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May 26: THE FREAK interviews MORTON, by Extreme Yoshi
May 11: Season 10, by Soft Spiny
May 2: PYRO GUY AND CONRAD interview TRIBAL GUY, by Pyro Guy

April 28: CONRAD interviews NASTASIA, by Pyro Guy
April 28: LOXO123 interviews LARRY, by Loxo123

March 27: PYRO GUY interviews FAWFUL, by Pyro Guy
March 27: Yoshi’s Island Wii, by Indigo

February 18: Mario Bros. 2: Bowser's Attack, by Storm Koopa

January 21: Ludwig's and Larry's Revenge, by Latisha Banks
January 21: Really? The Crane Game?, by Fireball


November 19: LIGGY AND MASHI interview BOB-OMB, by Liggy and Mashi
November 19: Super Mario 3D Land Review, by Lemmy Koopa

October 30: Super Koopaling Kart, by Quirky Quipster
October 30: Never Trust a Mario Bro. That Takes the Last Bag of Chips, by Fireball

September 26: DARK KOOPA AND LARRY interview SMITHY, by Dark Koopa and larry

August 13: WALUIGI AND BLOOPER interview ROY, by Popple Koopa

July 9: Clay Lava Piranha, by lilboo

June 25: Reverse Mayhem, by Ben
June 11: KERRY interviews LEMMY, by Kerry Koopa
June 11: Larry’s Adventure 3: Brotherhood, by P.T. Piranha

May 12: IGGY interviews AXEM RANGERS, by Daniel

April 30: A Roy-mantic Dinner, by E-Man
April 30: Unfinished Business, by abcd
April 30: 1-UP BOO interviews FUZZY, by 1-up Boo
April 9: IGGY interviews KAMEK, by Daniel

March 5: WENDY AND MORTON interview OOGTAR, by Dark Koopa

February 19: Wendy’s Jobs, by yoshi's clone

January 29: New Super Mario Bros. Boss Guide, by yoshi's clone
January 15: Learning, by hop
January 15: Iggy's Bad Day, by hop
January 15: Iggy and Bowser Jr. Have a Conversation, by hop
January 9: Mario Claus, by Iggy Koopa
January 9: Merry Christmas Koopas!, by Sonic & Lemmy Fan
January 9: Bowser's Holiday Redemption, by Red Koopa


December 25: Mario Claus, by Iggy Koopa
December 25: Merry Christmas Koopas!, by Sonic & Lemmy Fan
December 25: Bowser's Holiday Redemption, by Red Koopa
December 18: Mechakoop Calamity, by Iggy Koopa
December 18: Paper Mario 4: The Key to Great Power, by Axemblue4
December 18: P-Wing Crochet, by Queen Sunny

November 27: One Liner, by Bullet Billy
November 27: Starman Model, by Queen Sunny
November 27: Mushroom Model, by Queen Sunny
November 13: Prank Day, by Sonic & Lemmy Fan

October 24: DARK KOOPA interviews DIZZY DANDY, by Dark Koopa
October 10: Door to Door, from Lemmy's Campfire Tales

September 25: DELPHENE interviews HOOKTAIL, GLOOMTAIL, and BONETAIL, by Queen Sunny
September 25: Mario's 10 Step Guide to a Happy Life, by WiseWarrior
September 12: It Stinks to be Luigi, by yoshi's clone
September 12: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Boss Guide, by GeneralBleck666
September 12: SMRPG Boss (6), by Leah Koopa
September 12: SMRPG Bowser's Keep, by Leah Koopa
September 12: SMRPG Mini-Boss (2), by Leah Koopa
September 5: The Awesomeness of Lemmy, by iggykoopa fan
September 5: COUNT BLECK interviews IGGY KOOPA, by iggykoopa fan

August 30: 1-UP BOO interviews FAWFUL, by 1-up Boo
August 30: Lemmy, by Koopa Girl
August 9: SMG2 Slide, by Leah Koopa
August 9: SMG2 Hightail Falls, by Leah Koopa

July 25: MKDS Airship Fortress, by Leah Koopa
July 18: MKDS Peach Gardens, by Leah Koopa
July 3: Super Mario Mini, by Dark Dimentio

June 26: Mario and the Seven Demons, by crankymama5452
June 12: SMG2 Bowser's Galaxy Generator, by Leah Koopa

May 29: S. KOOPA interviews MARIO, by S. Koopa
May 22: 8-Bit Boshi's Mario World Duds, by GeneralBleck666
May 1: Sent to the Dungeon, by abcd

