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King Boo
Millenium Star
Piranha Planet

Season Nine, Round One, Battle 4
The Red Corner



The Green Corner

King Boo
Games: Luigi's Mansion
Sports Hall: 18-7, Round 3 Qualifier, Rank 12
(more info)

The Yellow Corner

Millenium Star
Games: Mario Party 3
Sports Hall: New
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The Blue Corner

Piranha Planet
Games: Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
Sports Hall: New
(more info)


Waluigi: Wah hah hah! Welcome, losers, to Waluigi's time to shine! Now it is Waluigi announcing and losers beating each other up so that they can get beat up by the great Waluigi! Wah hah hah!

Roy: ... So it's agreed, then. Whoever wins today we make SURE he wins the next two weeks, right?

Larry: Even if I'd love to spite you in any way I can, I have to agree on the grounds of it being Waluigi.

Waluigi: Ha! Waluigi is just so great, losers cannot TAKE his greatness!

Larry: Well, that, and you colored the ring purple.

Waluigi: PURPLE IS THE BEST COLOR. Waluigi is justified, you are just losers for not getting how awesome Waluigi's fashion sense is.

Roy: This... this is, like, physically painful listening to this guy. I mean, at least with the fat one I could get bribed and stuff. This guy's got nothing.

Waluigi: Waluigi has greatness! More greatness than you will ever have! Wahahahaha!

Roy: Just... just shut up and start.

Waluigi: Waluigi says that he will! In the STUPID Corner, because Waluigi knows that purple is so much better than green that Waluigi isn't even going to say the name of that color... except that one time, we have some ghost guy. He hates green, too, so Waluigi like him.

King Boo: Bleheheheheh! Oh, such paltry offerings today. Is this the best competition this place can offer?

Waluigi: In the Yellow Corner, Waluigi sees some stupid silver thing that lies, because Waluigi was the best superstar ever. Waluigi also spells its name wrong a lot, so he thinks it's a loser!

Millennium Star: Ho ho ho! At the very least, I will give you all a sporting chance against the greatest force in the universe.

Waluigi: And in the Blue Corner is some thing Waluigi found in his closet and said "hey, fight for Waluigi". So Waluigi like it.

Piranha Planet: A-are we in space?

Waluigi: No.

Piranha Planet: Can we go to space? I wanna go to space. Hey. Hey ghost. Hey ghost. Hey ghost. Hey ghost. Ghost. Ghost. Ghost.

King Boo: WHAT?!

Piranha Planet: Let's go to space.

King Boo: I am going to enjoy your demise.

Piranha Planet: Space demise, yaaaaay!

Waluigi: Waluigi thinks that the thing he found will win, because it has the spirit and strength of Waluigi closet, but Waluigi will also ask the stupid guy over there what he thinks.

Larry: I'm the stupid guy over there, right?

Waluigi: Are you stupid? Wait, Waluigi answer that. Yes.

Roy: Liking you slightly more. Still hate you but...

Larry: Anyway, I'll go with King Boo here. Sure, both of his opponents are untested and, who knows, they could have some really interesting tricks. However, all three of them can float, and that kind of ruins Piranha Planet's lasers that aim more toward the ground, and the Millennium Star has that "rain down meteors" thing that probably won't be as effective in the air.

Waluigi: Wah?

Larry: The ghost wins because he can turn invisible.

Waluigi: Waluigi likes invisibility! Waluigi change his vote to ghost guy.

Larry: No one... was voting?

Waluigi: Well Waluigi will count his vote anyway. Waluigi make his own poll where Waluigi's opinion is the right one.

Larry: Riiiiight.

Waluigi: Anyway, cactus thing, Waluigi like you. Start fighting time.

Pokey: Fight.


Piranha Planet: Wanna go to space? Space laser. Yeah, space laser! Whoo! Shoom!


Waluigi: Pipe thingy said a sound effect and that made a laser that did the sound effect. Waluigi thinks role-playing is stupid.

Millennium Star: A feeble attempt!

