Lemmy's List of Baddies

Thanks to Rachelle for this drawing!

Believe it or not, a lot of people don't know the names of some of our Koopa minions. Okay, I admit that even I don't know about all of them. This list will describe the baddies that help to rid the world of Mario but never get any credit. This page is not a list of every enemy, but is a description of the enemies that appear in Lemmy's Photos and other enemies that I am specifically asked about.

Oh- please do not tell Mario or his friends about anything you read here. If I left out an enemy shown in Lemmy's Photos, or if you want to find out about any other enemy, Email me!

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Air Meow: This is a "HI-TECHNIACAAAAAAAAAAL" piece of air security. It is disguised like a harmless robot but when it sees a intruder it instantly gains a hideous mouth and starts chasing you around. Found in Fort Francis from Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Loxo123.

The Baddies

Mario 3 Power Ranking, by Crazy Packers Fan.

Mario World Power Ranking, by I Larry Koopa I.

Mario 2 Power Ranking, by Crazy Packers Fan.

Paper Mario Power Ranking, by crankymama5452.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Power Ranking, by zz1666.


Skellobomber: These guys are annoying. They will fly around, throw their own head at you, and sometimes throw Skellobaits and/or Spiky Skellobaits. Kill them quick. Found in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Ultralemmy.

Skellobait: Sometimes thrown by Skellobombers, their ice breath will freeze you solid. A good stomping is what they need. Found in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Ultralemmy.

Spiky Skellobait: The problem? Spiky Skellobait. The solution? Bowser's fire breath. They're like Skellobaits, but with a spike. Duh. Found in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Ultralemmy.

Snawful: These guys are REALLY annoying. Midbus creates four at a time, and if you try to attack them, they hide in the ground. They will also breathe an icy breath on Midbus, increasing his defense and restoring 200 health per Snawful. Even when inhaled, they're annoying! They can freeze Mario and Luigi, and are a HUGE threat in numbers. Thankfully, if you defeat enough inside Bowser, an icy cloud forms inside him. Bowser spits it out and it becomes a solid ice block that blocks Midbus's crown. Then no more Snawfuls can come out. HALLELUJAH! Found in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Sent in by Ultralemmy.


????: Yes, that's the name of this enemy, since you can't see their body, only their fins. When they attack you, don't do anything until they pop out of the sand. If a small fish appears, don't jump at all, but if a mean-looking shark (Sharkbone) appears, jump immediately. You should defeat him in one or two hits. Found in Superstar Saga. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Aero: This is a walking, talking, and quite annoying living arrow. He paralyzes all the Mushroomers that he hits in Super Mario RPG. He is shot out by that weird freak, Bowyer. Sent in by Vapor.

Aerodent: This is a teddy bear flying rat that's the boss of the Topaz Passage in Wario Land 4. He is pretty easy, but his fireballs can get annoying. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Air Meow: This is a "HI-TECHNIACAAAAAAAAAAL" piece of air security. It is disguised like a harmless robot but when it sees a intruder it instantly gains a hideous mouth and starts chasing you around. Found in Fort Francis from Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Loxo123.

Airbag: A giant purple balloon enemy that appears in World 1-2 of Yoshi's Story. Some of the crates in that level cannot be Ground Pounded, so you must hit them with eggs. Airbag will appear out of them. He has the power to blow you far, far back, but if you hit the letter X on his body twice, you'll win a melon. Submitted by Dark Boshi.

Albatoss: A bird that carries Bob-ombs in Mario 2. He is more of a traitor than a help because he helps Mario through two of the boards. He is not very dangerous, although he is hard to attack.

Alley Rat: A purple, stronger Rat Funk appearing in the Sunken Ship of Mario RPG. He's fast! Submitted by John.

Amanita:  This Mario RPG Mushroom impersonator isn't very strong, but needless to say, she will turn you into a Mushroom. That's the only reason why she's dangerous. She's mostly found in the Forest Maze. Submitted by Guest 256.

Amazee Dayzee: It's another form of Crazee Dayzee. It's only appearance is in Paper Mario. It's different from another Dayzee because it's more golden and has sparkles, plus it has 20 HP. Your best bet is to make it get dizzy and then use your best attacks to defeat it before it runs away. It's very useful because it gives out a lot of Star Points. It's seen next to the Blue Berry tree in Flower Fields. Submitted by Misty Koopa.

Amazing Flying Hammer Brother: The Hammer Brother in Mario World who flies on those light grey blocks with wings, which carry him left and right, swooping up and down. He throws hammers everywhere. He's a bit hard, but this can be countered, for when he swoops down all you must do is jump and he'll be knocked off. He's particularly hard when you're crossing platforms that fall. Submitted by I Larry Koopa I.

Ameboid: This blue thing is found in the factory at the end of the game. He doesn't have high HP, but if you fail to destroy him in one attack he will split into four parts. Then he's a bit of a nuisance. Sent in by Jazzman.

Amp: A floating electric metal ball that is found in some levels of Mario 64. They are invincible so avoid them. Also appears in Mario Party 3. Submitted by Hip.

Angler Mangler: The mini-boss of Shivering Mountains in Wario World. To defeat it, attack the Barrel Buster that appears, grab it, and Piledrive it under the hanging light. The first Angler Mangler takes three hits, and the second takes five. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Angry Balloon: This is a mad balloon that chases Yoshi in a secret area in Bigger Boo's Fort. It looks a lot like a Boo... Anyway, throw three eggs at it and it should drop a Red ! Switch. Now go get that Flower! Appears in Yoshi's Island. Sent in by Fly Guy.

Angry Sun: A giant self-powered fireball that likes to home in on Mario. One of the rarer enemies, he is seen only twice in Mario 3. He has a large range and is very dangerous, but can be destroyed by a Koopa shell.

Ankiron: This enemy appears in Wario World and looks like a big turtle with cannons on its back. If it hides in its shell when you attack it, just walk away from it and it will come out. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Ant: These enemies seem huge when Mario is shrunk in Macro World, and there is also a larger but otherwise same version found in Tree Zone. Found in Super Mario Land 2. Sent in by Mr.Nose.

Anti Guy: The dark green Shy Guy found in Shy Guy's Toy Box from Paper Mario. He guards a treasure chest. He has 50 HP, and can do 11-12 damage. When you defeat him you will receive the Power Plus Badge. Submitted by Lemmy Koopa 2280.

Anuboo: These guys inhabit Teehee Valley in place of the Grtitty Goombas (well, at least there non-battle sprites do) at one point in Superstar Saga. They attack outside of battle by sending a laser beam at the
brothers after teleporting near the brothers. In battle they will teleport in front of the brothers, turn into the shadow of the brother they're attacking, then change back, flash their eyes, and send a laser beam at the brother they're attacking. Have the brother they turn into jump when the Anuboo's eyes flash. Submitted by Super Goomba.

Aqua Lakitu: A Lakitu found in deep water in Yoshi's Island. I can see why he's called that. He takes aim and throws spiked balls at Yoshi. Submitted by Extreme nintendo master.

Aqualea: A mermaid who is Toad's first opponent in the cave. Only appears in Wario's Woods. Submitted by Coco.

Appleby: A lizard that lives inside of walls and trees in Wario Land 3. They throw apples at you, and if you eat the apples, you'll turn into Fat Wario. Submitted by Beezo'n'Weldar.

Apprentice: He aspires to be a Snifit. If you let him beat you, he'll become Snifit 4! Then another one will want to be Snifit 5... Sent in by John.

Arachne: A venomous spider found in SMRPG. He can poison one of your party, so be sure to ice him first. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Arantula: A creepy black spider that likes to web people. Lives only in dark areas. Appeared in PM2. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Armored Ant: As the name suggests, this is an ant that has armor (and an axe!). He has good defense, so let Mallow put the freeze on him. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Army Ant: These enemies behave the same as Ants, but a Bullet Bill launcher on their heads. Found in Super Mario Land 2. Sent in by Mr.Nose.

Army Hammer Bro: A boss from Super Princess  Peach. He's the Hammer Bros. leader, and serves King Bowser in his evil deeds. Quite loyal, actually. Submitted by Paperlemmy.

Artichoker: This weird plant-like creature inhabits Booster’s Pass, it isn’t very tough at all once you beat it a couple of times. It looks more like an oversized pinecone. It's in Super Mario RPG… as you might’ve guessed. Submitted by Crazykoopa.

Atomic Boo: The equivalent of Boolosus, this Boo is formed from a ton of normal Boos in Creepy Steeple of PM2. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Attacky Sack: No, not Lemmy's ball but a big ball with many colors on it. He is dangerous because he bounces all over the room. He appears in Yoshi's Story in 6-4. Submitted by Coco.

Autobomb: A mobile cannon that Shy Guys ride in World 4 of Mario 2. They shoot fireballs and can't be picked up, but can be killed. Sent in by John.

