Survivor 3

By Crazy Packers Fan

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Crazy Packers Fan: Welcome here to Survivor 3 in Sub-con Park! These sixteen players here on this ship are about to embark on one of the most trying vacations of their lives. Eight of them are part of Koopa Mass, and the other eight are part of Troopa Mass, and they will each follow their map to their new living place for at least the next three days, hoping to survive to the end of 39 days to win the one million coins! These players are not allowed to talk to each other, or even look at each other-

Lemmy: I feel that Super Mario RPG has to be regarded as one of the best games ever.

Lord Seth: Very true, but you cannot overlook the Escape Velocity series.

Rachelle: Come on, you both know that neither of those games is the best-

Crazy Packers Fan: What are you trying to do, make me look bad? Now be quiet and let me speak! The members of Koopa Mass are the following:

King 27

And the members of Troopa Mass are the following:

Bowser 52589
Lord Seth
David Lewis
Dane Petersen

Also, on this island, many large Sub-con creatures reside, and it will be up to the players to remember how to combat these enemies like in Super Mario Bros. 2-


Everyone just sits still.

Crazy Packers Fan: Well, get going! You've only got five minutes to get whatever you can off this ship! I've got to find out who just wrecked our ship.

Of course, Bowser is sitting in the captain's seat. Meanwhile, everyone starts to climb off the ship, grabbing the supplies that they have been given.

Crazy Packers Fan: This will be some time, I'll tell you. Sixteen players, two masses... who will be the one Survivor?

If you've forgotten the rules, please go here.

Days 1-3, 16 players left.
Days 4-6, 15 players left.
Days 7-9, 14 players left.
Days 10-12, 13 players left.
Days 13-15, 12 players left.
Days 16-18, 11 players left.
Days 19-21, 10 players left.
Days 22-24, 9 players left.
Days 25-27, 8 players left.
Days 28-30, 7 players left.
Days 31-33, 6 players left.
Days 34-36, 5 players left.
Day 37, 4 players left.
Day 38, 3 players left.
Day 39, 2 players left.

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