Waluigi: Stupid thing just rotated. He's almost as skinny as Waluigi! There's no way the stupid loser laser would hit!

King Boo: Truly? This is the best entertainment you can provide me? Blehehehehe... taste this! Spike Ball Bomb!


Piranha Planet: Wheeeeeeee! I'm closer to space. Yeah, closer to space. Higher. Space is high.

Millennium Star: Hah! Not even a dent in my luster.

Waluigi: Things that aren't ghosts got knocked into the air. Stupid mustache cheater-face doesn't look hurt, though.

Millennium Star: I suppose it's time to begin the star storm!

Shoom! Shoom! Shoom!

King Boo: Blehehehe! Too slow! Too easy! To- ARGH!

Piranha Planet: Stars are from space. Space. I want space inside me. Come into my space.

Shink! Launch!

Millennium Star: What's thi-


Millennium Star: HMPH! You have singed my mustache. You are indeed a worthy foe.

Piranha Planet: One small step for Piranha Plants, one giant leap for space!

Waluigi: Waluigi doesn't understand what happened. Stupid kid, you're a nerd, right? Tell Waluigi what happened.

Larry: First off, I take offense to that. Second of all, one of the Millennium Star's miniature stars hit King Boo. However, Piranha Planet just ducked into itself, and the star went into one of its pipes. Then it launched the star at the Millennium Star, and I've said the word star way too many times in the past thirty seconds.

Waluigi: Waluigi still doesn't get it.

Larry: Planet launched attack back at Millennium like a cannon because of its Warp Pipe body.

Waluigi: Oh. That's stupid. You're stupid.

King Boo: Hmph. Lucky shot there, but your luck's just about to run out! Let's see what a nice licking will do you!

Millennium Star: Ho ho ho! Enjoy, my friend!


King Boo: BLEARGH! It tastes SO TERRIBLE!

Piranha Planet: Does it taste terrible in space?

King Boo: I would assume so.

Piranha Planet: Yay space terribleness!

Waluigi: Ha! A purple Mushroom is too AWESOME for stupid ghost king to eat. Waluigi eats them all the time, and you don't see HIM looking like he's sick!

Larry: That's... an interesting detail.

Piranha Planet: Space team, deploy!

Shoom! Shink! Shink! Shink!

Piranha Plants: Wheeeeeeee!

Waluigi: Shooting out tiny Piranha Plants! Waluigi thinks this is funny!


Millennium Star: Ho ho ho! Serves one such as yourself ri- no! Do not harm my glorious facial hair!

Waluigi: Wahahahaha! Losers getting chewed by tiny plants. It makes Waluigi laugh.

King Boo: Hah!

Shoom! Fizzle fizzle!

King Boo: ... In retrospect this was a terrible move. AAH! ARGH! OWWWW!

Waluigi: Wahahahaha! King Boo tried to get the things off his tongue, and he did, but he is so STUPID! Waluigi laugh as he set his own tongue on fire!

Millennium Star: Hmph.


Waluigi: And stupid star just spins. Waluigi thinks his powers are boring.

King Boo: Grrrrr... Spike Bomb Barrage!

Fling! Fling! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Piranha Plant: Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- in space!

Millennium Star: I will concede that your attack did damage.

King Boo: Bleheheheheh! What now, then?!

Millennium Star: I believe I will change the game board for now.

Shing! Ripple ripple ripple...

King Boo: Oh? And what magic is THIS?

Piranha Planet: Is it space magic? I like space.

King Boo: I've gathered.

Waluigi: The star made the floor all shiny and stuff and it's rippling. Waluigi doesn't get it.

Millennium Star: And...

Mustache Waggle! KA-BOOM!

Piranha Planet: Here I come, spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!


King Boo: ARGH! What... was... that...

Pokey: Piranha Planet, ring-out.

Waluigi: Wah hah hah! Waluigi recognizes that! It from Waluigi Island!

Millennium Star: Such is the great extent of my power. Control of the game boards and all of their individual elements, a massive pile of dynamite located in Waluigi's Island for some unexplainable reason, and more! Ho ho ho! Understand your place in my game, as I am its master!