Axem Rangers: Five hoodlums who like to steal things, especially those that help create happiness. They steal the sixth star in Mario RPG, and Mario is forced to defeat them. They are difficult because they get a lot of turns each round. Each gets one, and some are fast enough to get extra turns. Combined, they have all the powers- great physical and magic defense, great physical and magic offense, and a recover move. Mario and his team must be very well prepared in order to defeat them.


Baby Blooper: Spawn from Super Blooper in Paper Mario, these little guys may be cute, but watch out! They can suck away Mario's health! Yep, they're just at gross from they day they're born to the day they die! They also trail some Bloopers in Mario 3. They're invincible then, so try not to get to close. Submitted by Paperlemmy.

Baby Bowser: Who does this guy think he is anyway? He shows up in Mario Party 1, 2, and 3 (the Baby Bowser Yoshi meets really is Bowser as a kid), and steals the spotlight! Just where he fits into the whole Koopa circle is beyond me; Bowser calls him a cohort. Nevertheless, he has certainly found his way into Bowser's favor. There are at least seven of him... just the right number for Koopalings...

Badge Bandit: A purple Bandit who steals your badges in PM2. That may not seem bad now, but don't come crying to me when your Power Plus badges are gone... Submitted by Blue Boo.

Bahamut: A cameo from the Final Fantasy series, this red dragon is summoned by Box Boy in SMRPG. Has some pretty awesome fire attacks, but hates ice. Can cause fear and sleep. Submitted by Joanie Koopa.

Bald Cleft: A little stone dude with no spikes. Has high defense and hangs out in Schhwonk Fortress of PM2. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Ball Bunny: his crazy sports-playing rabbit attacks by jumping on his enemies. When he does, he turns them into the ball. Found in Wario Land 2 and 3. Submitted by Crazykoopa.

Balloon Boo: A Boo that blows up like a balloon when you look at it. Found in New Super Mario Bros. Sent in by Axemblack97.

Bandana Blue: These are the guards of Johnny in the Sunken Ship of Mario RPG. They've got higher HP than the red ones, but a good Thunderbolt'll still take 'em. Submitted by John.

Bandana Red: These are low-level pirate sharks that attack near the end of the Sunken Ship in Mario RPG. They are asy to beat, just use Thunderbolt or Shocker. Submitted by John.

Bandit: This crook appears in Yoshi's Island as a toe foe that kidnaps Mario, is tough to kill, and play mini-games, Three hits kills him in his original game. In Paper Mario he appears early in the game but he is still strong based on Mario's probable level when he reaches him. Be careful.

Banzai Bill: These giant bullets fly through Mario World. Their size makes them tough to stomp on. Sent in by John.

Barfatronic Lavachomper: The boss of Sweatmore Peak. A device built to regulate the flow of magma, and also seek out and terrorize the occasional intruder. Why it looks so darn weird is anyone's guess. Found in Wario: Master of Disguise. Sent in by ghettobananachris.

Barney Bubble: A sneaky character in Yoshi’s Island that blows bubbles. He can not be killed by stomping, but he is usually not very dangerous. Sometimes his bubbles knock Yoshi off cliffs, though.

Baron Brrr: An ice creature that controls the Freezeflame Galaxy's Freezy Peak. Mario must use an Ice Flower to get to him and spin into him twice to damage him. Found in Super Mario Galaxy. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Baseball Boy: A baseball lover who appears in Yoshi’s Island. He looks a lot like Bandit and is defeated the same way. He is less dangerous to Mario directly, because he will not steal Mario, but the baseballs he throws are very dangerous. He also has the defense of being invulnerable to eggs from the front, because he will catch them and heave them back.

Bat: Bats appear harmless in Luigi's Mansion, but they can pack a small punch. There are two types, purple and yellow, and they can both be easily vacuumed up. Submitted by David.

Batadon: A bouncing stone head found in Super Mario Land. Stomp him if you can, and watch out, because he can bounce through platforms. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Battle Beetle: Hopping around in SML2, they can be found in the Macro Zone. If you manage to get your hands (or feet) on them, give a jump to get 'em out of commission. Submitted by Guest256.

Battle Salmon: Found in the watery areas of the Smithsnorian Museum. A paper-thin fish that moves with the speed of 10,000 winds and sacrifices its own life to damage enemies... What a jerk. From Wario: Master of Disguise. Sent in by ghettobananachris.

Bazooka Ant: An Ant with a cannon mounted on its head, as seen in the Macro Zone of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Avoid the shots and give 'em a hop on the head. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Beaker: A monster with a beak seen in Wario's Woods. He can only be defeated by lining up two or more monsters and one bomb of the same color diagonally. He's a bit more troublesome to the meddlesome
Mushroom. He appears along with his buddy Scram. Submitted by Jazzman.

Beanie: The most common enemy in the Beanbean Kingdom. He attacks by ramming you or falling to his side and then ramming you. Rarely you'll find a gold Beanie. They have higher attack power but usually run away. If you kill them, you'll get more experience than usual, and a Spike A Badge. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Bee: Found near beehives in Super Mario Sunshine in Bianco Hills, Gelato Beach, and Pianta Village. To defeat them, use Yoshi to eat them. If you spray the beehive down, a ton of bees come out. If you eat them all, you win a Blue Coin. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Bee: Found in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. It is found in the Tree Zone. One stomp is all it takes to kill them. Submitted by Crazy Koopa.

Beezley: This bee from Wario Land 4 likes to sting Wario, which will make him able to float. He can be defeated by jumping on him. Only in Wildflower Fields. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Beezo: A flying baddie with a pointed fork who attacks Mario in Mario 2. Sometimes he runs straight at Mario, and sometimes he dives for Mario. He is not very dangerous by himself, but he has great strength in numbers. He can also be dangerous when Mario has to jump carefully in order not to fall.

Beldam: The leader of the Three Shadow Sirens from PM2. She's tiny, wears a blue hat, and smells like fish.  She enjoys abusing her sister Vivian. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Belome: A dog boss that appears twice in Mario RPG. He is especially vulnerable to Mario's jump attack. He isn't really evil, but just hungry.

Bessie Bass: Found in Bessie Bass' Battleship of Yoshi's Island DS. It's an overgrown Cheep Cheep that attempts to eat you. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Biff Atlas: The weightlifter of the Rec Room in Luigi's Mansion. To defeat him, hit him with punching bags three times and then vacuum him up. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Big Bandit: A green Bandit who steals items and coins in PM2.  Wouldn't wanna hang around these guys in a dark alley at night... Submitted by Blue Boo.

Big Bertha: A large fish that eats Mario in Mario 3, and Yoshi in Yoshi’s Story. She has a large range, so Mario and Yoshi need to keep moving. She is very dangerous, because her bite is instant death. She can be killed by fireballs, but she is a hard target and she always comes back. She is slightly less dangerous in the waters of Mario 3, where she will not eat Mario, but will still block his path. She is called Blurp in Yoshi’s Island.

Big Bertha: It’s not the fish thing in SMB3; it’s a cannon thing from SMRPG. Nintendo shouldn’t have given them both the same name… Appears in Bowser’s Keep. Submitted by TJ Koopa.

Big Blooper: A gigantic Blooper from Super Paper Mario. It attacks with its many tentacles. Its red tentacle is its weak point. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Big Bob-omb: The boss of Bob-omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64. Throw him on the ground three times to beat him. Submitted by Damage.

Big Bone Fist: The mini-boss of Horror Manor in Wario World. When it does its slam attack, Ground Pound it. Two or three hits should do the job. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Big Boo: A giant Boo Diddly that attacks in Mario World, Yoshi's Safari, Mario RPG, Yoshi’s Island, and Mario 64. He also appears in Mario Party 1 and 2, and possibly in 3. He is more dangerous than the small version because he is a larger obstacle and moves slightly faster. He is invincible in Mario World, except for the one time when he is a boss. After that he is only a little stronger than the Boo Diddly. He is the third boss in Yoshi’s Island, and he is difficult because Yoshi can’t look at him. Yoshi has to shoot eggs at the wall and have them rebound back into him. In addition he is a boss in Yoshi's Safari and Mario 64.

Big Bully: The boss of Lethal Lava Land, you must punch him into the lava to beat him.  Submitted by I Larry Koopa I.

Big Bungee Piranha: Found in Big Bungee Piranha's Lair of Yoshi's Island DS. This purple Piranha Plant will attempt to bite you from above. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Big Guy the Stilted: A giant Stilt Guy found in Yoshi's Island DS. He shoots regular Shy Guys from his eye and must be shot back into the lava and ground pounded to be hurt. Found later in the game, but should produce no trouble. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Big Lanturn Ghost: Man is this guy ANNOYING!!! His Flash not only does 2 damage to you, it does the same to your buddy (almost impossible to block both). Also, his Hip Drop is very mean and he blows out his lantern if you try anything funny (like Outta Sight) and his lantern is shining bright. He counts as behind his lantern, so you have to use a ranged attack or a jump. Sent in by Aleth.

Big Piranha Statue: These are the same as Piranha Statues. They shoot laser beams, but they’re bigger. Found in Super Mario Land 2. Sent in by Mr.Nose.

