Luigi and Waluigi's Mansion

By Mario64

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Last Added: Boo in the Clockwork Room

Artwork by Zario

One day Luigi gets a letter.

Luigi: Hmm?

The letter says, "You've won a huge mansion! Congratulations!" Luigi gets excited and calls Mario.

Luigi: Mario, it's-a me! Luigi!

Mario: What's up, Bro?

Luigi: I won a mansion! Meet me at that mansion and we can celebrate! Ok?

Mario: Sure!

Waluigi overheard Luigi and calls Wario.

Waluigi: Hey! Wario!

Wario: Yeah?

Waluigi: Luigi's won a mansion! Meet me there and we can celebrate with them!

Wario: Ok!

Suddenly a letter comes for Waluigi. It says, "You've won the same mansion Luigi has won!"

Waluigi: All right! I won Luigi's mansion!

Luigi: I think you mean, "We" won that mansion.

Waluigi: Right!

Waluigi calls Wario again.

Wario: What?

Waluigi: I too have won the mansion Luigi has won! Now it's our mansion!

Wario: That's better!

Mario and Wario are just heading out to the Mansion Luigi and Waluigi won.

Wario: Both our brothers won the same mansion! Isn't that great?

Mario: I hate you.

Wario: I know...

Mario and Wario reach the mansion.

Mario: Looks haunted!

Wario: Who cares? Let's go!

Mario and Wario enter the mansion when King Boo and his Boos appear!

King Boo: Get those guys, Boos!

The Boos capture Mario and Wario and seal them in a painting.


Meanwhile, Luigi and Waluigi are following the map to the mansion.

Luigi: This is it!

Waluigi: It looks haunted!

Luigi: So? Let's-a go!

Luigi and Waluigi enter the mansion.

Luigi and Waluigi: Hello?

Luigi goes up to the second floor and tries to open the double doors.

Luigi: This door is locked!

Voice out of Nowhere: Heheheheheheheh!!!

Luigi: What was that?!

A ghost appears on the center of the room and drops a key on the floor. The ghost then goes through the double doors.

Waluigi: This must be the key to the door!

Waluigi grabs the key when the lights on the ceiling attack him.

Waluigi: AAAAAAAHHH!!!

Luigi: Be careful!

Waluigi goes back to the door and unlocks it. Suddenly an orange ghost appears.


Suddenly Professor E. Gadd appears and tries to suck up the ghost, but he fails and the ghost taunts him.

Prof. E. Gadd: Aww man! This happens every time! I'm getting too old for this ghostcatching tomfoolery!

Luigi and Waluigi: Hi!

Prof. E. Gadd:H i! Nice to meet you. I'm Professor Elvin Gadd. I swear that this mansion is meant to have more ghosts every day! What are you doing here anyway?

Suddenly three ghosts appear.

Prof. E. Gadd: Yikes! Let's get out of here! We'll discuss this in the lab!

The three of them go to E. Gadd's lab. There, E. Gadd tells Luigi and Waluigi everything they need to know.

Luigi: C'mon, Waluigi, Let's go rescue our brothers!

Waluigi: Yeah!

Luigi: But first we have to train!

Luigi and Waluigi go to the training room. E. Gadd equips Luigi with a Poltergust 3000 that can suck up ghosts, and a Game Boy Horror.

Waluigi: What about me?

E. Gadd equips Waluigi with a Poltergust 3000 2 that works like the first one and a Game Boy Horror 2 that works like the other! Neither one is better! Luigi and Waluigi take their training and go to the gallery. E. Gadd tells them everything and Luigi and Waluigi set out to rescue their brothers!

Luigi: Let's get our brothers back!

Waluigi: Yeah!


You are about to read the tale of Luigi's Mansion... but with Wario and Waluigi added to it! Wario has been kidnapped just like Mario and Waluigi has to rescue them just like Luigi! This story is basically the same as Super Mario BROTHERS 64 and Super Mario BROTHERS Sunshine. Unfortunately, Luigi and Waluigi have not yet captured all the ghosts and Boos. It's up to you to fill in the tale, just like with the other two stories! Lemmy will award one vote per accepted episode.