April 24: Murder After Dinner, by b
April 10: Spore Morton Sphinx, by shadaki
April 3: 1-UP BOO interviews MAGIKOOPA, by 1-up Boo
April 3: Mischievous 8-Bit Shadow Mario, by GeneralBleck666
April 3: Booster Boosts His 8-Bit Kart, by GeneralBleck666
April 3: Dry Bowser's Evil 8-Bit Skull, by GeneralBleck666
April 3: Dry Bowser's 8-Bit Shellshock, by GeneralBleck666

March 27: Boobart and the BOO-k, by Prince Peace
March 6: Classic Goombella and Koops, by GeneralBleck666
March 6: Classic Flurrie and Yoshi, by GeneralBleck666
March 6: Classic Bobbery and Vivian, by GeneralBleck666
March 6: Super Mario Bros: Cityscape, by Yosh 3000

February 27: Bee Mario Buzzes In 8-Bit, by GeneralBleck666
February 20: The Basilisx Chronicles, Chapter 1: Basilisx the Koopatrol, by Blade Guy
February 13: Snifit X Season 3 Paper Snifit The Thousand Year Warp Pipe, by Red Shy Guy
February 6: Super Paper Mario: Birth of a Chaos Heart, by Doopletta

January 23: Hitting the Wrong Block, by GeneralBleck666
January 9: Mr. Luggs, by Fred the Mole
January 9: The Wizard of Plit, by Fred the Mole
January 2: Behind the Scenes of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, by Petey Piranha Fan


December 25: Mario the Firefighter, by Your Twin the Fourth and Phantos67
December 25: The Ultimate Mario Power-Up 2.0, by GeneralBleck666
December 5: Why Bowser Hates Mario, by zz1666
December 5: Old Super Mario Bros. Wii, by Nature Larry
December 5: NSMBW Volcano Overworld (Hurry Up), by Leah Koopa

November 28: Koopaling Bets, by zz1666
November 21: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review, by Lemmy Koopa
November 14: MORE Math Problems for Mario, by GeneralBleck666
November 14: Wario & Waluigi's Disguises, by GeneralBleck666
November 14: EVEN MORE Math Problems for Mario, by GeneralBleck666

October 31: Bowser's Imitations, by GeneralBleck666

October 17: TRIPLE AAA AND MARK S. interview GUNNER GUY, by Triple AAA
October 17: King Koopa, by Froggidy
October 17: Mario & Luigi’s Imitations 5, by GeneralBleck666

October 10: Family Feud, by zz1666
October 10: Flying Paper Luigi, by GeneralBleck666

October 3: Rivals to the Rescue, by zz1666
October 3: 1-UP BOO interviews CHAIN CHOMP, by 1-up Boo
October 3: GLOOMTAIL AND WIND CRYSTAL interview BOWYER, by Fiver and Dark Koopa

September 26: Midbus, by Dark Storm
September 19: DS GUY interviews LARRY KOOPA, by DS Guy
September 12: You Need Money... to Pay Bills and... Stuff, by Fireball
September 12: Iggy Creates a Website, by Fred the Mole
September 12: Spiny Windows, by Oblivious
September 12: Ludwig and Karma: The Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom, by Ludwig X

August 29: Mario and Luigi's Imitations 2, by GeneralBleck666
August 22: Paper Shadow Mario, by GeneralBleck666
August 22: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Boss Guide, by Ckday
August 15: Mario's Snowboard Saga, by zz1666
August 8: Marioverse's Funniest Commercials, from Lemmy's Campfire Tales
August 1: SPM Brobot Battle, by Leah Koopa

July 25: SKORMORAK interviews KAMEK, by Skormorak
July 25: Baby Mario and a Luma, by ND88
July 25: Dog Bros, by ND88
July 25: First Time for Everything, by ND88
July 25: I Got a Wand, by ND88
July 25: Fire Mario, by ND88
July 25: Woah! Dolphins!, by ND88
July 25: World 1-1 Koopa Troopa, by GeneralBleck666
July 18: SMB3 Lemmy Koopa, by ND88
July 19: Burp, by ND88
July 11: KODY AND BANDY ANDY interview SQUIGLET, by Kody and Bandy Andy
July 11: He's Da Boss, by Lord Lemmy
July 4: Penguin Mario, by The Game Prince