Big Sammer Guy: Huge, powerful, but slow Sammer Guys that are even bigger then Bowser! Like other Sammer Guys, their power varies. The strongest one, End Boss, is the most powerful Big Sammer Guy of all. Found in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Big Scorper: These scorpions appear in Pecan Sands of Wario World. Ground Pound where the tail goes into the sand three times to stun it. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Big Steely: These are the giant metal balls thrown by Bowser in the second fight in Mario World. They are really hard enemies to avoid because they are really big and hard to jump over; it's good to keep the Feather with Mario for this fight. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Bigger Boo: Essentially just a Big Boo, he is the third boss in Yoshi's Island. He disappears when Yoshi looks at him, so Yoshi has to face the wall opposite him and bounce eggs off of it.

Bill Blaster: These cannons in Paper Mario have good defense, but can't injure you directly. They create a Bullet Bill every odd turn. Sent in by Aleth.

Biokinton: The fourth boss in Super Mario Land, this is the cloud you fight before Tatanga. He shoots Chickens at Mario and moves all around the room you fight in, so be careful. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Birdo: An egg spitting dinosaur that thinks he’s a girl. He is the boss of many of the levels in Mario 2, and is also a boss in Mario RPG found inside the eggshell 'Shelly'. He can be defeated by returning three of his eggs or throwing three mushroom blocks at him. He starts off slow and very easy, but he comes to spit eggs faster and then spits fire, and can become very difficult. Some of the ‘Birdos’ actually are shes, and they are called Birdetta. She also appeared as a character in Mario Tennis, and shows up alongside Popple near the end of Superstar Saga.

Birdy: A guard of Valentina. They seem to have an undying hatred for her, however. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Bittacuda: Large fish that swim at anything they lay their eyes on! Bowser's fire breath will make quick work of them. They appear in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Blamses: Lies in wait in Poobah the Pharoah's Pyramid. A cannon made of solid gold. Many a robber has tried to steal it, only to end up blown flat on his duff by the very treasure he sought. From Wario: Master of Disguise. Sent in by ghettobananachris.

Blargg: A fire creature that inhabits the lava of volcanic caves in Mario World and Yoshi’s Story. He is invincible, but he is usually not very dangerous because he shows himself before he pops out of the lava. He has been known to kill Mario by making him laugh at his stupid expression, though.

Blaster: The less powerful version of Big Bertha in SMRPG, found in Booster's Tower. Submitted by TJ Koopa.

Blazing Shroob: A Shroob on fire! Found in Partners in Time, if you're hoping he'll just fizzle out, think again! UFOs use his fire to fuel guns that shoot the Mario Bros. These guys will also toss some of their flames at the Bros. It could be put out, though... Submitted by Paperlemmy.

Blizzaurus: A boss from Super Princess Peach found on Vibe Island. It's a fierce dragon with ice powers! It will turn into a sprite after a few hits. Is it really a bad guy? Submitted by Paperlemmy.

Blockhopper: They pretend to be ? Blocks. You can stand on their heads or kill them with ground pounds. Found in New Super Mario Bros. Submitted by Crazy Koopa.

Blooper: A member of the original Koopa Troop and a strong enemy inhabiting the waters of Mario 1, Mario 3, Yoshi's Safari, Mario RPG, and Paper Mario. He is dangerous because he can move faster and more precisely than Mario. He has a small range, though, and can be destroyed by fireballs. Some of them have children, which are more dangerous that the parent because they are invincible. In Yoshi's Safari he can go on land for a bit. Although I haven't seen it myself, I've heard he can fly in The Lost Levels.

Blooper Baby: In SMB3, Nanny Bloopers fire these invincible guys in different directions. In Paper Mario, they are released by the Super Blooper and only have 6 HP. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Blow Globe: This enlarged form of a Snow Globe has mutated to a terrible size. Quake in fear at its freezy crystals! Found in Sneezemore Cave of Master of Disguise. Sent in by fuzzyboy10.

Blowhard: An animal-like plant that grows in Yoshi’s Island. He is one of the few enemies that aims before shooting, and is dangerous because he is quick and accurate. He can not be killed, but he can be stunned by a ground pound. He is extremely dangerous if Yoshi does not know about his weakness.

Blue Blaze: These ghosts from Luigi's Mansion have hearts of water, so use the Ice Element to freeze them, then suck 'em up. Submitted by David.

Blue Mouse: Ghost mice wander in the halls of Luigi's Mansion, and they can be sucked up easily. Blue ones crawl on the floor, while purple ones can also scale walls. Submitted by David.

Blue Twirler: These strong ghosts from Luigi's Mansion have 30 HP and pack a stronger punch than a Purple Puncher. They slam the ground, causing a supersonic wave and hurting you. Keep your distance and grab them when you can. Submitted by David.

Bluebird: It appears to be an enhanced version of a Birdy. Fire will do these guys in. I wonder how these birds feel about Valentina. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Blurp: Cheep Cheeps that appear in Super Mario World and Mario Kart. In Super Mario World they'll swim in an up and down or sideways pattern, and are sometimes found flailing about out of water; banging into them kills them if this is the case. In Mario Kart they're found on Koopa Troopa Beach and are obstacles. Submitted by Simon.

Blusty: These appear in Yoshi Touch & Go and will fly up and down or backwards and forwards. Defeat them to get 2 points. Submitted by Green Yoshi.

Bobo: A giant bird that lives on the S.S. Teacup in Wario Land and Wario Land 2. He hates having things thrown at him and will try to blow you off a cliff by flapping his wings. Submitted by Tatanga.

Bob-omb: A bomb with a short, already lit fuse that bombards Mario 2, Mario 3, Mario World, Yoshi's Safari, Mario RPG, Mario 64, and Paper Mario. During his short life, he searches out Mario and tries to destroy him, but he only gets one chance. He is slightly traitorous because he will sometimes remove a wall for Mario and allow him to get to a special power-up. He is usually not too dangerous as long as Mario is alert.

Bob-ulk: A HUGE purple Bob-omb in PM2. They enjoy eating, eating, eating, and exploding everyone. Painful. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Body: The body of Corkpedite and Smithy in SMRPG. For Corkpedite, it has about 400-something HP and VERY high defense. But for the second part of the Smithy battle, it has Smithy's arms, a star, and such. For that version, it has 1,000 HP. Knocking it out will make Corkpedite easier to kill, and, for Smithy, stops his movements for a while. When it's Corkpedite's body, it has a mean instant death move that can, fortunately, be blocked, called Migraine. Submitted by TJVJ7@aol.com.

Bodyguard: A Shyster that defends Mack in SMRPG. He goes into battle with these guys and sometimes leaves you alone with them. Use Mallow’s thunderbolt to wipe them all out in one turn. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Bogmire: This is a purple shadow that is the second boss of Luigi's Mansion, found in the Graveyard. It creates black clones of himself that attack Luigi using thunderbolts from the sky. He isn't really hard once you know how to defeat him. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Bomb Boo: A black Boo with yellow eyes. This Boo explodes on contact. If you spin near them, Mario will grab its tongue and spin it around. Keep it swinging by spinning, and hit it against any object or enemy. You'll lose your grip if the tongue hita any object. Appears in Super Mario Galaxy. Sent in by Tony Paratroopa.

Bombat: It flies in Poobah the Pharoah's pyramid, waiting to annoy you during puzzles. An explosive bat born from an unholy union of ancient biotechnology and modern chemical warfare. These creatures patrol the entire pyramid, ever watchful. From Wario: Master of Disguise. Sent in by ghettobananachris.

Bombshell Bill: The stronger version of Bullet Bill, found in Bowser's Castle in Paper Mario. To avoid getting hit by a First Strike, you can use Bow's power of transparency. Submitted by Guest256.

Bombshell Bill Blaster: Say that three times fast! These suped up Bill Blasters found in Bowser's Castle of Paper Mario have heavy defense, so it's best to use Watt for the battle. They release Bombshell Bills every odd turn. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Bone Dragon: A long dragon skeleton that spits fireballs in Yoshi's Story. He hates eggs in his face. Two eggs kills one. This guy is simple, but a fight with him can't be avoided if you want to go further into the level. He also appears with multiple heads, all of which must be killed. Sent in by Aleth.

Bonechill: An icy demon from the Underwhere that came up to the Overthere in order to find the Pure Heart there. It attacks with ice breath and icicles. Appears in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Bonetail: The fierce dragon at the last level of The Pit of 100 Trials. He has 200 HP and 2 defense points. His attack can do double-digit damage to you. Submitted by Fawful Koopa.

Bony Beetle: This dead creature first appeared in Mario World, where he can not be killed because he reassembles himself after being stomped on. He reappears in Paper Mario in a killable form, but sometimes he grows spikes. This raises his attack power and makes him harder to attack.

