//Roy's Sports Hall: Each week week celebrate the foes of Mario by tossing some of them in the ring for a fight to the death... or embarrassing defeat, anyway. Read the battles and help decide who wins.

/Lemmy's Captions: Weekly contest that challenges tourists to come up with labels for wordless pictures. The results are often hilarious!

/Lemmy's Art Museum: Tons of artwork for your favorite characters! Don't worry, this is way better than one of those boring art exhibits...

/Morton's Basics: Offers introductory information about the series and important characters. Also explains the submission guidelines. New tourists are encouraged to go here first.

/Larry's Bios: Find different interpretations of the characters you met in Morton's Basics and new information on characters introduced elsewhere on the site.

/Iggy's Casino: Win some Koopaling votes, or lose them all! Or one, anyway. Really, for a casino the odds here are pretty darn good.

/Lemmy's CDs: Listen to some cool Mario tunes. Dancing required. Ooh yeah, get down!

/Lemmy's Chat Room: I totally forgot to add this section to this list! But it's here now with a new room. Stop on by!

/Lemmy's Drawing Board: Come on, I know you fantasize about new Mario games. Share your Creations and read what others came up with.

/Lemmy's Forum: Chat with other tourists about... well, whatever! There are several boards to choose from, including Lemmy's Messageboard and Lemmy's Campfire Tales, which used to be sections all of their own.

/Lemmy's Fun Fiction: The section Lemmy's Land was built around! Contains a few hundred quasi-serious stories about the Mario series. Might keep you occupied for a while.

/Lemmy's Funnies: Come on down to the funny farm with me! Along the way we'll take a look at these humorous comics... but don't look for too long! The nice men in white coats are waiting.

/Lemmy's Game Guides: Get help for your favorite Mario game, provided your favorite Mario game is among those few I have a guide for. Might I recommend Paper Mario?

/Lemmy's Games: Find some fun time-wasters that can be enjoyed both online and off. Just make sure you don't have anything important to do for a while.

/Lemmy's HTML Guide: Now YOU can learn how to code your very own website! Or failing that, you can just download Netscape Composer or Frontpage. I did.

/Lemmy's Infostories: The Mushroom Kingdom explained. How things work, where characters came from, and when each game happened are all fair game.

/Lemmy's Interviews: Mario characters are quizzed about their deepest, darkest secrets. Largest section in the site.

/King Koopa's Item Chest: Lists all those pesky items from Mario's games. There sure is a lot of stuff in Bowser's treasure chest...

/Susan's Koopa Trading Card Game: I didn't want to give her a section, but, well, it was a good idea! Join in this strategy game and battle other players, trade cards, and have a lot of fun. Cool Points to anyone who can beat me.

/Lemmy's Leaders: See which Koopaling has the most votes! Or, given that I always have the most votes, see how many votes I'm currently winning by. Oh yeah, and you can see how my other siblings are doing too, if anybody cares.

/Lemmy's Life: My private diary! Well... my diary, anyway. I gotta be careful what I write in here, seeing as how anyone could read it.

/Lemmy's Lines: Lots of jokes. Some of them are even decent. But seriously, folks, they're better than breaking up with me. Pshoo!

/Lemmy's Links: Well, after visiting Lemmy's Land I really can't imagine you'll ever want to go anywhere else. But just in case you do, here are some other Mario sites for your viewing pleasure.

/Lemmy's List of Baddies: Of course every supervillain has to have a ton of bumbling minions. Find out who helped us to varying degrees of uselessness.

/Little Lemmy's Land: Features the top ten percent of submissions from several of the other sections. New tourists are encouraged to go here after Morton's Basics as a way of introduction to the site.

/Lemmy's Madlibs: Fill in the blanks and get funny results. You know you wanna! Must know your parts of speech... but thanks to The Database, Javascript is no longer a requirement! So everyone can use this.

/Lemmy's Mario Cartoons: All your cartoons are belong to us- OWCH! Sorry... Quotes, scripts, sound files, fake episodes, it's all here for your viewing pleasure.

/Lemmy's Mazes: The section longest in coming, this is... well, it's still pretty small. But, you can spend a bunch of time wandering around what few mazes there are. Remember to bring a flare and a donut in case you get lost. (The donut, of course, is for your rescuer.)

/Lemmy's Mysteries: Prevent crimes from going unchecked by figuring out whodunnit. Guess me and lose a bazillion Koopaling votes.

/Wendy's Phonebooth: Question been bugging ya? Wendy knows all, and tells what she feels like. Ask away!

/Lemmy's Photos: Pictures of the Mario cast, taken straight from the games. See, I've got the games' remains strewn all over my floor. It's a real mess.

/Lemmy's Polls: New! And improved! Now you can create your own polls! Query my tourists on those nagging questions...

/Ludwig's Quizzes: So you think you're a Mario expert? Prove it! One of the original sections on the site, it has been given a personal renovation, and now has not only questions, but answers too!

/Lemmy's Reviews: Tourists give their opinion of the video games they've played. You can too!

/Lemmy's Scribbles: The place to go for humorous, nonsensical, and just plain strange stories. Can you handle the weird?

/Lemmy's Spirit Page: It took a long time for me to decide to call this a section, but why not? It's been here for years and is bigger than some of the others, even if it's not Mario-related. This here's a page dedicated to The Site Fights, the first and best website competition on the web. If you're from TSF, this is probably what you've been looking for.

/Lemmy's Stuff: Of all my sections, this has the worst name. I mean, stuff could mean anything! Anyway, click here to see all the nifty awards I've won, awards you can only hope to dream about. Oh, and there are webrings too. Awards and webrings, awards and webrings... Maybe stuff is a good choice after all.

/Lemmy's Super Koopas: Find out how many Koopaling votes you've earned, and see who's done enough to join the rank of the Super Koopa. *angelic noise here, followed by a car horn and crash* Has the special distinction of being the first section to be incorporated into The Database.

/Lemmy's Thought of the Day: No, really, only one thought comes out of my head each day. The rest is automatic. Find out what I thought today!

/Lemmy's Trimmings: You can't have Thanksgiving without the trimmings, and you can't have a finished story without them either. Sometimes. Polish off those pesky incomplete stories!

/Lemmy's Updates: Lists what I did in every update since the site opened. Except those that I forgot to write down, and those other ones where I was just feeling lazy, and that one I deleted, and the two I ate.

/White Ice Castle Gym: Battle me for my Warped Badge. Meant for visitors from the RE League, this is a Pokemon section - you've been warned!

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