The Hatching of the Shreok 3
Master of Puppets

By Slimer49'r

April 29, 2006


Credit goes to Chris "Wario" for scanning my pictures.

Welcome one and all to the one of a kind ride that is none other than The Hatching of the Shreok 3. Now this is going to be a pretty wicked ride. Although some of you I'm sure have not read my first and second story, don't, want to read two long computer stories, and are oblivious to what is going on. Don't worry. Everything will be made clear.

The Hatching of the Shreok:

In this first story, Mario and Luigi have just returned from yet another vacation to Isle Delfino. Everyone is happy to see them return, but Buzzar comes from nowhere and kidnaps Peach! (Gasp!) Mario and Luigi meet a strange Koopa who helps them, but to no avail. Peach is in Buzzar's clutches, and Mario and Luigi set out for an adventure.

Meanwhile, the Koopa- Slimer49'r and his partner Agent Guy work for an evil warlock named Lord Alkeron. They have heard about the Shreok, whose eggs grant unimaginable powers. What Alkeron doesn't know is that Slimer is planning to steal the eggs for his own greedy needs...

Bowser, the King of the Koopas, is depressed. He can't remember the last time he thought of a evil plan, nevertheless a good one. Then he remembers a legend he had heard at a young age, of the mystical flaming bird the Shreok and its eggs of unimaginable power. So he and his Koopalings set out to find them.

Yoshi and his friends are just relaxing on the beach until they go into the woods after hearing some creepy sounds. They find an old shack at the back of the woods which scares the bejeebers out of them so they go back to their own houses and fall asleep. The next day, however, a dead Yoshi is found and murder has been announced.

Bowser and his kids are riding along in the Vista Sea when they are mysteriously pulled underwater. There they meet a race of blue-skinned sea people called the Aquamentarians. They are given food and a place to sleep, but unfortunately it turns out that the creatures are a bunch of savage natives that want to sacrafice them to a giant fish. They see that Mario has also been kidnapped, and break from their bonds. The giant fish chases them, and Mario and Luigi wind up in an underground labyrynth. Bowser is apparently eaten.

Peach finds herself on Yoshi's Island escaping from Buzzar, where she meets Burt the Bashful and Rapheal the Raven, and he tells her of a rip in the worlds. Inside this rip, Yoshi and his friends have been transported into this rip after wandering back into the shack in the woods. They find a wereyoshi behind the murders Buzzar comes back angry Peach is gone, and Raphael and Buzzar fight. Finally Raphael is defeated and Yoshi vanquishes the feathery fiend.

Bowser steals a ship from the blue skins and uses it to continue onward, unfortunately it crashlands on an unmapped island of Shy Guys where they are to defeat a giant Clubba to free them. They do so, and the Shysters give them a new boat.

Mario and Luigi are eaten. Mario almost dies but is revived by a newer Star Spirit, Mesaquador. They finally make it to Yoshi's Island, where Slimer has already arrived. Alkeron suspects treachery and follows them to the island. Mario is surprised to see Twink, now a Star Spirit, give him a sword of star to cut down evil. Bowser follows them. Mario fights Alkeron and then follows the others into the volcano. Bowser is blown all the way back to the castle, where Kamek shows him the inventions of destruction he made, the Koopa Jets, so his kids can wreak havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom. He comes back though and Alkeron retreats. The Lava Pirahna is awakened and fights with them.

When he is out of the way the several parties fight, until Slimer crawls out of the skirmish and reaches the top. Before anyone can stop him, he grabs the eggs and shapes the world how he pleases. Alkeron forms a barrier around himself to prevent this, but everyone else is not so lucky. Mario wakes up in the Mushroom Kingdom to find everyone against him. He is thrown in jail but breaks out with the help of a few familiar faces. Then he confronts Slimer. Peach is feeding him, and he is sitting in the throne. Mario easily defeats Agent Guy, but is then to deal with Slimer. Slimer changes into a huge beast, and just when everything looks bleak, Eldstar goes into Mario's body and transfers the last of his strength so Mario can win. Slimer is finally killed. But, so is Eldstar.

The world is changed back to normal, the eggs are saved, and the Royal Koopas are where they belong: behind bars. It seems as if everything is hunky dory... until Alkeron brings someone back...

The Hatching of the Shreok 2: The Return of the Destroyer

After a long celebration, and a horrific nightmare, Luigi wonders about his purpose while he sits with Peach, watching the Stars. Mario had previously had children with Peach. A little Mushroom boy, Gaz, finds himself possessed and is absolutely terrified of this fact. Meanwhile, Bow is attacked by strange alien creatures that come after her parents leave. She is rescued by a furry, green alien named is Mewtwo90 (no, he's not a Pokemon). Gaz had surrendered, but was still shocked when aliens similar to the ones that had attacked Bow attacked them too.

Mario and Luigi stopped the creatures, but Mario was injured and found the creatures to be very formidable. The Star Spirits were discussing Eldstar's death, and a bossy grump of a Star named Malor took his place. Unknown to them, the new recruit they had hired was an evil alien being. The green alien was walking when he saw a dead Koopa, who he revived. This was Slimer. The next day spaceships came and Mario and Luigi went to find out what happened. Who stepped out of the ship but Smithy himself? Mario faught valiantly, but in vain.