Boo: Ghost that haunts dark, damp places in Mario 3, Mario World, Yoshi's Safari, Mario RPG, Yoshi’s Island, Mario 64... and many more games. Although not a member of the original SMB1 cast, they have gone on to become a very recurring foe and have, as of my last analysis, appeared in more games than any other Mario enemy, when including cameos and such. From their first appearances in the platformers, Boos, also called Boo Diddley or Boo Buddy, were known to float steadily towards Mario while he is not looking, but to stop and hide their face when he looks at them. They were also known to be impervious to Mario's normal attacks, being vulnerable only to power-ups such as sledgehammers and invincibility. In later games, however, they do not always shy away from being looked at, and may be vulnerable to more mundane attacks. Their shining moment was in Luigi's Mansion when the Boos, led by King Boo, were able to imprison Mario, only to later be defeated by Luigi.

Boo Blah: These are light blue creatures found in Bigger Boo's Fort of Yoshi's Island. They will hide (not very well) on the floors and ceilings. Then they will pop out and say "Boo!" Kind of hard to avoid. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Boo Chain: A big Boo with three little Boos. When you move Yoshi, they move the opposite direction. Each of them has a melon. Submitted by Coco.

Boo Goomba: Basically, a cross between a Boo and a Goomba. Only Green Shells or a Starman can defeat them. They haunt the Pumpkin Zone in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Boo Guy: Ghost Shy Guys that attack by splitting in two and attacking both Bros, but only one is real. Found in Partners in Time. Found by ghettobananachris.

Boo Man Bluff: An orange Boo with a black blindfold that appears in the dark chamber of Bigger Boo's Fort in Yoshi's Island. He will only attack Yoshi if Yoshi makes a lot of noise. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Bookends: Found only in Big Boo's Haunt, these books from the book shelves fly right at you! Punch or jump to win a blue coin. Submitted by I Larry Koopa I.

Boolossus: Well he's really 15 Boos combined to make one BIG Boo. He is the third boss in Luigi's Mansion. The big one bounces around, chasing Luigi until it hits a unicorn's horn. It then pops into 15 small Boos that you have to freeze with ice power, and then vacuum up. Easy? No! The Boos are hard to defend and the more you freeze, the faster the other ones and the Big Boo gets. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Boom Boom: A very strong Koopa servant that prides in his speed. He is the boss of the fortresses in Mario 3. He flings himself at Mario with great speed, and can also fly. He is harder if there are blocks in the room, because they hinder Mario’s jumps. He is very dangerous if he is allowed to run around, but Mario can stomp him before he has the chance to do so.

Boom Guy: A Shy Guy from Partners in Time with a cannon strapped to his head. Submitted by Grey Guy.

Boomboxer: A strange, music-loving creature featured in Super Paper Mario. This guy is usually  found in Yold Desert, but it does appear in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials as well. Boomboxers move around rather slowly, possibly dancing around; whatever it dances to, we may never know. It has 4 Heart Points so in the early stages of the game it is quite robust. When you come into its sight, its face will contort as it blasts high-powered soundwaves at you. These soundwaves do 2 points of damage and can travel through walls and other solid objects, so you'd do well to avoid it; jumping or flipping into 3D will do. Also, if you try to run up behind them, they may occasionally turn around and blast sound at you. Dunno why it makes that crazy face, but it must be enjoying itself, its aggravating grin evidence of that. Its relatives are Beepboxers and Blastboxers, which are more powerful versions. Sent in by Kody.

Boomer: A pessimistic samurai found in Mario RPG. He has some pretty decent HP and no weaknesses, but don’t let him ruin your day. You should be fine unless he sees fit to use his Shocker, so be cautious. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Boomerang Brother: A Hammer Brother that throws boomerangs at Mario in Mario 3. His attack is usually easy to avoid, but he is hard to attack. He is easy if Mario happens to have a fire flower, but is otherwise difficult in battles where he must be destroyed. He also appears a couple of times in Yoshi's Safari as a mini-boss. He's not too hard but he appears just as often there as in Mario 3.

Booster: Booster apparently has been shut up in his own tower in Mario RPG for too long. He is foolish and likes trains, bugs, dolls, and cake. He also likes females who fall on him from out of the sky.

Bopping Toady: Found in SML2, these hopping creatures are found in Tree Zone 1. Watch out when it sticks out its tongue. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Boss Bass: Not to be confused with Big Bertha, this identical fish also inhabits the waters of Mario 3, but they swim around beneath the surface. Also, they just deal normal damage and don’t eat Mario in one gulp. Submitted by Hip.

Bouldergeist: A spirit that is protected by boulder armor. After losing his armor, his uvula (or whatever it is) will be vulnerable to Bomb Boos. Found in Super Mario Galaxy. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Bouncing Bullet Bill: A golden Bullet Bill shot out of a golden cannon. The cannon locks onto you, and the Bullet Bill bounces off walls. Submitted by Crazy Bowser.

Bouncing Chomp: A giant Chomp that bounces up and down, usually heading in one direction. A real pain to try to avoid, because with many of these at once, you have to be Houdini trying to escape. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Bowletta: A combination of Bowser and Cackletta. After your battle with Cackletta, she will turn into a spirit. After Fawful finds her a body, Bowletta is born. She appears in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Submitted by Koopiana Jones.

Bowling Ghost: These guys carry a bowling ball, and can toss them at will in Luigi's Mansion. Avoid their balls and wait until they toss them. Then catch them. They have 0 HP as well. Submitted by David.

Bowling Goonie: A round Goonie that rolls around in Yoshi's Island. I wonder what made him so round. Oh yeah, these guys cannot fly. Submitted by Extreme nintendo master.

Bowser Clone: Copy of Bowser that is made by Belome in the second battle with him. Very high HP and attack, but is weak against magic. Be sure to bring along Mallow if you plan on fighting him. Sent in by Jeff the Great.

Bowser Jr: Bowser's son, who uses a magic paintbrush that E. Gadd gave him and turns into Shadow Mario in his first game, Super Mario Sunshine. At the end he shoots Bullet Bills at you while you're fighting Bowser. He also appears in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Mario Power Tennis.  He looks like Baby Bowser (Bowser as little kid) but wears a bandana around his neck. Submitted by Freezy Toad.

Bowser Statue:  A statue of Bowser that appears in Mario 3 and Mario World. In Mario 3 they shoot lasers at Mario. In Mario World the gray ones shoot fire and the golden ones jump at Mario. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Bowser???: This Bowser in Paper Mario is just a robot made by the Koopa Bros. His Bop takes off only 1 HP. After defeating him, the Koopa Bros. will come out of it. Sent in by Aleth.

Bowyer: The maniacal bow creature who guards the second star in Mario RPG. His unusual powers include sleep arrows and action-dissabling buttons. He’s just crazy.

Box Boy: The third chest monster Mario will encounter in Mario RPG, this one shows up in Bean Valley, and, depending on how Mario does in the chest lottery, he may have to face Box Boy more than once. This box continues the strong line and packs really strong monsters and a high HP. If it weren't for that jump weakness he still maintains, he would be extremely formidable.

Brambles: Appearing in level 5-3 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, they have a ball for a head and two vines to use as legs to squish or trap Mario. Hit the top of their heads to beat them, or hit the underside of their heads to earn some coins. You can freeze them to make useable bridges. It’s still a tricky enemy despite those techniques because it is large and the way it walks makes it hard to land on its head without being hit by one of the legs, which it swings over its head as it moves. Sent in by Yosh 3000.

Brawl Doll: This boss of Horror Manor is a flying doll. The quickest way to stun it is to throw a pillar at it, then grab it and use a Mad Move on it. Do this four more times to win. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Brick Monster: As his name shows, he's a monster made of bricks. He'll throw bricks at you, so be careful! You can find him in Mario VS Donkey Kong. Submitted by Luigi_Ownz.

Brier: These appear in Yoshi Touch & Go and can come in red and green and spiked and non-spiked, but basically these enemies float in the sky completely stationary. Beating them will earn you 2 points. Submitted by Green Yoshi.

Bristle: A stone creature covered in sharp spikes found in PM2. It doesn't seem possible to approach it without getting hurt... Submitted by Blue Boo.

Brobot: A giant robot that Mr. L controls in Super Paper Mario. Mario and company fight it in Outer Space. It shoots missiles and laser beams. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Brobot L-Type: An upgraded version of Brobot that now comes with hands and feet. It is more powerful then the former Brobot, though its HP is lower. Appears in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Broozer: A purple ghost with boxing gloves that can destroy certain blocks. Found in New Super Mario Bros. Sent in by Axemblack97.

Bub: Found at the beginning of Dire Dire Docks, they swim with the sharks (Sushi). They are invincible. Submitted by I Larry Koopa I.

Bubba: This is that stupid annoying fish from Mario Party who switches Bowser and Toad on Yoshi's Tropical Island. When Bowser calls you fat on that same level, he obviously hasn't seen this guy! Sent in by Guest256.

