Wendy's Phonebooth

Graphic by Latisha Banks

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<Ring Ring> Hi, it's Wendy! Who is this? Who? Oh well, go ahead and talk. I love to talk on the phone with... EVERYONE! But you'll have to talk quickly because I have someone on the other line. Oh, I can take that call first? Thanks!

(Hours pass...)

Hi again. My funny brother Lemmy called and said that you should ask me questions about the Koopas. He says that I can answer the questions and that I should post the questions and the answer's here. He said something else to. What was it again? Oh yes! He said that he will give some kind of a Koopaling vote to everyone who asks a question. Now what's a Koopaling vote?

From I Love Mario

Why are there Final Fantasy characters in Mario Sports Mix?

Because those characters flew in on their airship (not to be confused with a doomship) and decided to steal the trophies.  The trophies were somehow linked with four elemental crystals and from what I understand those Final Fantasy characters are always out to save crystals, orbs, the moon, whatever.  I don't pay attention to that stuff, but just let that White Mage character come around here and I'll really mess her up.  I won't be waiting my turn, either!

From Tony Paratroopa

Do any of your minions idolize you?

... What did you say?  I was staring at myself in the mirror... Oh.  Yeah, of course they idolize me!  I know for a fact that thousands of minions have a poster of me hanging in their homes.  Though, that may be because I decreed that everyone has to buy a poster from me and hang it.  But some of them must have done it willingly!  Sometimes I'll get someone running up to me and asking for a picture or autograph but I usually throw those people into a lake or hit them with a hammer.  Because stalkers are creepy!

Anyway, if you would like to call and ask a question, Email me!
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