June 27: BOOSLY THE BOO AND LORD CRUMP interview IGGY, by Jalvo the Slime and zz1666
June 27: Super Mario Galaxy Platinum Album, by TCRecording
June 20: TEELA interviews THE HAMMER BROS, by Teela Yoshi
June 13: Super Mario World Bloopers, by Electribro
June 6: ANGELETTE interviews TOAD, by Angelette

May 30: Super Mario World Obstacle Course (Live Piano), by TCRecording
May 23: General Guy, by Blade Guy
May 16: Mario and Luigi: Superfast Saga, by zz1666
May 16: The Koopalings and I, by Nintendo Fan
May 9: BLACK BOO AND PHANTOS67 interview MOM PIRANHA, by Black Boo and Phantos67
May 2: The Mushroom Kingdom Spelling Bee, by Phantos67

April 25: JALVO THE SLIME AND YOUR TWIN THE FOURTH interview PARAKARRY, by Jalvo the Slime and Your Twin the Fourth
April 25: Meet Dimentio, Everyone!, by Angelette
April 25: Mario Strikers Charged, Crystal Canyon, by Leah Koopa
April 18: Super Paper Mario, Merlee's Mansion, by Leah Koopa
April 11: Iggy Runs Away, by iggy
April 11: Naga Peach, by Black Boo
April 4: Gourmet Guy’s Sweet Adventure, by Red Shy Guy
April 4: Gerudo Peach, by Black Boo
April 4: Iggy's Six Step Microsoft Paint Tutorial, by Slike373
April 4: Count Bleck Bio, by Dimentio

March 28: Super Paper Mario, Mr. L Theme, by Leah Koopa
March 21: PHANTOS67 AND YOUR TWIN THE FOURTH interview SWIGGLER, by Your Twin the Fourth and Phantos67
March 21: Epic Dimentio, by Lord Lemmy
March 21: The Hills Have Eyes, by GlitchGuy2
March 14: Comfy Princess...?, by Black Boo
March 7: Peach's Game Over, by zz1666

February 28: FIREBALL, PHANTOS67, AND JALVO THE SLIME interview KAMEK, by Jalvo the Slime, Fireball, and Phantos67
February 28: Shy Guy Knight, by Black Boo
February 21: A Toad’s Work is Never Done, by Fireball
February 14: Dry Bowser Sketch, by Nintendo 4vr
February 7: Mario's Christmas Party, by Phantos67

January 31: Mario and Yoshi: The Ten Gems, by Blaze Koopa
January 24: Bat-Mario Begins, by Brawler Koopa
January 17: Toad Will Sue Ya!, by zz1666 and Phantos67
January 10: Lemmy's Land Kart, by General Toad
January 3: DARK KOOPA AND ZZ1666 interview BUZZY BEETLE, by Dark Koopa and zz1666


December 27: Assistant Nastasia and Evil Count Bleck, by Nintendo Fan
December 27: 8-Bit Mega Mario, by Nintendo Fan
December 27: Dancing Lemmy, by Nintendo Fan
December 27: Squirps 2, by Nintendo Fan
December 27: Two Sides of Luigi, by Jalvo the Slime
December 27: MKW Toad's Factory, by iDOWN
December 20: THE AUDIENCE interviews KOOPA TROOPA, by Phantos67
December 13: Are You Smarter Than a Koopa?, by zz1666
December 13: Mario Hockey, by Fireball
December 6: Koops, by Nintendo Fan
December 6: The Three Shadow Sirens, by Nintendo Fan

November 22: PHANTOS67 AND JONATHAN JOHNNY JONES interview BOWSER, by zz1666 and Phantos67
November 22: Chuck Quizmo, by Chris "Wario"
November 22: Winter Brrs, by Klast
November 22: Nothing but Wendy, by Nintendo Fan
November 22: Queen Merelda, by Fried Rooster
November 22: Daydream, by Fried Rooster
November 15: Merlee, Mario, and Tiptron, by Nintendo Fan
November 8: Boomerang Bro, by Kingfisher
November 1: The Koopalings Play Guitar Hero, by zz1666
November 1: Devious Duo, by Blaze Koopa
November 1: MKW Daisy Circuit (Piano), by iTOAD

October 25: Lady Timpani, by Yoshi Koopa
October 11: Lemmy's Land Anthem, by Luigi_Ownz
October 4: Fireball, Roy, and Mario's Show, Episode 5, by Fireball