Buffy the Dolphin: Can be seen strutting his stuff in Blowhole Castle. A buff dolphin who sacrificed his hydrodynamic body for gigantic muscles. Recently, his movie career has taken a back seat to politics. Found in Wario: Master of Disguise. Sent in by ghettobananachris.

Bugaboom: The leader of the Mandibug Clan. He resides in the Honeyhive Kingdom. He can only be defeated by Ground Pounds, however he gains wings after the first hit. Found in Super Mario Galaxy. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Bulky Bob-omb: A pink relative of the Bob-ulk from PM2. They tend to cause mass explosions that hurt everyone in the general area. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Bullet Bill: An inanimate member of the original Koopa Troop. He shoots out of cannons in a straight line. He is not dangerous by himself, but he almost always appears in large numbers. He occasionally has the ability to turn around towards Mario, but this is more annoying than dangerous. He appears in Mario 1, Mario 3, Mario World, Yoshi's Safari, Yoshi's Island, Mario RPG (in the cannons), Mario 64, and Paper Mario.

Bully: A Bob-omb-like creature with spikes that likes to knock you off cliffs in Mario 64. Defeat them by knocking them off instead with punches. Sent in by Aleth.

Bully: A cow's head inside Yoob's belly from Partners in Time. Rams the Mario Bros. When attacked, they'll get angrier, faster, and more powerful. Attack it when it's already angry and it will get even angrier, faster, and more powerful! Attack it again... well, you get the idea. Submitted by Paperlemmy.

Bumpty Penguin: A rubber decoy that appears in icy areas in Yoshi’s Story. He does not attack, but is notorious for bouncing Yoshi right off cliffs. Also, he can not be eaten as a preventive measure. He is therefore very dangerous, and it is good to avoid him whenever possible.

Bunbun: Appearing in Super Mario Land, most notably in World 1-2, they drop spears onto Mario's head. It's sorta hard to get the timing (and altitude) to jump on them, but their assaults are easy to elude. Submitted by Guest256.

Bundt: Chef Torte's greatest creation, Bundt. Bundt appears in Mario RPG with Chef Torte in Merrymore. He has 900 HP and should be attacked by everyone. Submitted by Lakitu 2000.

Bungee Piranha: An upside down Piranha Plant found in Yoshi's Island DS  These guys may slide down and bite you if you go under them, so you should quickly attack them before they can to you. Not a troublesome enemy, really. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Burnt Cheep Cheep: Located in Corona Mountain of Mario Sunshine, these lava versions of the Cheep Cheep hurts like mad! Submitted by Moses Kim.

Burt Bros: Two giant Bashfuls that are the mini-bosses of World 1 of Yoshi's Island DS. They're not quite as big as Burt the Bashful, but still strategic. They can hop on each other, and stomp you. Throw eggs at them to defeat them. Sent in by Fly Guy.

Burt the Bashful: A shy bouncer who appears in Yoshi’s Island. He is not really that difficult to avoid, and can also be destroyed by eggs, but he may often be dangerous because he is the first character to bounce around and is quick, so an inexperienced Yoshi may get confused. He is the first boss, but a hole in his floor makes him very easy,

Buster Beetle: A skilled baddie who appears in Mario 3. He is one of the few members of the Koopa Troop who is able to use tools. He throws rocks at Mario. He is not usually very dangerous because one stomp can kill him, but he can usually attack Mario before Mario can attack him. Sometimes he can also prevent Mario from finding a power up by stealing all the blocks.

Buzzer: Seems to be a relative of the Bzzap! Like the other bee, he has powerful attack and horrible HP. One attack should be able to kill him. Found in Mario RPG. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Buzzar: A black-winged, pink-headed buzzard in Paper Mario with some good attacks. Her Feather Flap technique attacks both active members of your team. Repeatedly tap A really fast to reduce damage. Her Claw Grip can be avoided the same way. Her Feather Fling and Claw Strike are normal attacks. She's the boss in charge of the mountain on the way to the desert. If you don't want to fight her, when she asks who you are, say Luigi. Sent in by Aleth.

Buzzy Beetle: An armored Koopa Troopa that inhabits underground caves. He is a member of the original Koopa Troop, and appears in Mario 1, Mario 3, Mario World, and Paper Mario. He is slightly more dangerous than the Koopa Troopa because he can’t be killed by fire, but he is still pretty easy to defeat or avoid. He is traitorous in the pyramid of Mario 3, where his shell is used to break through walls. He sometimes has the ability to walk on ceilings.

Bzzap!:  Whoa, this guy is pretty tough. His HP is lame, as you can kill him with the Ultra Boots without even doing the Action Command. However, he can inflict a lot of damage, poison you, and call in his pals to help him. He's VERY quick, so be sure to equip the Chill Out Badge. Submitted by Guest256.


7Cackletta/Cackletta's Ghost: The main villain of Superstar Saga. She steals Peach's voice at the start of the game, intending to use it to control the Beanstar to rule the Beanbean Kingdom. Submitted by Terry.

Cactus Jack: A cactus that throws Needlenoses high up in the air in Yoshi's Island. If Yoshi eats the Needlenose the cactus will become sad but after a while he will get another Needlenose to throw. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Cannon: On the doomships of Mario 3, these are cannons that shoot cannonballs all over the place. Some shoot in every direction and others just shoot in one direction. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Cannon-Mouth: These pigs with cannons on their mouths are quite common in SML2. Every so often, they will shoot cannonballs in your direction. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Captain Skull: The boss of Sparkle Land in Wario World, he's a pirate with a cannon on his arm. Get near him and punch him three times, then do a Mad Move on him. After doing three Mad Moves, you must throw a barrel or his cannonballs at him to stun him. The barrels can also produce garlic, so get it if you need to restore some health. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Captain Syrup: The leader of the Black Sugar Pirates and a thorn in Wario's side, she is the main enemy of Wario Land 1 and 2. She is not known for her physical prowess, but calls on a powerful genie to help her the first time, then fights Wario in a series of tough mechanisms.

Capture Kong: It captures your Mini-Marios in Mario vs DK 2. Knock it out with fireballs or hammers to free your Mini-Marios. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Carlton: A masked knight who is Toad's second opponent in Wario's Castle. Why can't he at least show us
what kind of creature he is? Only appears in Wario's Woods. Submitted by Coco.

Carroboscis: A carrot-like monster found in Booster pass. He has fair HP and likes to use status attacks. Sent in by Jazzman.

Cataquack: A penguin-like enemy that appears in Gelato Beach of Super Mario Sunshine. If you get near it, it will chase you. If they hit you, they will fling you into the air. Red ones do damage, but blue ones don't do any. You can squirt them then stomp them to stun them for a while and win a coin (two of them drop Blue Coins in certain episodes), but to really defeat them, get them near a Dune Bud to stun them, then squirt the plant until a structure comes out. You can also get Yoshi to eat them. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Catbat: The boss of the Sapphire Passage is a weird-looking cat with bat wings. His attack is creating waves that you need to jump on and then press B and hit the thingy on his head. Then you need to ground pound him. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Ceiling Surprise: These wimpy guys only scare Luigi in his mansion. That's all they do. They have 0 HP so you can suck them up easily. Submitted by David.

Centipede: A long centipede that appears in Yoshi's Story. You should flutter over him as best you can. Submitted by Coco.

Chain Chomp: A metal mouth tied to a block or a post, he is usually located in such a place that he is difficult to avoid. He is always bound to be guarding some useful power up. He appears in Mario 3, Yoshi's Island, Mario RPG, Mario 64, Paper Mario, and the Mario Party games.

Chain Chomplet: These residents of Pianta Village are young versions of Mario's enemies, Chain Chomps, in Mario Sunshine. Fortunately, they are the Piantas' pets and they are not bad guys. Unfortunately, they got high fevers and are covered in burning hot goop. Spray them and they get really mad! Keep on spraying them and they'll return to normal. Grab their tails and hold onto them. Aim it at the lake and they'll fall in. Do the same with the other ones. Submitted by Moses Kim.

Chained Kong: This is a stronger version of a Guerilla who looks exactly the same. He appears in Barrel Volcano in Mario RPG. Submitted by Simon.

Chainless Chomp: Like Chain Chomp, only not chained down. This means he can give chase! He's very dangerous and, thus far as he's been seen, is invincible. He appears in Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story, and Mario Kart 64.

Chainsaw: You'll find these in the Cheese Bridge Area of Mario World. They follow set paths, like Fuzzies, but are obviously faster. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Chair: Found in Big Boo's Haunt, they fly right at you! Dodge them. Submitted by I Larry Koopa I.

Chan: This black Buster Beetle in the Dojo of Paper Mario is not really an enemy, but a guy to train against. His Shell Spin is pathetic. When you jump on him, he falls on his shell and won't get up for a bit, making this a great time to hit him. Sent in by Aleth.

Chargin' Chuck: A sports addict turtle that appears in Mario World. He is always related to some sport, such as baseball, football, or soccer, but is always different. His difficulty level alters accordingly, as does his attacking strength and his defensive strength. He rates from easily avoided to deadly and everything in between, but tends to advance along with Mario’s experience. He can be killed by three stomps, a bunch of fireballs, or a cape swing. He appears as a boss in Yoshi's Safari, where his attacks are strong but he can't take too many hits.