Meanwhile, Yoshi and his friends were relaxing when they heard that Smithy had returned. He ran to Mario's side and fought Smithy. Smithy was talking about Yoshi's parents. Yoshi was astonished by this and heartbroken when Smithy said he had killed them. Yoshi fought, but he too was defeated. Luigi and Yoshi found themselves in Smithy's spaceship. There they fought a monster, and made their way to the throne room.

Slimer found out that his brother was still alive and being held captive at Bowser's Castle. Bow tagged along. Mario was dreaming of playing Tennis with Peach, then she was killed... He woke up in a hospital bed, where Smithy sent him a transmission saying he had captured Peach, Yoshi, and Luigi and if he wanted them back he'd have to gather three sacred items: a silver cup, a dark crown, and a crystal telescope. Mario's first quest was to Yoshi's Island, where he found his real parents. He went down into a crypt of heroes, where he fought Burt the Bashful, who had been corrupted. He then gained the first item.

Slimer and the others went into Bowser's castle, where Mewtwo90 met and let out a beautiful Koopa girl who he secretly loved. They found Bowser and his children, they fought, but Bowser retreated to his Copter, where the trio followed them. Luigi and Yoshi fought Smithy and "won". Actually Smithy had trapped them in an alternate reality that was like paradise... but getting out was torture. They told the illusions and they shed their own tears. They ventured off and were attacked by Gloombas and the Gloomba King. He was easily defeated, but Bowyer, sent by Smithy, was not.

Mario went to Boo Mansion, where he was accused of kidnapping Bow. Mario defeated King Boo and got the second item. His next location was the Shiver Reigon, where he met with the mayor. He was told a story about the Crystal Telescope. Mario saw a mysterious figure and followed it, learning in the Crystal Palace that it was the priest from the mayor's story. The mayor resurrected the Crystal King. Mario knocked some sense into the old guy, and he got the last item. He was sent back to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he went to Smithy's Ship.

Slimer and the others followed Bowser to Princess Peach's castle, where they fought in Bowser's special arena of choice. They won and went back to his castle, where Slimer's brother was found possessed by the witch Cackletta! They fought, but Cackletta ate them. They were arrested in her demonic stomach, but they got out and prepared to fight.

Mario went to the Hammer Head Bros, and changed his star sword into a hammer. He then made it onto the ship and fought Yaridovich. After defeating him, he met up with Luigi, who had defeated Bowyer. They went into the throne room, where Peach was killed before Mario's very eyes. This enraged Mario so he was killed as well. Luigi and Yoshi looked at the hopeless event and cringed. Princess Peach spoke to Mario in the afterlife and sent him enough power to return. Mario, with a renewed strength and with the help of his freinds, beat Smithy even with the ancient items of power and restored peace. Meanwhile, Slimer and the others defeated Cackletta, and Slimer was reunited with his brother.

There was a funeral for Peach that day, and a wedding for Daisy and Luigi. Mario cried himself to sleep, as evil closed in on his world...

...And now...

...the moment you've all been waiting for...

...Heat up your popcorn now...

HOTS 3!!! ENJOY!!!

Table of Contents
Prologue: The Chosen One
Chapter One: Regrets and Second Thoughts
Chapter Two: Koopa Love
Chapter Three: A Second Chance?
Chapter Four: Flashback
Chapter Five: Demonic Dreams
Chapter Six: No Kissing on the First Date
Chapter Seven: Runaways
Chapter Eight: And The Contestants Are...
Chapter Nine: First Encounter
Chapter Ten: Dreaming in Silence
Chapter Eleven: The War of the World
Chapter Twelve: The Gateway
Chapter Thirteen: When in Rome
Chapter Fourteen: The Next Day
Chapter Fifteen: Temple of the Nobles
Chapter Sixteen: Warning Signs
Chapter Seventeen: Warm Hospitality
Chapter Eighteen: Confessions
Chapter Nineteen: The Golden Fang
Chapter Twenty: Shades of Evil
Chapter Twenty-One: Super Mario, Personal Escort
Chapter Twenty-Two: Unfriendly Neighborhood
Chapter Twenty-Three: Dark and Dreary Night...
Chapter Twenty-Four: Wrath of the Reptile
Chapter Twenty-Five: Fragments
Chapter Twenty-Six: Hot Dates and Cataclysmic Battles
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Fury
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Newcomers
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Room For Two
Chapter Thirty: The Greatest Creation
Chapter Thirty-One: Grudge Match
Chapter Thirty-Two: Visiting Hours
Chapter Thirty-Three: Terror in Toad Town
Chapter Thirty-Four: Losing Ludwig... for good
Chapter Thirty-Five: Flame Temple
Chapter Thirty-Six: Icy Reception
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Ancient Magic
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Championship Match
Chapter Thirty-Nine: King of Beans
Chapter Fourty: Stumbling in the Darkness
Chapter Fourty-One: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter Fourty-Two: Beyond The Void
Chapter Fourty-Three: Lord of the Shade
Chapter Fourty-Four: Childhood
Chapter Fourty-Five: Classic Tassle
Chapter Fourty-Six: Clash of the Titans
Chapter Fourty-Seven: Reminiscing
Chapter Fourty-Eight: Torturous Past
Chapter Fourty-Nine: All is Revealed
Chapter Fifty: Sibling Rivalry
Chapter Fifty-One: Reaper of Souls
Chapter Fifty-Two: Greatest of all Hunters
Chapter Fifty-Three: The Stake of the World
Chapter Fifty-Four: Master of Puppets
Chapter Epilogue: Reunited at last...?

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