September 27: Giga Larry, by Latisha Banks
September 27: Plumbers Digest #1, by noe1995
September 20: Kirby Canvas Curse Review, by Sgt. Fly
September 13: The Completely Random and Slightly Insane (Mis)Adventures of Luvbi 2: School Daze, by Midna
September 13: Rosalina, by Fried the hen
September 6: Bead Mario, by Koopa Girl
September 6: Super Mario 64 Review, by Sgt. Fly

August 30: Super Mario Galaxy Review, by Lemmy Koopa
August 30: Mario Super Sluggers Review, by Lemmy Koopa
August 23: A Real Crayzee Dayzee, by Princess Daisy
August 16: Movie Night, by ducky.10
August 9: BOGMIRE interviews KING KALIENTE, by P.T. Piranha
August 2: So Random, by Fireball

July 26: BEEP 2, by Fireball
July 26: Squig, by Phantos67
July 19: Swimming Nessie, by Blax
July 12: The Koopalings, by Cubone
July 12: Paper Mario Review, by Sgt. Fly
July 5: Larry's Adventure 2, by P.T. Piranha

June 28: Mario Party 9, by Blade Guy
June 21: Iggy Koopa, by Kingfisher
June 14: Brotherly Love: Brought to the Edge, by Blaze Koopa
June 7: Bully Koopa Thumbs Up, by chinchilla koopa
June 7: Iggy and Lemmy Koopa, by chinchilla koopa
June 7: Lights On, Lights Off, by chinchilla koopa

May 31: Mario's Favorite, by DaveDooplighost99
May 24: THUMBS AND DARK KOOPA interview BANDIT, by Miles "Thumbs" Power and Dark Koopa
May 10: Koopas 2008, by Latisha Banks
May 10: Madlib 49, by Jukilum
May 3: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review, by Koopra

April 26: THUNK interviews BOULDERGEIST, by Dark Boo
April 19: MH3 Jr. Street, by Koopa chic
April 12: Count Bleck, by Red Koopa
April 5: The Koopalings Plus Blaze: Heads, but no Tails, by Blaze Koopa
April 5: Wrong Game, by noe1995
April 5: (Anti-)Heroes, by P.T. Piranha
April 5: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review, by Fillet-O-Fish

March 29: Mario Party World, by Fillet-O-Fish
March 22: Luigi's Show, by Fireball
March 8: Scavenging, by ducky.10
March 1: Super Paper Mario Review, by Fillet-O-Fish

February 23: Super Mario Galaxy Bosses, by P.T. Piranha
February 23: Paper Mario Review, by Chase
February 16: Super Mario Galaxy Review, by P.T. Piranha
February 9: ROY interviews HUNGRY LUMA AND BANDIT, by Fillet-O-Fish
February 9: THE ANGRY BEAVERS, PEACH and YOKO DAN interview DIMENTIO, by Tyranitar
February 2: MR. J Interviews MR. L, by Joshua

January 19: Lemmy Koopa, by DXYoshiXD
January 12: Mario Hosts a Party, by zz1666
January 12: Bugaboom, by Sgt. Fly
January 12: Spooky Speedster, by Sgt. Fly
January 12: Jelectro, by zz1666
January 5: Luigi Rides Shotgun, by zz1666


December 29: Super Mario Hero 2: The Dimension Doors, by Shy Ranger
December 22: Maximum Mario Kart, by P.T. Piranha
December 15: Madlib 48, by Nintenbro0
December 8: DARK KOOPA interviews SONNY, by Dark Koopa
December 1: Kamek’s Music Box, by Joshua

November 24: BLEH HEH HEH HEH, BLECK, by Zebesian
November 17: Mario’s Big FAT Italian Wedding, by Black Yoshi 99
November 10: P.T. interviews DAISY, by P.T. Piranha
November 10: DARK KOOPA interviews GLOOMTAIL, by Dark Koopa
November 3: PUNCHY interviews MINI MARIO, by P.T. Piranha

October 27: Super Mario Sky Fights, by Cornpie
October 20: CRAZY KOOPA AND SLIM interview MR. L, by Shady Parakoopa and Crazy Koopa
October 20: Under the Belt, by Alyson Koopastool
October 13: Code Goombas: Episode 1, by P.T. Piranha
October 6: Ludwig and Karma Kissing, by Latisha Banks