Chauncey: The first boss of Luigi's Mansion, in the Nursery. When you wake him up, hit him with the ball. In the crib he attacks with rocking horses and balls. Hit him with the remaining ball and start vacuuming him up. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Cheep Cheep: A fish who was one of the original members of the Koopa Troop. He inhabits the waters of Mario 1, Mario 3, and Yoshi's Safari. He is not usually very dangerous, but he can be quite a danger to an inexperienced Mario, or when he is swimming in a small passage Mario must get through. He can be killed by fireballs.

Cheep Chomp: Purple Cheep Cheep with a big mouth from New Super Mario Bros, it will chase Mario relentlessly. Sent in by Axemblack97.

Cheepskipper: A fish that is the boss of world 3, he teams up with some regular Cheep Cheeps to attack, but he can be defeated with a few simple stomps. Appears in New Super Mario Bros. Found by Gold yoshi.

Chef Torte: This goon appears in Merrymore. He is not a threat because he only has 100 HP, but since he runs away you should focus your attacks on the real threat, the wedding cake. Submitted by Lakitu 2000.

Chester: The last chest enemy you'll see in Mario RPG, he's at the end of the Terra Cotta (Red Koopa Troopa) fighting room in Bowser's Keep. His pet dragon, Bahamutt, makes life even more interesting. He holds 200 coins, but more importantly, you'll probably have to beat him to get through the six doors. Submitted by John.

Chewy: It’s a Piranha Plant with a green head and a purple stem found in Mario RPG. For some reason, he thinks of himself as a “fresh flower”. Submitted byMiles "Thumbs" Power.

Chibibo: The Goomba of Sarasaland. Lurking in almost every corner of Super Mario Land, they can be stomped, fireballed, etc. The only time they can even cause an ounce of trouble is when they are in cramped pits. Submitted by Guest256.

Chicken: Chickens in Super Mario Land aren't dumb. They unpredictably fly up and down so try to shoot them quickly or get away from them. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Chief Chilly: One of the three main bosses of Super Mario 64 DS, push him outside the platform to put him on ice and get the key to rescue Wario. Submitted by Mr. I.

Chikako: These strange objects appear in the final level in World 4 of Super Mario Land. They float around in the sky, glittering with sparks. These sparks form a protective barrie, so about ten missles from Mario's plane are needed to defeat one. Submitted by Paperlemmy.

Chirp Chirp and Puncher: In Noki Bay cliffs of Mario Sunshine, there are some traps and if you draw near, a Puncher comes out and knocks you far away. Chirp Chirps are basically Punchers with a bird face on it. Submitted by Moses Kim.

Chomp Bro: A Sledge Brother that uses a Chain Chomp to attack in Bowser's Castle of Superstar Saga. If you jump on the Chain Chomp during its attack, it'll run away and the Chomp Bro will not be able to attack for a few turns. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Chomp Chomp: A brown-colored Chain Chomp who isn’t very different from normal Chain Chomps, it lingers in different parts of Super Mario RPG. Submitted by Crazykoopa.

Chow: A dog monster found in SMRPG. They are taken down easily, though. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Chuck Guy: A Shy Guy with a spear that is found in Chucklehuck Woods and Guffawha Ruins in Superstar Saga. He is not too hard, if you can get the timing of his attacks. In Guffawha Ruins, he can call other Chuck Guys into the battle. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Chucklissa: She is one of Jojora's friends who serve as a boss in Joke's End of Superstar Saga. Maybe she's a girl, but she have a ton of strength. She looks like a big voodoo doll with two blond pigtails. Submitted by sky-guy.

Chuckolator: First appeared in Superstar Saga. This guy is one tough soda! He holds a sword and a shield, but then switches the sword for a bubble gun. He shoots bubbles at either Bro, but when he aims almost straight, he's aiming for Mario! When it's lower, he's aiming at Luigi! Use your hammer to stop the slimes he sends out from his sword. When he's low on HP, Bubbles will come in and tell him some corny jokes, causing Chuckola Cola to laugh and regain HP! Oh, and to have the upper hand, you need to destroy the shield he holds by swinging your hammer at the shield! Submitted by Bobby.

Chuck-ya: Appearing in the loftier levels of Super Mario 64, he will often try to toss Mario off a ledge or over a cliff. Get behind him and toss him around for five coins. Submitted by John.

Clam: Found in Jolly Roger Bay and Dire, Dire, Docks. There aren’t many of them and are usually in groups. They remain stationary and all they can do is open their shells for a moment and close them. They can only hurt you when they’re closing them. There’s often an item in the shell. Invincible. Submitted by Hip.

Clawdaddy: A crab that inhabits seaside areas in Yoshi’s Island. He has very strong armor, but he is usually easy to avoid. Yoshi can kill him with 3 eggs if he needs to so he can continue down a path or get some items.

Clawgrip: The crabby boss of the fifth world in Mario 2. He has great skills in throwing rocks, and is a rare tool user. His strong armor allows him to survive up to 7 hits, and he throws hard and precisely.

Cleft: A spiked creature that hides by making itself look like a rock in Paper Mario. His defense is pretty good, so most attacks won't work at the beginning. He's spiked, so you can't jump on him without the Spike Shield Badge. His Dash attack is an attack to watch out for. Sent in by Aleth.

Clerk: He works on Smithy's production line, and you'll need to defeat him before you can advance towards the final battle of Mario RPG. Submitted by Simon.

Cloaker and Domino: Cloaker and Domino are a pretty rough pair that appear in Smithy's Factory in Mario RPG. Cloaker has 1200 HP and Domino has 900 but both are pretty even in strength. You only have to defeat one of them to advance to the next battle. Submitted by Lakitu 2000.

The Clockwork Soldiers: Three ghostly soldiers, each with 100 HP, found in the Clockwork Room in the attic of Luigi's Mansion. They come alive once all the clocks have been turned on in the room. You have to vacuum the keys on their backs and then vacuum them up. They all count as one portrait ghost and the last one vacuumed drops the pearls. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Cloud N Candy: A boss in Yoshi's Story. He jumps around and tries to land on you. He is very sweet, but is so big, it takes 12 licks to eat him up. After about six licks, he jumps up high and doesn't land until you are under him. Sent in by Aleth.

Cloudjin: A supposed genie, and a boss in Yoshi's Story. He's not hard to beat so long as Yoshi watches his balance. Unlike most enemies, bumping into him doesn't hurt. He's hot gas if you ask me. Sent in by Aleth.

Clown-a-Round: This clown is the boss of Wonky Circus in Wario World. When he comes to your platfrom, punch him three times and use a Mad Move (preferably a Piledriver to destroy the heads he throws at you and get lots of coins) on him. Do this five times to win. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Clubba: A small turtle-like creature in Paper Mario with a club in his hand. Sometimes they start off asleep, so you can sneak pass them without them spotting you. His Club attack isn't that strong. Sent in by Aleth.

Clumph: A caveman creature from Joke's End in Superstar Saga. They have insanely high HP for a regular enemy, and have very strong attacks as well, The yellow shockwaves it shoots are very fast, so jump immediately. If it shoots the pink shockwave (which takes an extra turn to charge up), jump at the very last second. Mario's Hand Attack can make these guys run away from battle easily, but it doesn't gain you any experience. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Cluster: This crystal monster can be found without too much difficulty in the mines of Mario RPG. He's got some nasty attacks and he's quick, so hopefully the fastest member in your party will be up to the task of killing him. Sent in by Specter.

Cobrat: A serpent that is a very not charming member of the deserts in Mario 2. He spits poisonous pellets at Mario from within pipes or quicksand. However, he is usually easy to defeat if a timed jump is used to avoid the pellets. He is not dangerous unless he appears in large numbers.

Coconuter: A plant holding a spear with a coconut on its head that appears in Partners in Time. Submitted by Grey Guy.

Combat: A weird-looking bat that appears in Yoshi's Story. Eating or stomping it won't work so you can just throws eggs at him. He just flies. Submitted by Coco.

Commander Shroob: The boss of the Support Shroobs and Shroob-ombs, he blocks your way on Star Hill in Partners in Time. Submitted by Grey Guy.

Coo-coo: Harmless chickens flying around dropping goop everywhere. Located in Bianco Hills and Pianta Village of Mario Sunshine. Submitted by Moses Kim.

Cook: A small... umm... thing in Wario Land 3 with a giant fork that throws donuts that turn you into Fat Wario. They have little bandanas with donuts on them and wear little red robes. Submitted by Beezo'n'Weldar.

Corkpedite:  Found in Barrel Volcano of Mario RPG, he is composed of two parts, a head and a body. Destroy the body to defeat the head. Then focus on the weaker monsters Corkpedite likes to bring into battle with him. Submitted by Guest256.