Waluigi has been equipped with a Poltergust 3000 2 and a Game Boy Horror 2. Neither one is better than Luigi's. Money, gems, gold, money ghosts, and gold mice can be included. But don't add too much of that! It will make the story very complicated! When writing episodes, acquaint yourself with the ones written around it, if any. Somewhere along the way in this story, Luigi and Waluigi should be seen making their way to each new room, for example. If the episode prior to the one you're writing has been finished, and that author didn't show the pair making their way to the room you are now focusing on, then you need to do it. Otherwise, you can get right to the action!

Have fun reading and adding on to this frighteningly fun story!


Area 1

The Toad in the Foyer
Brighten the Parlor
Brighten the Anteroom
Brighten the Wardrobe Room
The Toad on the Small Balcony
Vacuum up Neville in the Study
Vacuum up Lydia in the Master Bedroom
Boss Battle against Chauncey in the Nursery
Cleaning Up

Area 2

Brighten the Bathroom
Vacuum up The Floating Whirlindas
Brighten the Storage Room
Toad in the Washroom
Fire Element Medal in the Mirror Room
Lighting the Candles of the Fortuneteller's Room
Brighten the Laundry Room - Finding Mario's and Wario's Hats
Vacuum up Shivers in the Butler's Room
Brighten the Hidden Room
Vacuum up Melody Pianissima in the Conversatory
Vacuum up Mr. Luggs in the Dining Room
Water Element Medal in the Kitchen
Vacuum up Spooky in the Boneyard
Sucking up the Bone Ghosts in the Graveyard
Boss Battle against Bogmire the Graveyard Ghost in the Graveyard
Cleaning Up

Area 3

Brighten the Courtyard
Vacuum up Biff Atlas in the Rec Room
Ice Element Medal in the Tea Room
Vacuum up Miss Petunia in the Second Bathroom
Brighten the Second Washroom
Vacuum up Nana in Nana's Room
Brighten the Astral Hall
Getting Mario's and Wario's Stars in the Observatory
Vacuum up Slim Bankshot in the Billards Room
Brighten the Projection Room for Mario's and Wario's Gloves
Vacuum up Henry and Orville in the Twins' Room for Mario's and Wario's Shoes
Show all ten items to Madame Clairvoya and then vacuum her!
Brighten the Safari Room
Boss Battle against Boolossus on the Balcony
Cleaning Up

Area 4

Starting the Blackout
Vacuum up Uncle Grimmly in the Wardrobe Room
Restore Power in the Breaker Room
Brighten the Cellar
Brighten the Telephone Room
Vacuum up the Clockwork Soldiers in the Clockwork Room
Brighten the Roof
Brighten the Sealed Room
Brighten the Sitting Room
Vacuum up Sue Pea in the Guest Room
Brighten the Armory Room
Vacuum up Jarvis in the Ceramics Studio
Brighten up the Pipe Room
Vacuum up Sir Weston in the Cold Storage
Vacuum up Van Gore in the Artist's Studio
The Final Battle!
Cleaning Up
Mario and Wario Rescued
Luigi and Waluigi's New Complete Mansion

Boo-Catching Episodes

Boo in the Parlor
Boo in the Anteroom
Boo in the Wardrobe Room
Boo in the Study
Boo in the Master Bedroom
Boo in the Nursery
Boo in the Twins' Room
Boo in the Ball Room
Boo in the Storage Room
Boo in the Fortuneteller's Room
Boo in the Mirror Room
Boo in the Laundry Room
Boo in the Butler's Room
Boo in the Hidden Room
Boo in the Conversatory
Boo in the Dining Room
Boo in the Kitchen
Boo in the Billiards Room
Boo in the Projection Room
Boo in the Rec Room
Boo in the Tea Room
Boo in Nana's Room
Boo in the Astral Hall
Boo in the Sitting Room
Boo in the Guest Room
Boo in the Safari Room
Boo in the Telephone Room
Boo in the Clockwork Room
Boo in the Armory Room
Boo in the Ceramics Studio
Boo in the Breaker Room
Boo in the Cellar
Boo in the Pipe Room
Boo in the Cold Storage Room
Boo in the Artist's Studio

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