September 29: DARK KOOPA interviews MIMI, by Dark Koopa
September 22: Larry’s Adventure, by P.T. Piranha
September 22: Shadow Paper Mario 2 RPG or Really Pathetic Game, by Shady Parakoopa
September 22: DARK KOOPA interviews GLOOMBA, by Dark Koopa
September 15: DARK BOO interviews BOWSER JR, by Dark Boo
September 15: SWOOPER AND COUNT BLACULA interview MR. L, by Dark Koopa and Count Blacula
September 15: Magilakitu, by Oblivious
September 8: Shady Parakoopa's Many Minions: Interview Edition, by Shady Parakoopa
September 1: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Parody, by Super Troopa

August 25: Mario Mountain Biking: Mega Mayhem, by zz1666
August 18: Super Insert Name Here, by Bowser Junior
August 11: List of Boogers, I mean Baddies, by P.T. Piranha
August 11: Koopa Murder Spree, by Super Goomba

July 28: SHADY interviews MAGIBLOT, by Shady Parakoopa
July 21: (Not So) Super Paper Mario, by P.T. Piranha
July 14: Quest for Vengeance, by Blaze Koopa
July 7: Luigi Goes Insane, by General Toad

June 30: A Day in Luigi's Life, by Brandon the Science Toad
June 30: Super Paper Characters, by Shaylyn H
June 23: The Truth About the Duel of 100, by Crazy Koopa
June 16: Lemmy Teaches English, by Kammy Kooopa
June 9: How Much Stupider Can Mario Get?, by Lord Lemmy

May 26: Yoshi’s Island DS 2, by P.T. Piranha
May 19: The Perfect Plan 3, by Crazy Koopa
May 12: PAPERLEMMY interviews COUNT BLECK, by Paperlemmy
May 12: Toad's Bad Day, by Crazy Koopa
May 5: Super Paper Mario Review, by Lemmy Koopa

April 28: The Perfect Plan 2, by Crazy Koopa
April 14: Paper Mario Brothers 2: Pinheads in Time, by P.T. Piranha

March 31: Things a Mario Character Would Never Say, by Fire Flower
March 17: DOUBLE G GOOMBA, KOOPA 13, AND CHOMPY interview GONZALES JR, by Double G Goomba and koopa 13
March 17: The Perfect Plan, by Crazy Koopa
March 10: Clay Art-- Lemmy Koopa, by Parakoopa
March 3: Mario Party Unlimited, by Dry Bonerangs

February 24: Tin Mario, by Crazy Koopa
February 17: Wario Ware, by Fried Rooster
February 10: Clay Art-- Troopeas, by Parakoopa
February 10: Clay Art-- Glurp and Ice Snifit, by Parakoopa
February 3: Teen Koopalings, by Fried Rooster

January 27: Mario Characters go to McDonalds 2, by MilkandCereal
January 27: Paper Mario 2, by Fried Rooster
January 20: Paper Mario Brothers: The Thousand-Year Door, by Flame Chocobo
January 20: Mario Goes to the Grocery Store, by Rio the Hedgehog
January 13: Lemmy's Email, by Dooplisselle Koopa
January 13: Trapped in a Bathroom, by MilkandCereal
January 13: Happy New Year 2007, by Fried Rooster
January 6: How Yoshi Stole Christmas, by Tail Koopa


December 30: Part-Time Santa, by Fried Rooster
December 23: Wario's Christmas Carol, by Pokemaniac Joe
December 23: Mario Characters Go to McDonalds, by MilkandCereal
December 16: Damsels in Distress, by Fried Rooster
December 9: Happy Thanksgiving, by Fried Rooster
December 2: Newer Super Mario Bros, by P.T. Piranha

November 25: P.T. Files Case 1: The Speech of Ignorance, by P.T. Piranha
November 11: The Dangers of Arguing with a Moron, by Mario Koopa
November 11: Roy - Yoshi's Safari, by Fried Rooster
November 4: Halloween, by Oblivious

October 28: A Boo-tiful Holiday, by Lord Lemmy
October 28: A Choice to be Made, by SMBSS_Fan
October 28: Mario is Bored, by SMBSS_Fan
October 21: Star Spirits Driven Insane, by Fly Guy
October 14: After Losing to Mario..., by Todd
October 14: Lemmy’s Land: The Game, by P.T. Piranha
October 7: Too Lazy to Think of a Title, by Gamechamp
October 7: SMB Ladies, by Fried Rooster

