzling monster. He pops his head up and risks a quick look around. "If I can only make it to that bush over there, I'll be safe," he tells himself.

A Firesnake zooms over Mario's head and lights up the sky as it makes a sharp U-turn. Along the way, it brushes against the bush, which immediately bursts into flames.

"On second thought, maybe I'll try to reach that cluster of rocks up ahead," says Mario as he dodges the flying flamethrowers.

Solve this puzzle to find out what happens next!

Mario would like to avoid as many Firesnakes as possible! Draw a path from the plumber to the rocks. Then add up the number of Firesnakes he passes along the way. If Mario has the Super Mushroom, he has extra power to hop over the blazing monsters, so you can subtract three from your total score.

If Mario passes five or less snakes, turn to page 55.
If Mario passes six to ten snakes, turn to page 97.
If Mario passes eleven or more snakes, turn to page 110.

Chapter 6

Bowser steps forward, blocking the doorway. "I've been waiting for your brother," he snarls. "I heard Luigi was captured and I was looking forward to chewing him into little pieces. He never showed up, but you'll do just fine." The giant turtle moves closer to Mario. "Any last requests?"

"Just one, your slime-ness," says Mario bravely. "I want to know where all these twins are coming from."

Bowser cackles, breathing out a cloud of greenish smoke. "It's all happening right here in this fortress," he crows. "My kid Iggy-the brainy one- put together a machine that makes instant copies of anything it sees. That includes turtles, mushrooms, chickens... and even nosey plumbers!

"Anything the machine creates is under Koopa control," Bowser continues, gloating. He paces back and forth. "The way I'll see it, I'll be running most of the people in the Mushroom Kingdom by next Tuesday."

Mario inches toward the door. Suddenly Bowser notices what Mario is doing. He scambles to block the way.

"As I was saying," he growls. "On Tuesday, I'll call a vote and have myself elected Grand Imperial Boss. Then you'll see some changes! I'll get rid of that crummy king and his fungus friends." He blurts out a sour green laugh. "I may keep copies of you and Luigi around, though, just for laughs."

Mario looks around the room for another way out, but with no luck. "Interesting. So where do you keep this machine?" he asks.

"I'm not telling you!" shouts Bowser. "Besides, it wouldn't help you. Your time is up. I'm going to lock you in a room with sixty-four red Koopa Troopas-hah, hah, hah!"

Bowser reaches out a scaly fist to grab Mario. The agile plumber jumps back. Bowser swings a second time, but Mario dodges again. Then Bowser charges. Mario leaps over the turtle king's head and races out the door,

"I'll get you, plumber!" Bowser yells, lumbering after him.

Mario dashes down the hall, searching frantically for clues. "That machine is here somewhere," he pants. "But where?"

Ahead of him, a huge marble staircase sweeps up to the second floor of Fort Koopa. A sign on the wall seems to have directions on it-but it's written in Koopanese!

"Swell," Mario mutters. "I left my Koopanese dictionary at home."

His only other choice is to head for the end of the hall. The squishing sound of Bowser's feet grows louder behind him. Bowser is gaining! Which way should Mario go?

Decode this Koopanese message to see which way Mario should go.

Mario doesn't have a clue-but you do. Use the chart below to learn the letters of the Koopabet.

If you think Mario should go down the hall to look for the machine, turn to page 61.
If you think Mario should look for the machine upstairs, turn to page 18.

Chapter 7

"Left," Mario says. He turns left and walks into another glass wall. "Ow," he grumbles, and rubs his bruised nose. He feels his way along until he reaches another turning point.

"You've got to be kidding," he groans. "I think this is where I came in."

Suddenly he hears something. The sound of machinery hums in the background, but Mario can't tell where the sound is coming from. However, there are only two paths.

"Hey," says Mario, "I bet one of these paths will lead me right to Iggy Koopa...."

Solve this puzzle to help decide where Mario should go next:

Study the picture of Mario, then study all of his reflections below. If you look carefully, you'll notice that some of them are slightly different.

Cross out all the ones that don't match the Mario pictured at the top. The letters underneath the drawings spell out a message that tells you what Mario should do next.

If you think Mario should go left, turn to page 43.
If you think Mario should go right, turn to page 60.

Chapter 8

Mario can't figure the sign out, but he thinks the second floor must be the place to go. He races up the marble staircase as fast as his plumber's legs can take him. At the top, he stops to catch his breath. He can hear Bowser only a few yards behind.

Looking around, Mario sees that he's in a waiting lounge. The walls are covered with pink polka-dots. On a stand, a glass bowl is filled with freshly cut weeds.

A wooden door seems to be the only way out of the area. A sign that says "PLEASE KNOCK, WIPE YOUR FEET, AND DO NOT DISTURB" hangs from the doorknob. But Mario has no time for second thoughts. Bowser is almost at the top of the stairs now.

"Trick or treat!" Mario shouts. He throws open the door and charges inside.

Turn to page 95.

Chapter 9

Ignoring the Micro-Goombas, Mario makes a desperate dash to the cluster of tubing. "Time to pipe down!" he shouts.

The Para-Goombas are caught off guard. Before they can gather their wits to attack again, Mario dives into a rusty pipe section and rolls himself into a ball. He made it!

"That was close-and kind of gross!" he pants, picking sticky mushrooms from his clothes, mustache and eyelashes.

The giant fungi circle the pipe for a while, waiting for Mario to come out. But Para-Goombas get bored easily. Soon they give up and flap away. Mario stays hidden in the pipe until the last of the flying pests has disappeared.

Sitting in the dark tube, he notices several loose coins scattered about. "Oh, good," he says, gathering them up. "Now I can buy Wooster that computerized feather duster he's been asking for."

After a few minutes, Mario heads back to check out the huge, dark object, still hovering in the sky.

*** Mario collects 16 coins. ***
Turn to page 51.

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