Cortez: A great skeleton pirate in Keelhaul Key of PM2 who guards his ancestors' treasure. He carries a bunch of swords around, so don't get on his nerves... for your own sake. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Cosmic Mario: A Shadow Mario-like character that is found in Super Mario Galaxy. He always races with Mario to a Power Star. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Count Bleck: A creature of darkness who is the main villain of Super Paper Mario, and aims to destroy all known worlds. He's known for his white tux, monocle, and referring to himself in the third person. His past is one of hard love... Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Count Down: You'll find Count Down and two Ding-a-ling bells in Mario RPG in Smithy's Factory. Count Down has 2400 HP and his Ding-a-ling bells have 1200 HP each.  This will be a hard fight so keep pounding away and don't forget to use Group Hug with Peach. Submitted by Lakitu 2000.

Cractus: A plant that uses his leaves to "punch" Wario. It is the boss of the Emerald Passage in Wario Land 4. You have to ground pound the head lots of times to defeat it. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Cractyl: Purple bats that appear in Wario World. They can grab you and slam you into the ground (shake the Control Stick to break free) and can also drop bombs on you. Later versions can drop spiked balls on you. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Crazee Dayzee: A frail flower that appears in Yoshi’s Island. He is easy to jump over and can be egged and eaten. He is slightly harder than the regular Shy Guy in that he is still alive after being spit out. He spits bubbles in later levels, but they are only dangerous near cliffs and are usually easy to jump over.

Croco: A thieving pruple crocodile that steals Mallow's Rare Frog Coin in Mario RPG in Mushroom Kingdom, as well as that blue guy's wallet, and who also steals coins from your team in Moleville, while his Crook flunkies give up Flower Tabs in battle. He later gives you the Signal Ring (by accident), then decides to sell things in Bowser's Keep. He is weak to fire in your first meeting, though he seems to ditch that weakness before the meeting in the Mines. Submitted by John.

Crook: Croco's orange underlings of Mario RPG. They steal items and coins, and often run from battles. Sent in by John.

Crowber: Flies overhead before arcing down in front of Mario and then heading for him. Found in New Super Mario Bros. Sent in by Axemblack97.

Crusher Blargg: A long-necked Gargantuan Blargg that can rise up to halfway on the top screen. They can destroy the rocky platforms that are found around them. A very dangerous fiend, with only two in the game. Found in Yoshi's Island DS. Found by Ludwig 222.

Crusty: A crab with a rock hard defense from Mario RPG. He may take several hits despite his low HP. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Crystal Bit: A pretty pathetic enemy, as it only has 1 HP. It's summoned three at a time by the Crystal King of the Crystal Palace in Paper Mario. My advice is to take them out before he sucks them back and causes 4 damage for each one. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Crystal King: This guy isn't very pretty, especially without a head. His more annoying technique is healing! The other one is where he sucks in his Crystal Bits to spit out at you. He guards the seventh Star Spirit in the Crystal Palace of Paper Mario. Sent in by Aleth.

Cuckoo Condor: This really annoying boss of the Ruby Passage of Wario Land 4 is a cuckoo clock. It has a claw that drops on you and you need to ram it (using B) lots of times to make the clock explode into a cuckoo. You also have to avoid the sawblades, especially the left one on the clock, which is static. The cuckoo throws eggs at you that you need to catch and throw at him. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Culex: Straight from Final Fantasy with his own music, this boss is very hard to get to (well, easy if you think of what the "Shiny Stone" is for). Mario must be really stupid to trade a little girl fireworks though... He has high HP, strong attacks, and four crystals. Fire hates ice, Wind hates jumps, Water hates thunder, Earth hates thunder, Culex hates attacks. Bring Peach along, let them kill Mario and Mallow, have Peach heal herself, and through it all, wait. When they all run outta FP, revive Mario and Mallow, and let them have it! For an easier time, give Mario the Lazy Shell. None of the crystals will be able to do more than 1 damage. You'll still need some Max Mushrooms, though, as Culex can still cause considerable damage with his Dark Star and the only physical attack this guy knows. He is in Mario RPG, but he is not really a Mario character, and this description doesn't really belong here, or at least it should be really short to kind of keep him removed. Oh well! Submitted by John.

Cyborca: A Sweatmore Peak swimmer. A whale so manly, he lives in a pool of hot boiling lava. He spends his nights staring up at the starry sky and wondering if that was really such a good idea. Found in Wario: Master of Disguise. Sent in by ghettobananachris.

Cyclops: These karate, uniformed, one-eyed guys charge at you. Found in Super Mario Land 2. Sent in by Mr.Nose.

Cymbal Charge Kong: It charges at you and attempts to ram you into a wall. Found in Mario vs DK 2. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Czar Dragon/Zombone: The first one is a boss of Barrel Volcano in Mario RPG. He must be the King of the Blaargs or something. He formed from about six Podoboos and attacks with Helios, which explode. He hates ice attacks, so bring Mallow. After so many hits, he becomes the skeletal Zombone, who can't take lightning or regular hits. Submitted by John.


Dark Bones: A dark blue evil version of the common Dry Bones, found in PM2. They're pretty deadly, and hard to take out. They can also throw bones at you, which may give you a headache. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Dark Boo: A purple Boo found in PM2. They only seem to hide out inside paintings, so I guess they're no real threat... right? Submitted by Blue Boo.

Dark Bristle: A relative of Bristle found in PM2. It's made of dark stone and covered in spikes. It's like some kind of impenetrable fortress creature. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Dark Craw: A spear-wielding bird person with purple feathers found in PM2. He's rumored to guard the gates to the underworld, but we all know he's just crazy. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Dark Koopa: Most commonly found in the sewers of Toad Town. They have 8 HP, 3 attack power, and 2 defense points. They can perform a dizzy attack that will make Mario dizzy for two turns. You can tell when they are about to do this when they are smiling and running in place. The technique is very difficult to defend against, but sometimes it fails. They are only found in Paper Mario. Submitted by Dark Koopa.

Dark Koopatrol: This is a rather powerful Koopatrol that is in position number one in the Glitz Pit of Paper Mario 2. He can attack both Mario and his party member, as well as charge his attacks. Submitted by Dark Koopa.

Dark Lakitu: A strange-colored relative of the Lakitu in the same vein of the Dark Koopa enemy of PM1 and 2. They throw pipes at you which turn into Sky-Blue Spinies. Found in the Pit of a Hundred Trials of PM2. Submitted by Siro.

Dark Paratroopa: A Dark Koopa that can fly, found in Paper Mario 2. Other than that, there isn't anything too special about them. Jump on them, and they become Dark Koopas. Found by Dark Koopa.

Dark Puff: A gray Tuff Puff. These guys hang out in Boggly Woods of PM2 and have the power to electrify themselves. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Dark Wizzerd: A strange wizard creature from PM2 that can shoot you with lazers or create several clones of itself. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Dave: A canine who appears on call in the Smithsnorian Museum. A regal canine who overcame his mutt roots to become a true police dog at the tender age of one (or seven in dog years). His pugilistic skills are a wonder. From Wario: Master of Disguise. Sent in by ghettobananachris.

Debull: Brown bulls that like charging at Yoshi. They are VERY stupid. Found in Yoshi's Island DS. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Dedar: A female elf who is Toad's first opponent in Wario's Castle. Only appears in Wario's Woods. Submitted by Coco.

Deep Cheep: Green Cheep Cheep that will lunge at Mario as it gets close in New Super Mario Bros. Sent in by Axemblack97.

Dimentio: A court jester who's a minion of Count Bleck, or so it seems. He has his own hidden agenda to follow. He attacks with lethal starbursts. He appears in Super Paper Mario. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Ding-a-Ling: Two of these bells are on Count Down in Smithy's Factory of Mario RPG. They have a very annoying attack called Fear Roulette which kills one of your members at random. Submitted by Simon.

Dino Piranha: A Piranha Plant dinosaur. He strangely has Petey Piranha's head. He lives in an egg in the Good Egg Galaxy. Found in Super Mario Galaxy. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Dino Rhino: These are the big green dragons found on Chocolate Island of Mario World. They will always go where Mario is going and also jump but the jump is kind of lame so he is pretty easy to avoid. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Dino Torch: The smaller version of a Dino Rhino, these are faster, jump better, and spit fire. They are still easy to avoid. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

DinoMighty: The boss of Excitement Central in Wario World, this boss is a gigantic dragon. Grab onto the Glue Globe on its tail, and when it rises, Ground Pound the head to stun it. Do five Mad Moves on it to defeat it. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Director: The director of Smithy’s factory in SMRPG. He’s a little stronger than the Clerk and Manager, but definitely not the hardest enemy in your adventure so far. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Dirt Shovel: Stronger versions of Monstorous Magnets that appear in Pecan Sands in Wario World. They have a stronger attack than the Magnets and it takes two hits to stun it instead of one. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Dizzy Dandy: A fake flower-like creature that appears in the seaside areas of Yoshi's Island. When Yoshi comes near it it will fall down and roll towards him. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Do-Drop: No, not dewdrop, Do-Drop. The drop enemies from Yoshi's Story that hurt Yoshi's insides when he swallows them. Submitted by Aleth.