September 30: Super Mario RPG: No Legend of the 7 Dumb Stars, by Crazy Koopa
September 23: Over the Flag, by Nature Larry
September 16: Lemmy's Mansion 2: Paper Lemmy, by P.T. Piranha
September 16: Doopletta, by Oblivious
September 16: Shy Guy Madness, by Oblivious
September 9: Mario and the Computer, by Sonictails1
September 2: Yoshi's Island, by Oblivious

August 26: Super Mario Moonlight, by Mario Koopa
August 26: Boo Boos, by Fried Rooster
August 19: Don't Google Your Name, by Skull Mario444
August 12: Why, by Maguskoopa
August 5: How to NOT Be an Idiot (and Other Tips) for Dummies, by Parakoopa

July 29: Why There No Longer Are Flagpoles at the End of the Level, by Skull Mario444
July 22: Paper Mario Scene Builder, by Young Link
July 15: Paper Mario 5: Smithy’s Return, by Fly Guy
July 15: A Bed to Die For, by Teela Yoshi
July 8: Bowser Bones, by Lord Lemmy
July 1: A Random Messed Up Comic about Ludwig, by Super Yoshi 64

June 24: Wario and Waluigi Show!!, by Mario Koopa
June 17: Drag Racing, by MetalYoshi
June 10: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Minute Door, by Koopa Kid
June 3: Shadow Queen, by Fried Rooster

May 27: Tips on How to be Romantic: For Bullies, by Fried Rooster
May 13: STRONG BAD AND THE CHEAT interview ROY KOOPA, by Paperlemmy
May 13: Roy Makes a Website, by crazy iggy fan
May 6: HOMESTAR RUNNER AND POM POM interview GOOMBA, by Paperlemmy

April 29: Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Review, by Chomp Boy
April 29: The Hatching of the Shreok 3, by Slimer49'r
April 22: Mario's Stupidity 2, by Marioface5
April 15: Super Peach Attack, by Shaylyn H
April 8: Luigi's Do-It Your-Stinking-Self Volume 12, by Koopa Girl
April 8: Paper Bowser 2 and the Thousand Second Door, by Lord Drash
April 8: Koopa Troopa, by Parakoopa
April 8: Mario SKATE, by Bear
April 1: Waluigi's Theme, by No-One
April 1: Donkey Kong Chico's Edition, by El Chico Koopa

March 25: Mario in a Chatroom, by Dasina-chan
March 18: Mario Vs Goomba, by King Ash 1st
March 11: Teehee Valley: Modern Remix, by AbyssNess
March 11: Mario's Mishaps 3, by Fwipp Deathspeeder
March 4: Bowser's Valentine's Day Pain, by Emerl Parakoopa

February 25: Boo Bop-A-Doo, by MetalYoshi
February 18: Mario Tries to Get a Job, by Chad
February 18: Mario and Luigi 2: Professor E. Gadd, by Blue Boo
February 18: Mario and Luigi 2: Toad Town, by Blue Boo
February 11: Thwomp Smash, by MetalYoshi
February 4: DDR: Mario Mix 2, by Waluigi Koopa

January 28: Rain or Shine, by Shaylyn H
January 21: Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Boss Guide, by Bob's revenge
January 14: Learning How to Fly, by Jojora
January 14: ????? interviews SHY GUY, by ?????
January 7: The Shortest Scribble Known to Man, by MJ


December 31: An Apple a Day, by MJ
December 24: Wario's Best Christmas Hits!, by Paperlemmy
December 17: Lead Pipes, by MetalYoshi
December 10: Games We'll Never See, by MJ

November 26: Keeping Pace (General Guy DDR Remix), by MetalYoshi
November 19: Y-Y-Yoshi, by MetalYoshi
November 12: Brothers 3 Melee Remix, by MetalYoshi
November 12: DARK KOOPA interviews IGGY, by Dark Koopa
November 5: Hallowe'en 2005, by MetalYoshi

October 29: Bob-omb Battlefield Melee Remix, by MetalYoshi
October 22: The Search for Darkness, by Dark Koopa
October 15: Sunshine League of Villains, by Mario64
October 8: LEMMY'S AWESOME RACE, by Denny W. Koopa
October 1: Mario Superstar Baseball Review, by Crazy Packers Fan
October 1: Goomba's Obsession, by Gigabowser 11

September 24: Hardly Hard Paper Quizzie, by crankymama5452
September 17: Dark Room, by Francois Salvador Lamini
September 10: Mario Got Served, by MetalYoshi
September 3: Is a Wand Worth It?, by Punio

August 27: Paper Mario 1 and 2 Comparison, by Trollish Beastfighter

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