Super Mario BROTHERS Sunshine

By Hip

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

It is a bright and sunny morning, and noon is approaching. It's partly cloudy and bright, except around the tropical paradise of Isle Delfino, where it is somewhat gloomy. In the sky, the private jet of Princess Peach is soaring towards the island. Onboard are Peach, Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, and five Mushroomers. The TV on the front wall turns on and a Shine appears onscreen, followed by a commercial. The commercial depicts all of the wonders and features of Isle Delfino. Everyone is excited about it and can't wait to land, until Peach notices a silhouette of Mario running around in the background.

Peach: That shadow! Toadsworth, did you see-

Peach turns her head to Toadsworth and sees him dreaming.

Peach: Oh well. It can't be Mario or even Luigi, they've been in the Mushroom Kingdom for a long time up until earlier today!

The plane descends down to an airstrip just offshore of the main island. As it nears the runway, the Mushroomers, who are flying the plane, notice paint  in the middle of the runway.

Red: Watch out!

Purple: Blue, be careful!

The landing gear comes in contact with the runway. Blue pulls down on the  brake lever.

Blue: I can't pull the brake alone, help me!

The rest of the Mushroomers grab on and pull. They stop the plane in front of the paint. Everyone gets out and looks at the paint.

Green: What's that icky paint-like goop?

Toadsworth: Now now boys, don't get too close!

Peach: Mario, Luigi, get help and be careful!

Mario: Where'd all this paint come from?

Luigi: Yeah, and why is it still here?

Mario and Luigi walk down the runway and see some of the local resident Piantas.

Pianta 1: Which one of you did this?

Luigi: What are you talking about?

Pianta 2: The paint, stupid! You left it here and all over the island!

Mario: We just arrived! Didn't you see the plane that just landed? Come on, Luigi, let's find people who aren't so angry.

They then notice two identical water packs with straps, nozzles, and handles lying on the ground.

Luigi: Hey, Mario! What're those?

They walk up to the packs and each approach one. The nozzle from one pack begins to scan Mario and the other pack scans Luigi.

FLUDD: Greetings, I am FLUDD, a Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device! User scanned as Mario, resident of the Mushroom Kingdom!

FLUDD2: Greetings, I am FLUDD2, a Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device! User scanned as Luigi, resident of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario what are we supposed to do with these FLUDD things?

FLUDD: Mario, put me on your back. Luigi, put FLUDD2 on your back and we will go on!

The Bros. each put a FLUDD on their backs.

Luigi: Hey, FLUDD2, are you any different from FLUDD, uh, 1?

FLUDD2: FLUDD and I are the same model. We are exactly the same in every respect. I am referred to as FLUDD2 merely so that people can refer to us as separate units. We were created and built by Gadd Science incorporated!

FLUDD: We each have two nozzles, Squirt and Hover. With the Squirt Nozzle you can shoot water. With Hover you can obviously hover. To refill our tanks, submerge us in water.

Mario: Well, let's clean up the paint already!

The Bros. walk back to the paint.

Toadsworth: What are those things on your backs?

Mario: These are FLUDDs! They spray water and stuff!

Yellow: Can I have a turn?

Luigi: I dunno. You look smaller than the FLUDDs themselves!

Purple: Oh well.

The Bros. use the FLUDDs to spray away the paint. As they do so, a large Piranha Plant formed out of paint emerges from it.

Luigi: Mario, the water isn't hurting him!

Piranha Plant: ROAR! Water, I hate water!

Mario: It's doing something, I think.

Mario sprays some water into the Piranha Plant's mouth.

Luigi: Yeah, you found his weak point!

Luigi sprays water into the Piranha Plant's mouth, which makes it even more angry.

Piranha Plant: Hey, if I keep my mouth closed, they can't-

Mario sprays more water into the Piranha Plant's mouth.

Piranha Plant: To late!

The Piranha Plant and the paint dissolve away. A shining sun-shaped medal appears. Mario grabs it and does the Shine dance.

Mario: Yahoo!

Luigi: Now we can go tell those residents that we cleaned up the mess we didn't even make!

Peach: But you didn't make a mess!

Mario: Tell that to those Piantas over there!

Peach: You mean those cops?

Luigi: Yeah, those two, COPS?

Cop 1: Halt, both of you two, with the caps!

Mario: *gulp* This can't be good!

Cop 2: Come with us!

The next thing they know, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadsworth, and the Mushroomers are in the Isle Delfino courthouse with a gathering of Piantas. Mario and Luigi are on trial.

Lawyer: Your honor, these two are clearly the ones capable of covering our beautiful Isle Delfino in graffiti. Their faces match these police sketches, which were well described by several local witnesses!