King Boo: Argh... Impressive, I will admit... But it is NOTHING! Minions, I call you to my side!


Boos: Heheheheheh! Ready for battle, my liege!

Millennium Star: A spectral offensive? Is that all?

Waluigi: So many ghosts! Waluigi definitely isn't in the least bit afraid! Only losers who wear green are afraid! Waluigi is just ducking under the table to show how losers would be scared, as an example!

Roy: As I said. Painful.

King Boo: CHARGE!

Millennium Star: Oh dear. It appears I am defenseless.

Mustache Power! SHINE!

Boos: ARGH! The light!

Waluigi: Now stupid silver star made a desert appear on the floor.

King Boo: Do NOT be stalled by these parlor tricks!

Boos: Right!


Boolossus: Bweheheheheheheh! Tremble, your pathetic light does NOTHING to me!

Millennium Star: Curses! The stars must fall! Perish, foul creature!

Shoom! Shoom! Shoom!

Boolossus: Bwehehehehehe. Is that ALL?


King Boo: Royal flush. The house loses this game.

Waluigi: Wah hah hah! As a final offensive, the stupid ghosts fused together into a super ghost! With its power, not even light from the desert and raining stars could stop it from gobbling the big star whole!

King Boo: Well, that was exhilarating.

Millennium Star: Agreed.

King Boo: Wha? B-but you...!

Millennium Star: Ho ho ho! I was uncertain if you would be affected, but the Spiny Desert is known for its intense heat. Against my reflective surface, it's known for creating several mirages. I suppose your massive monster would notice the lack of substance in its mouth as it bit into what was merely an illusion?

Boolossus: Bweheheheheheh! A mistake I won't repeat!

Millennium Star: I big to differ.

Mustache Waggle! SPRAY!

Waluigi: Stupid star that wasn't dead has a can of... something. And he's spraying it.

Boolossus: Such feeble attempts!


Boolossus: M-my Lord?!



Millennium Star: Ho ho ho! A star is liable to be stolen without a can of Boo Repellant on him at all times.

Boolossus: Wait, if my lord has been defeated, and I was summoned by him, the-


Millennium Star: And it appears I am the victor in this game.

Pokey: King Boo, out. Millennium Star, winner.

Waluigi: Well, that was a dumb ending.

Roy: You're dumb.


Roy: Nah. I'm saying you made a prediction and were wrong on it. Y'know what that means?

Waluigi: Waluigi was tricked by losers.

Roy: Nah. Old tradition. And look, I made the chair extra large today, just for two!

Larry: C-come on, I hate him just as much as you do!

Roy: Yeah well... I like shocking you more!



The Winner

The Losers

Voting Results (highlight to see):
1. Millenium Star: 43%
2. King Boo: 40%
3. Piranha Planet: 17% - Knocked out!
Nominee Results (highlight to see):
1. Bowyer: 33%
2. Magikoopa, Rip Cheato: 22%
3. Muddy Buddy: 17%
4. Piranha Plant: 6%
Failed Nominations: These eligible fighters were nominated, but not often enough to make the ballot.
- Bonetail, Bowser Jr, Culex, Dark Boo, End Boss, Grodus, Junker, Lakitu, Macho Grubba, Metallic Goomba, Midbus, Mimi, Rex, Spy Guy, Tanoomba, Tenderling, The Master, Tubba Sentinel, Urchin, Wart, Wrench Guy, Yaridovich, Yoob, Zeus Guy
Disallowed Nominations: You're not allowed to nominate these now - so don't waste your vote!
- Roy, Microgoomba (already fought this season)
- Dark Paratroopa (Flopside Pit-only Dark enemies not allowed)
- Cosmic Luigi
- Gray Magikoopa (vote counted for Magikoopa)
- Bill Cosby
- Bogmire, Susan (tourist didn't cast a vote with this nomination)
- Bowser (fighter this nomination was cast alongside already eliminated)
- Astro Goomba (vote counted for Metallic Goomba)

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