The Good, the Bad, and the Torte 2
The Four Bringers of Fire

By Chef Torte

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Prologue: A Brief Recap Before the Main Course...

I’m BOB of Cheesy Special FX Incorporated and the narrator of this story! About a month ago in the Mushroom Kingdom as well as the rest of Plit, a major amount of events occurred. Mario Mario, the renowned hero, had been killed, then he was magically combined with the mystical and ancient item, the Crystal Star. “Stario”, a hybrid of Super Mario and the Crystal Star, was born. Though not truly Mario, Stario has most of the basic elements and properties of his former self. Stario, in an awesome display of power, battled against a seemingly invincible foe calling himself Vuljiin. Vuljiin had desired the three precious gems he had told Mario to retrieve. Their true abilities unknown, Mario defended the Crystals with his life. Unfortunately, he was killed, but was brought back as Stario. Vuljiin was defeated.

Princess Toadstool was kidnapped- not by Bowser (GASP), but by a notorious, deranged chef known only as Torte. The mustachioed Koopa captured the princess in an effort to make his evil plan even more maniacal and devilish. Though all it did was make people get stressed out and add to the unique ways of the chef, we still love him, that big galoot. Chef Torte had also formed his Team of Terror, a brutal squad of seven individuals, each with their own strengths: Apprentice, chef and villain in training; Changling, a shapeshifting Magikoopa; Genius Guy, an overly intelligent Shy Guy imbecile that crafted the chef’s Mecha Yoshi, the match to Torte's bonfire of evil; the now dead Grand Glum Reaper, with superior magical abilities; Soshi, another killed in action, a dragon Yoshi with the ability to fly; Whomp, a large living concrete brick; And Embert T. Podoboo, a fireball that just seemed to show up.

King Bowser Koopa was not left out of the adventure. He reunited with his long lost Koopalings (excluding Ludwig) and built a second metal monster, Mecha Mario, with a Mecha Bowser hidden just in case. His robot and Genius Guy's met on the tropical Dinosaur Land and fought it out. While Mario was struggling against Vuljiin, Yoshi, Toad, Luigi, Mallow, and some others flew to Dinosaur Land and hijacked the Mecha Yoshi and stopped Bowser’s plan. Yoshi followed the escaped Chef Torte to his lair on the Island of Soshi. Two of Torte’s team members had been killed, while the rest were out of the picture. Chef Torte was defeated by Yoshi, and he plummeted into Mount Soshima, the volcano of Isle Soshi. Then all of the good guys rendezvoused back in the Mushroom Kingdom to see Stario finish Vuljiin. After this, all of the good guys relaxed and celebrated at Dinosaur Land with their good Yoshi pals.

Some questions and concerns may remain for you, such as the following. You may find yourself asking, “What about the other two Cosmos Crystals?” or maybe, “What was the Koopa Break-up about anyway?” or even, “Why was there a musical?” These questions and more will be answered in the sequel... which you’re reading write now. Yep! It’s, The Good, the Bad, and the Torte 2: The Four Bringers of Fire!

So, after you’ve drooled over the excitement of the first one, you can read this one! Be warned! If you do not read them in chronological order, you might not get some stuff, and it’s a stupid thing to do. So here we go; grab a cappuccino. Relax and get ready for a face full of action, adventure, romance, comedy, suspense, drama, science fiction, mystery, horror, and yes, a face full of PAN OF PAIN!!! It’s The Good, the Bad, and the Torte 2: The Four Bringers of Fire!!!

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Mysterious LVK Industries...
Chapter 2: Torte’s New Recipe For Evil
Chapter 3: Bowser, King of the Stoopa
Chapter 4: Set Sail for Treasure!
Chapter 5: Anchors Aweigh!
Chapter 6: On the Blue Oceans of Plit
Chapter 7: Warrior of the Ancient
Chapter 8: Kooky Capture
Chapter 9: ARRGH!
Chapter 10: The Dark Warrior Attacks!
Chapter 11: Johnny Shores in Toadstool Town
Chapter 12: Mutiny
Chapter 13: We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat!
Chapter 14: Treasure Chart Deciphered!
Chapter 15: Nightmarish Night and Deadly Dawn...
Chapter 16: A Pirate’s Life For Moi!
Chapter 17: Piranha Plant Panic!
Chapter 18: Lavalava Island Visit
Chapter 19: Ekin
Chapter 20: Soshi’s Requiem
Chapter 21: Koopas on the Rocks
Chapter 22: AHH! Pirate Poltergeists!!!
Chapter 23: LVK Industries Located!
Chapter 24: Crystal, Queen of the Ice
Chapter 25: The Iceman Cometh
Chapter 26: Skurmish with the Supernatural
Chapter 27: The Internal Struggle of Stario
Chapter 28: Frosty Fight
Chapter 29: The Villain So Chillin’
Chapter 30: Fishkabob?
Chapter 31: Stario Revived
Chapter 32: PITFALL!
Chapter 33: Reznor Resurrection
Chapter 34: Orchil and LVK Industries
Chapter 35: The Artifact Discovered?
Chapter 36: Suspicious Stowaway
Chapter 37: Nuba and Naya
Chapter 38: Eggciting New Plan
Chapter 39: !Yvan Eht Nioj
Chapter 40: Mosolunar, the Guardian Spirit
Chapter 41: En Route to Barrel Volcano
Chapter 42: Identity Theft
Chapter 43: Deja Vu
Chapter 44: Barrel Volcano Arrival
Chapter 45: The Master of Shapeshifting
Chapter 46: Flora Island Under Siege!
Chapter 47: Calm Before the Storm...
Chapter 48: The Czar Dragon Reborn...
Chapter 49: Meetings of War
Chapter 50: Bon Voyage, Flora Isle!
Chapter 51: The Woes of Princess Peach
Chapter 52: A Heated Confrontation
Chapter 53: The Battle Begins
Chapter 54: Beyond the Flames
Chapter 55: Posiedon, Demon of the Deep
Chapter 56: Eggciting Escape!
Chapter 57: Ignition
Chapter 58: The Infernal Lord
Chapter 59: Shadows of the Future
Chapter 60: DUET OF DOOM!
Chapter 61: The Disastrous Decoy
Chapter 62: The End is Near...
Chapter 63: The Last Battle Begins
Chapter 64: The Mongoose
Chapter 65: Gang-Plank Galleon
Chapter 67: Chef Torte Gets Cooked... Again
Chapter 68: The True, Lord Vuljiin
Chapter 69: Clash of the Titans!
Chapter 70: Vuljiin’s Wrath
Chapter 71: ~Finale~
Chapter 72: Roll the Credits!!!

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