The lawyer passes out a sketch of what appears to be a Mario Brother, but it's mostly grey so they can't make out which one it is.

Lawyer: And as a result of the graffiti, our source of power, the Shine Sprites, which dwell around the Shine Gate, have fled, leaving our island in a somewhat gloomy state! It is without a doubt the Mario Bros., who have vandalized the island!

Peach: Objection!

Judge: Overruled! Mario, Luigi! I hearby sentence you both to clean up the island! And you will not leave until everything's the way it should be!

Mario: But, why both of us? You said you only saw one suspect!

Lawyer: There could have been two! And since neither of you will confess, you're both guilty!

Mario and Luigi, with their FLUDDs, are now in the jail of Delfino Plaza. They've finish telling them that they must clean up the paint and recover the Shine Sprites.

FLUDD: That did not go as planned.

FLUDD2: The clean-up will begin tomorrow.


A Note from Lemmy: Super Mario BROTHERS Sunshine works in a similar fashion to Super Mario BROTHERS 64. At one time, this story was left largely empty, and readers were asked to fill in the tale themselves, following a few basic guidelines. All of the episodes have been filled in, so now you're free to read the entire tale. You will find that different episodes have been written by different people, so there are a lot of different styles here. Don't give up after reading one or two episodes. Just like you would want to complete the game, so to should you give this whole epic a shot. Enjoy.

Main Objectives

The Pianta Statue's Piranha
A Boathoase and a Piranha
The Piranha of the Lighthouse
Shadow Mario and the Yoshi Egg
Shadow Mario and the Turbo Nozzle
Shadow Mario and the Rocket Nozzle
Infiltrating Corona Mountain
The Final Battle (includes a Shine)
The Sun Shines Again (ending)

Delfino Plaza and Airstrip Shines

The Secret in the Sand
The Secret Slide's Treasure
The Crate Game
The Crate Game Round 2
The Chuckster's Shine
Red Coins of the Pachinko Machine
The Golden Bird of the Island
Red Coins of the Toxic River
Turbo Dash Slide-a-rama
Turbo Dashin' Through the Door
Cleaning the Jail Bell
Cleaning the Southwest Bell
Cleaning the Shine Gate
Rocketing to the Lighthouse
Red Coins in the Jungle
Red Coins of the Airstrip
100 Coins

Bianco Hills

Road to the Big Windmill
Down With Petey Piranha
The Hillside Cave Secret
Red Coins of Windmill Village
Petey Piranha Strikes Back
The Secret of the Dirty Lake
Shadow Mario on the Loose
The Red Coins of the Lake
Red Coins of the Hillside Cave
Red Coins of the Dirty Lake's Cave
100 Coins

Ricco Harbor

Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
Blooper Surfing Safari/Surfing Safari Finals
The Caged Shine Sprite
The Secret of Ricco Tower
Gooper Blooper Returns
Red Coins on the Water
Shadow Mario Revisited
Yoshi's Fruit Adventure
Red Coins of Ricco Tower
100 Coins

Gelato Beach

Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!
The Sand Bird is Born
Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint
Red Coins in the Coral Reef
It's Shadow Mario! After Him!
The Watermelon Festival
The Sandcastle's Red Coins
The Shine of the Dune Bud
100 Coins

Pinna Park

Mecha-Bowser Appears
The Beach Cannon's Secret
Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
The Wilted Sunflowers
The Runaway Ferris Wheel
The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
Shadow Mario in the Park
Roller Coaster Balloons
Red Coins of the Beach Cannon
Red Coins of the Yoshi-Go-Round
100 Coins

Sirena Beach

The Manta Storm
The Hotel Lobby's Secret
Mysterious Hotel Delfino
The Secret of Casino Delfino
King Boo Down Below
Scrubbing Sirena Beach
Shadow Mario Checks In
Red Coins in the Hotel
Red Coins of the Boo Statue
Red Coins of the Casino
100 Coins

Noki Bay

Uncork the Waterfall
The Boss of Tricky Ruins
Red Coins in a Bottle
Eely-Mouth's Dentist
Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim
The Shell's Secret
Hold It, Shadow Mario!
The Red Coin Fish
The Golden Bird of the Cliff Top
Red Coins of the Shell
100 Coins

Pianta Village

Chain Chomplets Unchained
Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
The Goopy Inferno
Chain Chomp's Bath
Secret of the Village Underside
Piantas in Need
Shadow Mario Runs Wild
Fluff Festival Coin Hunt
Red Coins of the Village Underside
The Sun's Shine
100 Coins

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