Doc: He appears in Wario Land 4, but cannot be hurt and he cannot hurt you. He is mostly only useful to throw around and destroy blocks that are blocking your way. Sent in by Lord Seth.

Dodo: Valentina's assistant from Super Mario RPG. Mario has the opporunity to fight him 3 times. but 2 of them can be avoided, and he is really weak, not to mention stupid.

Domino: See Cloaker and Domino.

Don Bongo: Never, NEVER tell the enemy not to do something! This dragon boss from Yoshi's Story told Yoshi not to hit him in the lips. I wonder what Yoshi did then. The pots and pans that he causes to fall from the ceiling are pathetic. And he's the boss of the hardest area of page three... Sent in by Aleth.

Donkey Kong: People think this fun loving ape was always good hearted but they were wrong. In the game Donkey Kong, DK starred as the main villain. Cranky Kong claims to be this old version of the simian. DK, or Cranky, whichever you believe, was also held prisoner by Mario in Donkey Kong Jr and had to be rescued by his son, which is either DK's son (Jr.) or Cranky's son (Donkey). Donkey Kong now has his own series and has turned into some kind of goody goody, but he was Mario's first nemesis. Lately he has shown up to race, party, and play various sports. I guess the fight was too long ago for Mario to remember. Submitted by Metroid 713.

Doopliss: A Duplighost-like villain in PM2. He's kinda weak, but cool. Submitted by Martin.

Doppel: A green spirit roaming inside Smithy’s Factory. Found in SMRPG. Submitted by MaskedMan.

Dovo: A shape-shifting monster in Wario's Woods. Defeat him by lining up a bomb and two or more copies of him, then do it again. Appears a little later than Beaker and Scram. Submitted by Jazzman.

Dr. Freezegood: An inhabitant of the icy worlds of Yoshi’s Island. He apparently likes to ski and is often seen on the lifts. He is not very dangerous and does not attack, except that he is blocking the lifts Yoshi must carefully jump to, and he can sometimes bump Yoshi off.

Dr. Shroob: A Shroob that uses Mushrooms to grow and shrink in size in Partners in Time. Submitted by Grey Guy.

Dragohoho: The boss of Hoohoo Mountain in Superstar Saga. This monster is actually Prince Peasley transformed. You should constantly use Bros. Attacks during this battle; they do help. Watch out for the rocks he shoots at you, as they can be annoying. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Dragonzamasu: The boss of the Muda Kingdom in Super Mario Land. Just repeatedly shoot him with missiles while avoiding the fireballs he spits and the Tamao in the room, and he'll be toast in no time. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Drill Bit: A red version of Jabit in SMRPG that appears in the Player’s Guide, but not in the actual game. Hmm… Submitted by TJ Koopa.

Drill Mole: A mole with a drill for a nose, seen in the Tree Zone of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Drill Moles dig up from under the ground and surprise Mario, similar to Monty Mole. They can only be attacked once they have surfaced. Sent in by Paperlemmy.

Dry Bones: A dead form of the Koopa Troopa that inhabits dark places in Mario 3, Mario World, Mario RPG, and Paper Mario. He can be stomped, but he always reassembles himself after a few seconds. This makes him very difficult in places where Mario is detained while waiting to get though a small gap. He can be killed by the cape in Mario World. In Mario World's later levels, he chucks bones, making him a bit harder.

Dry Bowser: Bowser's skeletal form. He can throw bones in an arc, and breathe fire, but you can beat him just like when you first fought him. But he still creeps me out. Appears in New Super Mario Bros. Found by Gold yoshi.

Dual Dragon: Boss of Spookastic World in Wario World, this enemy is two large dragon heads. The heads can breathe fire and spit Glue Globes out. Keep on punching one of the heads until it is stunned, and let it get hit by the other head's fire breath attack. Do this five times to win. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Dull Bones: A yellowish Dry Bones from PM2. They're not very strong at all, so destroying these even in large groups is a cakewalk. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Duplighost: Found in Paper Mario, this enemy can turn into you or a member of your party inside battle, and outside it dawns many more disguises. Submitted by Martin.


Earthlink: A snake in SMRPG. If you beat Domino, Cloaker will retreat to this monster. Focus all of your attacks on the serpent, though, because when Earthlink is defeated, so is Cloaker. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Eeker: A living glass tube found in Woohoo Hooniversity in Superstar Saga. By the time you get there, you should be able to destroy it in one hit. Watch out for its fire attack, as it can annoying. Sent in by Ludwig 222.

Eeligon: These polygon eels are found in Outer Space of Super Paper Mario. Max HP is 10, Attack is 2, Defense is zero. They will hop towards Mario to try to damage him, but a few of Squirps's shots in its head will kill them off. If you hit it anywhere but its head, that sector of its body will fall off. Spotted by Sgt. Fly.

Eely-mouth: A boss of Noki Bay in Super Mario Sunshine, who is the real cause of the pollution. To defeat it, use the Hover Nozzle to clean its eight teeth. You have to repeatedly go back for coins when your health is low. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Eerie: A ghost that lives (not really) in the fortresses of Mario World. He moves across the screen, usually in a straight line, but sometimes in other more interesting patterns. His strength is speed. He is usually easy to avoid if Mario is alert, but a sleepy Mario might carelessly walk into him.

Egg-Enut: A small Nep-Enut that has a fake egg on his antenna to lure Yoshi into grabbing it. Found in Yoshi's Island DS. Sent in by Crazy Koopa.

Eggodil: A large flower that lives in Yoshi’s Island. He spins around and shoots off his petals in all directions. He is invincible, but can be stunned by a ground pound. He is extremely dangerous if Yoshi does not know about his weakness.

Eggplant Man: This little known enemy from Wrecking Crew resembles an eggplant with arms and legs. He has no attacks and is not very bright, but proves a formidable adversary anyway. Submitted by Jeff the Great.

Ejector: A little windup toy that can toss plumbers high into the air in Super Mario 64. Sometimes you need them, but watch the landing. Submitted by John. Name submitted by Aleth.

Elasto Piranha: A stretchy Piranha Plant found in Toadwood Forest of Partners in Time. He attacks by stretching way up into the second screen and shooting fireballs down, and has the odd ability (for a plant) to move around, pipe and all. He's still pretty easy, though.

Electro Blooper: A Blooper in Paper Mario that's found in the sewers. Sometimes he can surround himself in electricity, so use an indirect attack. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Electrokoopa: Mechanical Koopas found in Pinna Park of Super Mario Sunshine. If blue ones see you, they will shoot their shell (which can electrocute Mario) at him. To defeat blue ones, squirt it when it's out of its shell, and if its shell comes back to it, you'll defeat it and win some coins. Red ones hang around at gates. Attacking them from the other side defeats those versions. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Elder Princess Shroob: The twin of Princess Shroob. She's bigger and stronger. Seen in Partners in Time. Submitted by Ludwig Von Koopa 2.

Elder Shrooboid: It looks like Jr. Shrooboid except it is red. It is also a lot tougher. Once you do a lot of damage it will grow two times its size and a turn countdown will begin. To keep the timer going, hit the spiked balls Elder Shrooboid throws at you. Found in Star Palace of Partners in Time. Submitted by tatanga.

Elite Boom Guy: A Boom Guy with higher attack power, found in Partners in Time. Submitted by Grey Guy.

Elite Troopea: A red Koopa Troopa found in Gwarhar Lagoon and Joke's End. They are stronger than regular Troopeas, and can also revive other enemies. Defeat them first in battle. Submitted by Ludwig 222.

Elite Wizzerd: A super-powerful wizard creature of white color found in PM2. Enjoys casting magic attacks on you and multiplying itself. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Elite X-Naut: A black X-Naut, signifying the highest rank. They can only be found guarding their lair in PM2, making it rather difficult to infiltrate. Submitted by Blue Boo.

Ember: This is a blue flame that appears on Star Way of Paper Mario. It's basically a Pyro Guy with more HP, so get those Badges coming. It doesn't like the idea of Squirt or Tidal Wave, so use one of them, depending on how much FP you have left and how dire the situation is. Submitted by Guest256.

Enigma: Enigma is, well, an enigma! He is made of a bunch of smaller creatures that somehow all act in harmony. His Echofinder may leave you mute, but normal attacks are enough to take him down. Found in Mario RPG. Submitted by Miles "Thumbs" Power.

Exor: A Giant sword in Mario RPG. He breaks Bowser's Castle Bridge, Only let's Smithy's gang through and his targets are his two eyes and his mouth. Sent in by Aleth.

Eyerok: A pair of mummified hands that are the boss of the pyramid in Mario 64. He attacks by pounding and sweeping, but only one hand attacks at the time. The other watches with the eye in his palm and is vulnerable there. Each hand is killed by three black eyes, then the other gets stronger and faster. Name submitted by John.

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